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During this pandemic we have placed
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Welcome to Maplebeck in these testing times.

We wish to thank all the NHS and Services personnel for their dedication and fortitude.

Thank you all who are working to keep the nation safe and supported by supermarkets and small retail/food businesses.

In fact everyone who is going to work and keeping the nation supplied with goods, services and information.

We salute you....

Garden recycling collections to resume in Newark and Sherwood
Remember to place your sticker
on the bin.

Bilsthirpe Tip opens Monday 18th May, 7 days a week.

Should you need a 'feel good' boost follow this link......for live cams


Coronavirus:These links are for your benefit and use, both national and local information:

UK Government updates as they are received: 3rd April.: 4th April.: 5th April.: 6th April : 7th April: 8th April: 9th April: 10th April : 11th April : 12th April : 13th April : 14thApril : 15th April : 16th April : 17th April : 18th April : 19th April : 20th April ; 21st April : 22nd April: 23rd April : 24th April : 25th April : 26th April : 27th April : 28th April : 29th April : 30th April: 1st May : 2nd May : 3rd May : 5th May : 6th May : 7th May : 8th May : 9th May : 10th May : 11th May : 12th May : 13th May : 14th May : 15th May : 16th May : 17th May : 18th May : 19th May : 20th May : 21st May : 22nd May : 23rd May : 24th May : 25th May : 26th May : 27th May : 28th May : 29th May : 30th May : 31st May : 1st june : 2nd June : 3rd June : 4th June : 5th June :

I am minded to cease the loading of daily Government information as I have had no feedback as to whether anyone actually looks at it.

If you wish me to continue then please email me asap.
Posted 8th June 2020

For the latest from :-

Councilor David Lloyd NSDC

Health And Safety Executive UK

Newark & Sherwood District Council -

Don't burn rubbish please N&SDC

Wheely bin collections now restored FAQ N&SDC

May you all stay safe.

All those who are not required to work please stay at home, you will be saving lives that way.


Posted 5th April 2020

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