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Past Village events in 2016

This winter season's Village Ventures have been a huge success: We eagerly await the selection of touring professionals for our next season of Village Ventures. Watch this space!

Friday 3rd June
Project by Darren Heyman. This enthralling and ambitious gig was comprise of original live music and original film including interviews with Thankful village residents, including Maplebeck. All inspired by visits to most of the 54 villages, in which all the soldiers who went the first world war safely returned. 

This link will take you to the Guardian site for the editorial about this exciting event



Friday 11th March more than 50 music fans helped the season come to a good old fashioned hollerin' end with Rob Heron and the Tea Pad Orchestra from Newcastle. These highly talented musicians played their own brand of Western swing, blues, Gypsy jazz and country. Their music harks back to a golden age whilst staying perfectly modern. Fantastic!

Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orchestra

One of the most sought after bands on the circuit, these six talented musicians play their own brand of Western swing, blues, Gypsy jazz and county. Drawing on an eclectic range of styles and influenced by early 20th century American music, with the addition of razor-sharp solos, irresistible arrangements and an expanding repertoire of original material; their music harks back to a golden age whilst staying perfectly modern. The songs are penned by Rob Heron, a crazy fool for country music and a full time dandy cowboy. His songs are full of character, satire and good old fashioned hollerin’.

Informative and socially enjoyable Wine Tasting evening .......

On 26th February 'Mr and Mrs Fine Wine of Southwell' launched the first of a series of wine tasting evenings at the Village Hall in Maplebeck.  The event was titled ‘End of Winter Blues: A focus on classic French styles, territories and grapes’ of was delivered to a group of just under 20 people with varying degrees of wine knowledge.  The evening enlightened not only the novices amongst us but the more experienced in the group on the factors that go into making each vintage, vineyard and area unique.  The evening opened many peoples minds to different wines when perhaps in the past they had stuck with what they knew.


On 19th February 2016 40 children, parents and grandparents were spell bound at our very first show specifically for a younger audience. Garlic Theatre took us on a fantastical journey with Shoe Kangaroo and The Big Bad Boot  to the island of lost shoes with clowning, mime and beautifully crafted puppets.

On 14th November 2015 almost 50 people were spooked by Dracula perfomed by Rabbit Theatre. David Myne a founder member of the famous Kneehigh Theatre company and a master of tall tale telling brought Blood and bats; Garlic and gore; Lunatics and flies; Sexy lady vampires; Coffins, crypts and the Count himself. They were all here in this amazing one-man adaptation of Bram Stoker's gothic pot-boiler.


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