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The Jubilee Street Party that became a Barn Party...Sunday 3rd of June 2012

The day was forecast as being a wash out and it on the Saturday the organising committee members accepted the kind invitation of Mrs Jennifer Strawson to use her open barn. The tables and chairs were delivered and setup on the Saturday by volunteers.

The bunting which had decorated the main street of the village for three days was taken to the farm to festoon the large open space of the barn. Early on Saturday morning volunteers laid the tables with plates, mugs, cutlery and napkins all of which were a variation of red white and blue. The union flag decoarated every with the rest of the country we declared our loyalty to the Queen and our country.

All was ready when the first of the villagers and their guests arried at 12noon. More and more people took their places over the next hour or so until instaed of the 140 of which we had been notified, there were actually nearer to 170 people eating laughing and generally enjoying themselves. The band of the Swingbeans played a variety of music old, new, rock and soul, something for everyone. Children and adults danced and smaller children were entertained in one of the siderooms.

The swingbean band centre piece
Now the clearing up!

The Turton Memorial Hall Committee have commissioned a personalised china Jubilee mug for the children of the three villages, who will receive a complimentary mug each. More have been purchased for grandchildren, nieces and nephews etc.

This personalised crest is reproduced on the reverse of the mug
  Mug front
Front of the china mug

There will be more photographs posted from other revelers in due course. Further photographs..

We would also like to thank Newark & Sherwood District Council who have promised a Funding Grant which will have helped greatly to the spectacle of the day.

Our sincere thanks go to all those who helped to make this unique celebration possible, and thank you to all those who came and made it a truly right royal occasssion.
Posted 7th June 2012


If you would like to see how we organised this event follow this link and you can see the minutes of the meetings.

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