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Whitworth family

Three years ago at the age of 57, I discovered I was adopted and also that I had a younger sister, also adopted. Our birth mother was Joyce Whitworth, daughter of Percy Whitworth, landlord of the Beehive until his death in 1963. I have spent the last three years researching my heritage, but still have some major gaps to do with Joyce's story and also we still have no adult photo of  her.

Does anyone know more about her or even have a photograph of her...thank you....Barry
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NOTICE: -29th August 2011. After only a few weeks we have reunited two branches of the Whitworth family.. our first success story.

Has anyone any more information?


I was born in 1948 in the school house at Winkburn, where my mother and then my father (after he came out of the army) were the headteachers of the small village school. Would you know if there is anybody in the locality who might have been at the school at that time (1942-49).
Thank you.... Peter

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Winkburn Scholars post war:- Can you recognise and put a name to any of these children?

Winkburn scholars

Winkburn scholars

Standing at back:  Margaret Henfry
Back row: Eric Gilbert. Roy Henfry.  Brian Watchorn; Frances Gilbert:  Mrs Watchorn (who cleaned school):  Sue Halifax:  ????  Margaret Rose
2nd row standing: Mrs Thatcher
2nd row    ????:   ?White:  ???: Larry Tipple:  ?????; Betty Gilbert:  Beryl Wood:  ????: Dorothy Tipple
Front row   ????:   ????:    ?????:  Marian Henfry: Sheila Wood:  John Henfry:  Alan Watchorn

Another posting to us has filled in the following names for the pupils:-

Tallest girl back row with arm around Sue Halifax is Margaret Henfrey (Maplebeck)
Second row, Left Raymond Wood(Maplebeck), Clarence White(Maplebeck), Brian Henfrey(Maplebeck), Larry Tipple, Dorothy Halifax, Betty Gilbert, Beryl Wood , Elizabeth Rose(Maplebeck), Dorothy Tipple.
Front row. ++++ Pat White, ++++ Marion Henfrey, Sheila Wood, John Henfrey(Winkburn) Alan Watchorn.


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Winkburn school

Winkburn School.

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