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The John Sudbury (Maplebeck) Charity
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We are very grateful to Mr Peter Stead of Egmanton who has spent "well over a year", with a colleague Jenny Mitchell, researching the history of Egmanton with regard to the Sudbury family. He has given his permission for these articles to be published on Maplebeck website for which we are most grateful.

The following articles also give an insight as to why Maplebeck villagers should benefit from the Sudbury Trust...John Sudbury was born in Maplebeck 1553 (Article three). This is a fascinating family history spanning some five hundred years,of 'rags to riches' and in some instances back to rags.

Articles from the The Egmanton Villager.. researched and written by Peter Stead

The annual return of accounts to the Charity Commission has been submitted for 2014. The annual payment of rent £82:50, 2015 for the land at Egmanton (50% of which to Maplebeck Charity) has been received 3rd November 2015.

Trustees: 2015
Mrs E Knight-Jones
Rev Cannon E Neale
Mrs J Kinnear. Treasurer



Extracted by kind permission from the Egmanton Villager.
January 2013

It is understood that John Sudbury, whose family lived in Egmanton, left in his will in 1616, that lands in Egmanton and Tuxford should be let for the benefit of the poor and needy of the parishes of Egmanton and Maplebeck.

The following extracts are from a Nottinghamshire History of 1832

Title page of History of Nottinghamshire

Extract from the above History book under the Egmanton village report:-


The following information has been kindly supplied by the Trustees of the Oldham Charity, Egmanton.

'The full title is The Charities of John Sudbury, Francis Oldham and Christopher Sudbury.

The first of the 3 charities, which eventually merged, was formed in 1616 and is about the 70th oldest active charity in England and Wales. The Charity Commission have this as the 'Francis Oldham' the number is 214744

Large information boards in the belfry of Egmanton church provide information about the Charity.
The income is from the rent of 3 small plots of land around the village. Half the rent of the Kirton Road fields is given to the John Sudbury (Maplebeck) Charity.

The land on Holme Lane was called the Poor Gardens and records from 1897 show this was 11 allotments, with a rent of 3 shillings and 3 pence for each plot. The land was gradually handed over to grassland and the final allotment tenancy closed in 1970. In 1982 the land became a playing field run by the Egmanton Sports and Social Club and later the Parish Meeting. In 2005 it reverted to private tenancy and is grassland.

The original intention of the founders was to help those in extreme poverty, and cash donations where general given to widows but some orphans were also supported. There was a period during the 1990s when coal or TV licences where gifted. In today's prices, the funds available can no longer make a significant impact on anyone's wellbeing.

The trustees believe they have the responsibility of continuing the tradition of this historic Charity and choose now to make the gift as support for, and recognition of, those who are not fortunate to be blessed with good health, or have had a sad event involving close relations or friends, or have simply reached a notably senior age.'

Posted 11 November 2015

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