in rural Nottinghamshire  

Memories of past residents....

Cyril Wood.
In 1939 Cyril Wood and his wife Violet, moved to Rose cottage on Church Lane {third house from the top of the lane}. They hadthree children Sheila, Beryl and Raymond. They moved to the Beehive Pub in 1963 and ran it until 1972 when they moved to Winkburn, and then later to Caunton, Cyril died in 1999.

He was in the army with the Sherwood Foresters during WW11 and returned to Maplebeck at the end of the war in 1945. (One of the service men wheturned and made Maplebeck a 'Doubley' Thankful Village).
Raymond remembers....
In Maplebeck during the 1940's and early 1950s the children went to school at Winkburn until they were eleven years old, and then attended Bilsthorpe school.
Mr Arthur Henfry lived at Corner Farm in Maplebeck, he used to take the younger children to Winkburn school in his car. If the older children did not have a bike they had to walk to school.
Raymond also remembers going to Arthur Henfry's to have his haircut for sixpence.

Raymond met his wife Betty in Maplebeck village hall at dancing classes in 1953, they married in 1956 and are still together 57 years later.

Posted 8th August 2013

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