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Fire Regulations


(a) Hall plan with escape routes.
(b) Certificate of fully compliant emergency lighting
(c) Certificate of fully compliant fire alarm system
(d) Certificate of installation of Kitchen Fire Roller Shutter.
(e) Confirmation that the building complies with the regulations.
(f) Instructions to responsible person when Hall in use - Committee member or Hirer.

This report has been compiled using the guidance from ACRE's Village Hall Information Service 2012 and HM GOV 2006 in order to comply with The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.
The architect for the build has been consulted to ensure compliance with all regulations.

The order requires the following:-

1. Appoint a Responsible Person:- The Village Hall Management Committee.

2. A fire safety 'risk assessment'. Completed April 2015. Reviewed six monthly.

3. Fire precautions to be put in place. As documented in the following report.


The Protection

The Village Hall in Maplebeck is a new build ( 2015 ) incorporating modern energy efficient systems and fully compliant with the current building regulations in relation to disabled access, fire escape exits, fire doors, kitchen fire roller shutter, fire alarms, smoke detectors, CO detector and emergency lighting.
There are 3 zones with smoke detectors :-
Zone 1 Kitchen, Toilets, Lobby and Plant Room.
Zone 2 Main Hall
Zone 3 Roof Spaces.
The Plant Room also incorporates a Co2 detector.
An additional warning system is in the accessible toilet’.
A break glass fire alarm is incorporated in the Main Hall , Lobby and Plant Room.
Emergency Lighting is installed throughout.
Prominent Fire Safety Signs are on display to indicate exits, fire doors and instructions in the event of fire .
Portable fire extinguishers in the main hall, lobby, kitchen’(+fire blanket)and plant room.

The Risk

There is potential risk from electrical equipment, furniture and materials used for performances/classes in the main hall, electrical equipment in the kitchen, everyday cleaning fluids/materials and fuel for the biomass boiler in the plant room. General accumulation of materials etc both inside and out also carries a potential risk for accidents/arson. To that end the following precautions should be adhered to minimise these risks.


The fire alarms/sensors and extinguishers to be checked monthly.

All committee members are to be conversant with these safety features and in the operation of the fire protection and warning systems . They and/or the person having hired the hall must follow the procedures for public access and also evacuation in the event of fire.


Main Hall.;

      • All electrical equipment in the hall to be installed and
      • operated in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.
      • Any materials used for performance or classes including furniture to be placed away from any heat source and stored in the cupboards at end of session.
      • All rubbish to be tidied up and disposed of in appropriate bins.
      • Curtains and blinds to be clear off floor.
      • Any use of naked flames is to be discouraged.
      • Fire Exit doors to be unlocked and clear when Hall is in use.
      • 2 X Fire Extinguishers : 9ltr Water and 2kg Powder


      • Exit kept clear with door unlocked.
      • Fire Doors Closed.
      • Lobby area clear of obstructions.
      • Fire Extinguisher: 6ltr Foam


      • Fire Door Closed.
      • All electrical equipment installed and operated as per manufactures instructions including inspections and servicing.
      • Fire Extinguisher : 2kg Dry Powder
      • Fire Blanket.
      • Serviceable Kitchen Fire Roller Shutter .


Waste Paper Towels and all rubbish/materials used  by performers to be removed before locking up.

Plant Room.;

      • Floor space to be kept clear at all times.
      • Wood pellets to be stored in Metal Bin
      • Dispose of plastic bags after filling the hopper .
      • Ash box to be emptied once per week.
      • 2 X Fire Extinguishers : 2kg Co2 and 2kg Dry Powder

Posted 29/08/2015

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