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New Village Hall       Construction Progress Reports

March 2015

The hall was finally dry enough for the finishing works to be continued in early February. Good progress has been made with the heating, plumbing and electrics, which are almost complete. The finishing joinery is almost there. The non slip flooring is down in all the toilets, lobby and kitchen. The lobby matting and main hall flooring are next. The kitchen wall boarding only requires some trim and all the kitchen stainless steel worktops, sinks and cupboards have been delivered. Outside, the guttering is complete, as is the ramp and its associated balustrading and handrails. The verge and borders have been prepared, seeded and partially planted.
Posted D Sayer 20th March 2015

January 2015

Progress has been concentrated on all the external works, whilst the slow process of the drying out the building continues. The paving, ramp, manholes and root barrier wall coping are all completed. Grass will fill the area between the kerb paving and the ramp walls, which will provide a more rural feel. Planting will tidy up the area both ends of the site. The balustrading is being manufactured locally. Key materials have been received for the internal finishing works, such as the internal doors and boarding for the kitchen and toilets. The electrics, lighting, heating and plumbing are all well advanced.
Posted D Sayer 15th January 2015

October 2014

Work has progressed steadily throughout the summer with internal works well advanced. Unfortunately further delays with the supply and installation of the external doors and windows meant that we could only go so far before we had the building sealed to the elements. This was finally achieved at the end October. The challenge now is to get the whole building dried out after the wettest year on record. The experts are uncertain how many weeks this will take; but  the de-humidifier continues to work overtime. This cannot be rushed. Work is now concentrated on the outside areas and access ramp. The paviors are all on site and will create a pleasant finish
D Sayer .

Posted 23rd October 2014

May 2014
The ongoing  supply issues with the external windows and doors have finally been resolved; but their extended delivery will result in the new hall completion date being delayed until mid September. The Village Hall Management Committee recently made a site inspection visit and all were delighted with the design and the quality of the work. D Sayer

March 2014
The roof is on!

February 2014
The weather delays experienced in February have not been as extensive as suffered in December and January. The critical materials were all received and progress with the roof construction continued to completion by the end of February. Boarding and insulation of the roof has now commenced and this will be followed by the fitting of the slates.
The gable end walls have been completed awaiting the final coping stones.

January 2014
Delays were experienced in December and the first half of January due to some inclement weather; but mainly due to delays in the receipt of essential roof truss tension and compression steel members. All the glulam timber beams were delivered on schedule and the three principal roof trusses were finally all positioned and fitted by the end of January. These roof trusses are a key design feature of the main hall, so it was important to await the proper materials.
Work now continues on the roof.

November 2013
Work continued on the superstructure with the external brick walls reaching wall plate height. The internal block walls have reached their finished height. The western gable end wall is virtually completed. Despite some minor steel delays, the steelwork fabrication has been completed and the frame elements are now all fitted in place, awaiting some final painting.
Work has commenced on the plant room flat roof.

October 2013
The insulated and re-inforced concrete floor slab was laid. The hole for the cesspool was excavated, the tank positioned and the surrounding concrete poured. The electrical and water services were re-positioned and re-connected. All the spoil has now been removed from site.
Work commenced on the superstructure with the external brick walls, insulation and internal wall blockwork having now reached about 1.8m. The external Maplebeck stone-work on the hall gable end has been completed.

August 2013
On 14th August demolition of the existing village hall re-started in the presence of the bat expert, having received the necessary Bat Licence from Natural England. Two bats were carefully recovered from under two ridge tiles and these were released at dusk in healthy condition. A sparrows' nest was also found at the base of the chimney. It is still occupied due to the very late season. Two thirds of the demolition will be possible, until the young have flown, when the remainder of the building will be demolished.
The overall delay experienced has been 14 weeks and, having missed some of the better building months, completion of the new building is now planned for Mid July 2014."

D Sayer.
Posted 20th August 2013

May to end September 2013 ..................collection of progress photos....

General Narrative
Work commenced on site in accordance with the construction programme on 7.5.13. The inside of the building was emptied and some cupboard and flooring timber was removed. On 8.5.13 a small number of roofing slates were removed from around the chimney and a single bat was seen to fly away to an adjacent roof. According to the law work was immediately suspended and both Natural England and the police were advised. During the whole of the planning process the necessary surveys had been obtained and stated that no further surveys were necessary.

This occurrence necessitated the immediate appointment of bat consultants, bat surveys and an application to Natural England for a European protected species licence. This licence was granted on 6.8.13 and site work recommenced on 14.8.13 in the presence of a bat consultant. Two more bats were found and were handled and released in line with the requirements of the licence by the bat expert. However the expert also found an occupied sparrow’s nest adjacent to the chimney and this meant that it was only possible to demolish about two thirds of the structure. A further delay was experienced until 28.8.13 when the sparrows had fledged and, in the presence of the expert, demolition continued.

The overall delay experienced has been 16 weeks. All major funders (Big Lottery, WREN, Green Energy Trust) were advised early on about the delay and all have been supportive.

By 6.9.13 demolition had been completed and the site cleared. The bricks have been taken off site for crushing for hard-core and will be stored off site until needed. The stone has been taken offsite for reuse on the hall main gable end. The roofing slates will be re-cycled as the maintenance strip topping.

Excavation started on 6.9.13 on the root barrier alongside the southern and eastern hawthorn hedge boundaries. By the end of September the site had been levelled and the soil removed, services had been repositioned, the foundations had been excavated and concreted, the foundation blockwork and brickwork had been laid, and a retaining wall on top of the root barrier had been built. There have been two site visits by building control.

At a site meeting on 30th September, attended by the project manager, main contractor, building control, architect and structural engineer all work was approved and the floor damp proofing and insulation system was finalised and agreed. The insulated and reinforced concrete floor slab is due to be laid the week commencing 7/10/13."
Completion is expected in July 2014.

D Sayer.

Posted 24th October 2013

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