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COMMUNITY SURVEY.........................JANUARY 2011


  Results of the survey.............................>>>>  


The survey was conducted in the second half of January 2011 by delivering the attached single page survey to all households in Maplebeck, Kersall and Winkburn. Where necessary, repeated visits were made to collect the completed forms. The forms are anonymous and there is no way of matching them with a household.
A high completion rate of 78% by household and 82% by population was achieved.
It was noted that 8 properties were unoccupied.

Question 1.    Population Age Distribution
Households were asked to place all the occupants in the specified age categories by gender. It had previously been determined that these categories would best suit the understanding of provision of activities and services for the community.
Local knowledge and enquiry were used to estimate the number and gender of the people for whom a form was not returned. The total of this estimate was 37 people. The data summary represents the total population (including this estimate).

Question 2A     “What activities or events would you like to see in the new hall?”
This question asks people to consider what activities and events would in their view be appropriate and would encourage greater use of a new hall.
There is clearly great support for a wider range of cultural events and exhibitions, and also for a programme of fitness related activities.  Adult education, study groups and arts and craft classes are also seen as highly desirable. There is wide recognition that the rural idyll location of the new hall makes it very suitable for wedding receptions and family parties (these can both represent an important source of income).
The following suggestions have been made for other activities:  Scrabble; Disco; Skittles; Gardening club; Environmental group and woodworking using an adjacent workshop. I feel sure that, if these had been included on the form, they would have received significant support.

Question 2B     “What activities or events would you join in?”
The data show large intent to participate in the broader range of cultural events and in most of the fitness activities, particularly yoga and dancing classes. The village meals, parties and café seem surprisingly popular ideas. Arts and craft related courses and general adult education would be well supported. The various groups are by definition targeted at smaller numbers, but relatively large participation is indicated. It should be noted that the youth, crèche and toddler numbers also include willing adults.

Question 3     “What services would you like to see in the hall”
This question broadens the potential purpose of a new community facility to the provision of useful services, most of which can only currently be accessed by private transport to towns. Most people would clearly wish to continue to vote locally, but also to have access to the post office and a library.
The sale of local produce and a community shop are remarkably popular ideas. It is quite possible that local farm shops could exploit this potential to advantage. Also in respect of the local economy a village website, a superfast broadband hub and the provision of local expert mentoring for enterprise start-ups are all seen as important.
Health care and local support are seen as desirable and it has been suggested that CAB outreach could expand upon the original idea of just benefits advice.

“Would you like to be involved in the provision of business mentoring?
The idea is to support our local business and social enterprise start-ups by making the hall suitably connected and by providing expert local mentoring. We have identified ten individuals with a wide range of experience who are each willing to provide at least two hours input per week on a voluntary basis. This has a minimum value of  £80,000 per year and could make all the difference to the younger members of our community who could struggle to gain useful employment in these difficult times.

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