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Minutes of Meeting...............21st June 2011

Turtom Memorial Hall Management Committee (“VHC”)


Present:    Derek Sayer; Jane Kinnear; Sue Carson; Julie Grundy; Tony Turton; Bob Gardner.
Apologies: Richard Kinnear; Tom Chamberlaine; Brendan Carson; Phil Grundy; Mark Hopcroft
In Attendance: George Sycamore, Events Organiser, Newark & Sherwood District Council





Diamond Jubilee Celebration:-

The VHC had agreed to explore the opportunity presented by the public holiday weekend, June 2nd to 5th inc 2012, to organise a village event to mark the occasion of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. The meeting was attended by George Sycamore, Events Organiser for N&SDC.

JK circulated the meeting with a very helpful schematic outlining the key considerations and issues involved in organising a street party. This, together with input from GS, formed the basis of  a detailed discussion, as a result of which it was agreed that:-

  • the event would 
    • be for the benefit of the inhabitants of Maplebeck, Kersall and Winkburn and their immediate families
    • last for 4 -5 hours
    • include a meal, probably lunch
    • include live entertainment e.g. musicians, Morris Dancers
  • for comfort and safety purposes the main street would be partially closed off for the duration
  • GS would explore the availability of catering tables, 6m x 3m catering marquees and safety barriers from N&SDC and or Newark Town Council.
  • A formal approval process, similar to that for events marking the recent Royal Wedding, would be applied. GS envisaged no difficulty in obtaining this particularly as Maplebeck were well prepared and well ahead in terms of timing.


The following actions were also agreed:-

  • Local opinion would be canvassed to assess
      • enthusiasm for such an event
      • participation from non VHC members in its organisation
  • A VHC meeting would be held no later than September to focus on detailed aspects of organising the event including
    • Confirm the date – Monday 4th was suggested and agreed subject to any clash with national celebratory events.
    • Publicity in addition to the village web site
    • Organisers for the day
    • Parking
    • Compilation of photo / video record of the event
    • Choice of entertainers
    • Choice of food and providers
  • RK to liaise with David and Eve Knight-Jones concerning the proximity of the Diamond Jubilee and the annual village fete.
  • TT to undertake a risk assessment.

The Chair thanked GS for his contribution and GS then left the meeting.




























Minutes of & Matters Arising from Meeting on 7th April 2011:-

Minutes – It was noted that Minute 4 should read “NAVACH have recommended ….”. Subject to this change, the minutes as circulated were approved as an accurate record of the meeting.


Matters Arising -

  • Clock repairs – it was agreed that repairs should be carried out at the original quote of £150.
  • Maplebeck Chalice – A photo of the Chalice is now on the village website.
  • Building development –
    • Gift Aid has now been approved and DS will follow up to ensure tax deducted is recovered.
    • Big Lottery has suggested we resubmit our application. DS has now revised the application and is awaiting feedback from NAVACH. When received he will circulate to the VHC before submission.












Treasurer’s Report:-

JK circulated the current balances on the accounts and said a more informative report would be prepared following the Village Fete.

A letter from HSBC requesting disclosure of information under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme was tabled. BG was asked to review.








The programme of events for the year was reviewed and the following noted:-

  • “French Fancies” 16th April – a surplus of £64 was realised.
  • Quiz Night & Supper 2nd July – everything in hand for this event. Some 50 tickets had been pre-booked to date.
  • Village Fete Saturday 25th June – organisers to meet at 6:00pm on Friday evening.
  • Harvest Supper confirmed for 25th September – VHC will discuss arrangements at its next meeting.
  • Village Talks:-
    • Rachel Gardner’s “Growing up in Hong Kong” needs to be publicised. TC and RG to liaise.
    • JG will deliver a talk on Breast Cancer in September.
    • TT indicated his willingness to give a talk and would revert back on a subject in due course.
  • Village Ventures – BJ Cole & Emily Burridge have been secured for Sunday 16th October at a cost of £190. Entry on the evening will be £8.
  • January / February – It was noted that there was nothing in the calendar for early 2012. It was agreed in principle that a dance event would be appropriate. Consideration would be give to a line dance evening or ceilidgh.













There was no other business.



Next Meeting:-

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 13th September 2011 at 7:30pm in the Village Hall



BG 5/07/11

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