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Minutes of Meeting held on 22nd November 2011.

Turton Memorial Hall     Management Committee

Present: Julie Grundy, Sue Carson, Brendan Carson, Jane Kinnear, Tom Chamberlain, Tony Turton, Derek Sayer (Chair).
Apologies: Mark Hopcroft, Richard Kinnear, Bob Gardner.
Minutes:  These were approved as circulated.

Matters Arising:
     1.     The clock repairs were underway.
     2.     There was no information available yet in respect of the charity in Soweto.
     3.     The re-conciliation of the Project Account had been completed.
     4.     Bob Gardner had agreed to be the Building Development Project Accountant.

Treasurer’s Report:
     1.     Jane presented the current and savings account balances.
     2.     The Project account had received gift aid tax back of £1,718 and a further £50 of Wendy’s egg money.
     3.     Due to the water leaks last winter, a large bill had been received. However Jane had managed to obtain a sewage charge refund back to 2005, which resulted in a net charge of £48.91.
     4.     The annual rent of £100 was approved for payment to the PCC.

Building Development:
     1.     The final BIG stage 2 application had been circulated and approved. It was sent in on 26th October 2011 and BIG had 4 months to respond.
     2.     Brendan and Bob were thanked for their work in obtaining the pledges as summarised in the document dated 22nd November. The current level of pledge support from 40% of the population was very encouraging. The current shortfall of £4,700 was being addressed.
     3.     When the Turton Memorial Hall charity was first registered with the Charity Commission in 1972, it was clearly stated that the Civil Area covered was the Civil Parishes of Maplebeck, Kersall and Winkburn.
     4.     The funding sub-committee had decided to do some work on a Plan B, in the event that BIG rejected or reduced the size of any grant.
     5.     The text of the annual update circular was approved and would be prepared.     Tom

     1.     The Harvest Supper and the B J Cole concert had been well attended and received. They had made a surplus of £76 and £101 respectively.
     2.     Ideas for more talks were required.   All        The date clash was resolved by moving Julie’s talk to 18th January. A poster would be prepared.   Tom
     3.     The Christmas Party would start at about 5 p.m. immediately after the carol concert in the Church. The Tree would be purchased by 10th December. Jane    The hall would be decorated and laid out as usual.  Jane would ask the food donors. Mulled wine, tea, coffee and squash would be offered. A poster would be prepared. Tom       
     4.     Brendan had booked Charlie’s Ant (£300) for the Burns Night and the other arrangements were in hand. A piper would be sought. Attendance would be limited to 48 at £12.50 each, including traditional supper. A poster and tickets would be prepared. Tom
     5.     It was agreed that a play would be booked from the Library Theatre touring company at £225. Ideally around the end of March 2012 and either My Brilliant Divorce or Happy Jack. Derek
     6.     Another Quiz Night would be organised around end April/early May 2012.  Brendan
     7.     The 2012 Garden Fete date of 14th July had been agreed with David K-J. The Morris men would be booked.  Derek
     8.     The following suggestions for and Arts Fund event would be considered with Trish.  Craft day/ big draw / entrance signs to village / Maplebeck map of interest / Old photos exhibition.      Derek
     9.     Tom made the kind offer of an open house at Walnut Cottage on New Year’s Eve.   All

Queen’s Jubilee:
     1.     Jane would prepare a proposed site layout.
     2.     Jane would order 10 crush barriers and 2 closed road signs from N&SDC.
     3.     More research was required re national spectacles to be avoided, before the preferred day could be confirmed. Jane/Derek
     4.     Derek confirmed that the existing insurance was adequate; but did not cover bouncy castles etc. (although an increased premium could be paid).
     5.     The next meeting would be held at 7.00 p.m. on Tuesday 10th January 2012, to be followed by a Management Committee meeting.  A poster would be prepared. Tom

Rules and Regulations:
     BIG require us to have certain policies in place. A revised set of documents had been circulated and it was agreed that these would be adopted forthwith. The additions covered Risk Assessments, Environment, Children and Vulnerable People, Equal Opportunities and approval of payments. Julie and Bob were thanked for their work.
      A final set of documents would be circulated.  Derek

Other Business:
     1.    The electrical faults that had caused the black-outs during the last concert had been traced to a faulty kettle and a faulty double wall socket. Both had been replaced and reimbursement for the kettle at £19.99 was approved.
     2.     The roof above the ladies’ toilet had been resealed.
     3.     Derek would try to find and fit a low cost window cill for the kitchen window.

Date of next meeting: Tuesday 10th January, to follow the open Jubilee meeting.

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