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Minutes of meeting held on 10th January 2012..

Turton Memorial Hall Management Committee

Present: Derek Sayer; Julie Grundy; Jane Kinnear; Tony Turton; Tom Chamberlain; Bob Gardner.
Apologies: Sue Carson; Brendan Carson; Richard Kinnear.





Minutes of & Matters Arising from Meeting on 22nd  November 2011:-

Minutes – The minutes as circulated were approved.

Matters Arising -

  • It was noted that the Christmas party had gone very well and donations of £19.50 had been received.
  • TC was thanked for circulating the Annual Update
  • Preparations for the Burns Night Supper on 4th Feb were well in hand
  • The next play, “My Brilliant Divorce”, was booked for 24th March, with tickets at £7.50 each.
  • The Garden Fete would now be held on 21st July and the Morris dancers had confirmed their availability.
  • A final set of Rules & Regulations had been approved.
  • The window cill would be repaired by Mark Combellack free of charge.









Treasurer’s Reports:-

Current and Savings Accounts:-
JK circulated the current balances on these accounts and the following were noted / agreed:-

  • Donations from the Christmas Party of £19.50, as noted above, had been banked.
  • Rent to the PCC of £100 had been paid.
  • Annual insurance of £285.00 had been paid to Aviva.
  • The annual subscription to NAVACH of £50.00 was approved for payment.

Project Account and Pledges:-
BG reported that

  • There had been no further activity on the Project Account since the November meeting.
  • Pledges totalling £38,550 had now been made and that he and BC still had a small number of residents to speak to.

DS requested that a single consolidated account be prepared from the current, savings and project accounts for the year ended 31st December 2011, prior to submission to the accountant for review.

JK gave notice of her intention to step down from the role of Treasurer at the next AGM. DVS thanked JK on behalf of the VHC for her contribution. Consideration was given to an alternative Treasurer and it was agreed that BG would take on the role immediately following the next AGM.















Building Development:-

DVS updated the meeting on progress:-

  • Our Stage 2 Application was currently being considered. We should hear the outcome before the end of February.
  • Alternative sources of funding have been explored, i.e. a “Plan B” should the Big Lottery not grant funding. A long list of potential funders (c. 300) has been review and reduced to around 25 where our project appears to meet their initial criteria.






 It was noted that :-

  • Village Talks:-
    • JG will deliver a talk on Breast Cancer on 18th January.
    • TC confirmed that Peter Littlewood was happy to present on farming but not until much later in the year. A date to be confirmed.
    • TC was asked to investigate further talks.


  • Village Ventures –
    • Film Club - DVS informed the meeting that the programme of screenings for the remainder of the year would now go ahead as he had secured alternative equipment.
    • An additional event has been offered to the VHC – “Oh La La” an evening of French inspired music - at a very much reduced cost. The date offered was too close to other events already in the programme, and it was agreed that DVS should ask if a more suitable date could be arranged.
  • Other Events
    • Queens Jubilee was the subject of a separate meeting held immediately prior to this. A separate set of minutes would be made available.
    • Quiz night – a date would be set for end of April / early May.


TC agreed to produce a “Spring & Summer” Events in Maplebeck flyer.



















It was noted that the annual inspection of the fire extinguishers had been carried out. No remedial action was needed. An invoice will be received in due course.

DVS informed the meeting that the basis on which fees was payable for the public performance of copyrighted music had changed. Two licences were now in place:-

  • PPL – rewarding artists, performers and recording companies: and
  • PRS – rewarding song writers, composers and publishing companies.

Each licence costs £42.00 plus VAT annually.

It was noted that music played at events where admission was not charged e.g. private parties, did not attract a fee under either licence.

It was agreed that a PPL licence should be acquired.



Next Meeting:-

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 13th March 2012 at 7:30pm in the Village Hall



BG 13/1/12

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