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  Turton Memorial Hall Management Committee


Minutes of Meeting

9th July 2012

Present:    Derek Sayer; Julie Grundy; Richard Kinnear; Jane Kinnear; Sue Carson; Brendan Carson; Tom Chamberlain; Bob Gardner.
Apologies: Tony Turton





Minutes of & Matters Arising from Meeting on 3rd May 2012:-

Minutes – The minutes as circulated were approved.
Matters Arising - dealt with on the agenda for this meeting.



Trustees of the Charity:-

JK and RK informed the Committee of their intention to resign as Trustees of the Charity with effect from the end of March 2013.

TC confirmed his willingness to remain as a Trustee.

It was agreed that the members of the Committee would each give consideration to replacements.







Treasurer’s Reports:-

Village Hall Accounts – BG circulated a report showing the movements on the Current Account, Savings Account and Project Account from the 1st January to 9th July. It was noted that:-

  • Deposit Account - The balance on the deposit account, at £2,852, remained unchanged since the last meeting.
  • Current Account – Balance at £177 included a surplus of £137 generated by the 5th May quiz night but did not yet take into account the costs of the Jubilee party. See events report below.
  • Project Account – The balance on the Project Account was reported at £32,233. Significant movements on the account related to
    • As agreed at the previous meeting funds had been raised from the community to provide cover for cost which would begin to be incurred and to demonstrate, as part of our Stage 3 application to BIG, the commitment of the community.
    • The receipt of the first instalment of BIG’s Development Grant to cover payment of professional fees and the payment of related architects’ fees.

Given the significant balance on the project account it was agreed that BG would investigate higher yield interest accounts with HSBC.















 It was noted that :-

  • Quiz Night, 5th May – a very successful evening raising a net surplus after all costs of £137. BC was complimented on the organisation of the event in very difficult personal circumstances. It was noted that:-
    • The quality of the Fish & Chips was even better than the previous supplier; and
    • The next quiz should include more questions on popular culture and current events.
  • Queens Jubilee, 3rd June – despite the unfavourable weather, the Jubilee party was a huge success and was enjoyed by everyone who attended.
    • Thanks were expressed particularly to Jennifer Strawson who provided alternative premises at short notice, and to all members of the organising committee and volunteers who transported tables and chairs, re-hung bunting, decorated tables and cleared up afterwards.
    • The event proved to be so popular that many attendees requested that an annual village summer party should be considered. It was agreed that this would not only provide a further occasion for the community to get together, in addition to the Harvest Supper and Christmas Party, but would also present an excellent opportunity for more members of the community to get involved in the organisation of such an event.
    • JK circulated an account of the costs of the event and the extent to which funds would be provided by Newark & Sherwood District Council. Of the total costs of £1,238, some £500 would be recovered from N&SDC leaving a net cost of £738. JK was thanked for her efforts in raising funds and liaising with N&SDC.
    • It was agreed that JK & BG would meet to arrange for settlement of amounts due to those who had contributed towards the costs.
  • Village Fete, 21st July – the organisation of the Fete was considered at a separate meeting.
  • Schedule for 2013 –
    • It was noted that
      • The Village Venture bid had been successful and “Whispers”, had been secured for 22nd November
      • The film season would start again in October
      • Arrangements for the Harvest Supper and Christmas Party would be discussed and agreed in due course.
      • A programme of talks would be considered to include a talk by R Kinnear on Military History.
    • It was agreed that alternative premises would need to be sought to host events e.g. the film club, Harvest Thanksgiving and Christmas suppers for events from March to December 2013 inclusive if the rebuild programme were to commence as hoped.





















Building Development and Approval:-

DS circulated a report to the committee updating them on progress to date.
Authorisation was sought from and granted by the Committee for the following:-

  • The VH Trustees to sign the new lease;
  • DS and BG to proceed with and sign the Big Stage 3 application; and
  • DS and BG to proceed with and sign the Veolia, Scottish Power and Wren applications.

It was also agreed that a community public meeting would be organised in late summer to discuss progress.










  • Web site - JK circulated statistics showing daily and monthly activity on the village website - Levels of activity were in excess of the Committee’s expectations and appeared to be growing.
  • It was noted that the hall clock had now been repaired.



Next Meeting:-

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 28th August 2012 at 7:30pm in the Village Hall. BG 19/7/12



Posted 20th July 2012

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