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  Turton Memorial Hall Management Committee


Minutes of Meeting

28th August 2012

Present:    Derek Sayer; Richard Kinnear; Jane Kinnear; Sue Carson; Brendan Carson; Tom Chamberlain; Bob Gardner.
Apologies: Tony Turton





Minutes of the Meeting on 9th July 2012:-

Minutes – To correct an omission, the minutes as circulated were amended re:
5. Building Development and Approval

  • “DS and BG to proceed with and sign the Veolia, Scottish Power and Wren applications”

BG to provide corrected minutes to JK for publication on the village web site.
Following this correction the minutes were approved.



Matters Arising:-

DS reiterated the need to consider replacement Trustees and asked that members of the Committee sound out possible candidates prior to the next meeting and to come to that meeting with specific proposals where possible. It was agreed that it would be good to identify:-

  • Younger members of the community; and
  • Representatives from Winkburn and or Kersall.

It was agreed that all other matters arising are dealt with on the agenda for this meeting.







Treasurer’s Reports:-

Village Hall Accounts – BG circulated a report showing the movements on the Current Account, Savings Account and Project Account from the 1st January to 24th August 2012. It was noted that:-

  • Current Account –
    • Balance at £542 included a net surplus of £422.50 generated by the Village Fete and a net expenditure on the Jubilee party of £(742). The 2012 annual rent for the village hall of £100, had also been paid.
    • Following on the success of the Jubilee celebrations, requests had been made that an annual party for the community be held. It was agreed that this was a good idea and it was noted that:-
      • Mrs J Strawson had offered the facilities at her home should they be needed e.g. in the event of bad weather;
      • Any such event should be self funding; and
      • Volunteers to organise the event should be drawn from the whole community.
    • Clarification was requested to ensure that the village hall rent for 2012 had not been paid twice.
    • A cheque drawn in January 2012 to make a charitable donation to a childrens’ hospice in Africa had not been presented and was now expired. It was agreed that JK would provide details of the charity to BG for follow up.
  • Deposit Account - The balance on the deposit account, at £2,052, had reduced since the last meeting by £800, being a transfer to the Current Account.
  • Project Account –
    • The balance on the Project Account was reported at £31,933. i.e. £300 lower than in July.
    • It was noted that the net movement results from receipts of £11,000 from BIG to develop our Stage 3 bid and fee payments totalling £11,300 to the lead architect, structural engineer and building control for work undertaken in preparing the bid.
    • Invoices had been received from the solicitors in connection with the new lease and would be paid from the project account in September.
    • Preliminary investigation and discussions with HSBC regarding higher yield interest accounts had been held. It appears that our charitable status is not easily accommodated by the bank’s interest bearing products. BG to follow up with CAF Bank (i.e. Charities Aid Foundation Bank) who provide banking and investment services specifically for charities.



























Building Development:-

It was noted that the new lease had been registered with the Land Registry on 14th August.

DS updated the meeting on progress.

  • Grant officers from BIG had visited Maplebeck on 15th August. They seemed very satisfied with the outcome of their visit and said our bid would be put forward to the awarding panel in September, not October as originally expected. We should know by the end of September whether we will be awarded funds.
  • Given the revised timescale, it was agreed that the open meeting for the community originally pencilled in for August should be delayed to September when we would have something substantial to communicate – one way or the other.
  • A note was circulated summarising the current position with regard to other potential funders:-
    • Scottish Power – bid submitted and supplementary questions are being addressed. An outcome expected by end October
    • Wren – bid submitted but won’t be considered until after the outcome of the BIG bid as one of Wren’s qualifying criteria is that the “fabric” of the new building has to be already funded.
    • Veolia – application will be reviewed in November and any award made in January 2013.
  • The Committee was reminded that at this stage there was no way of knowing whether we will receive all or any part of the requests for funding already made. There are other potential funders on our short list e.g. EDF, but until the outcome of the BIG bid was known it was agreed to leave them.
  • It was noted that a meeting of the project sub-committee is scheduled for Thursday 30th.



 It was noted that :-

  • Harvest Thanksgiving, 23rd September
    • Following the church service which starts at 6:00pm.
    • Normal attendance around 40 people
    • JK to contact people in the community in advance to provide food. SC to follow up a couple of days prior.
    • SC / BC to provide tea / coffee / milk and sugar.
    • Food to be laid out in instalments to avoid “vulturism”.
    • Cloths and small table decorations to be provided.
  • Film Club  
    • DS confirmed that equipment had been secured
    • A shortened programme to end in February
    • Dates and a limited choice of films would be circulated a.s.a.p. to be voted on in the usual way.
  • Village Ventures – “Oh Whistle” 22nd November.
    • Now required publicising. Already included in the Village Ventures programme and will be in the local press. Leaflets to be circulated and posters erected in the usual places.


  • Christmas Party – would be organised at a separate meeting, yet to be arranged.
  • Others
    • Talk date to be confirmed– Military History, RK to provide a talk on “The First War of Independence or The Indian Mutiny–.”
    • Quiz Night 23rd February – As, (hopefully!), a final send off to the old village hall a general knowledge quiz, to include a fish & chip supper. BC / BG to set c. 5 rounds / 50 question quiz to include Sport, Popular Culture, etc.


TC agreed to produce an Events Programme for distribution to households in the villages.






















  • It was agreed that the bunting erected for the Jubilee would be taken down after the end of the Paralympics.
  • JK requested help in determining the names and addresses of children in the community for whom Commerative Jubilee Mugs would be provided, particularly those in Winkburn and Kersall.
  • It was agreed that every event from now onwards would be used as an opportunity to market actively the new village hall, including handing out leaflets and obtaining contact details for those who would like to be involved and kept up to date with the evolving programme of activities and events going forward.









Next Meeting:-

The next meeting will be held on Monday 12th November 2012 at 7:30pm in the Village Hall.



BG 30/8/12

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