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Minutes of meeting held on 13th March 2012..

  Turton Memorial Hall Management Committee (“VHC”)

Present:    Derek Sayer; Julie Grundy; Sue Carson; Brendan Carson; Tony Turton; Tom Chamberlain; Bob Gardner.
Apologies:; Richard Kinnear; Jane Kinnear.





Minutes of & Matters Arising from Meeting on 10th January 2012:-

Minutes – The minutes as circulated were approved.

Matters Arising -

  • It was noted that the Burns Night Supper on 4th Feb had been well attended, despite travel difficulties created by the snow, and that everyone had enjoyed the event. BC informed the meeting that a surplus of £70 had been made, net of refunds to those unable to travel in the poor conditions, and a donation towards the new Village Hall Project from the entertainers for the evening, “Charlie’s Aunt”.
  • Preparations are well in hand for the next Quiz which will be held on Saturday 5th May.
  • Following further discussions with the PRS it was agreed that we should acquire both a PRS and a PPL to ensure that we are not in contravention of any music licensing obligations.
  • An alternative date to stage “Oh La La” had been requested but none was available.









Treasurer’s Reports:-

Current and Savings Accounts:-
Apologies had been received from JK and in her absence there was no update these accounts.

Project Account and Pledges:-

  • BG reported that since the January meeting a donation of £50 had been received and that, as there had been no other activity on the Project Account, the balance was now £2,217.17.
  • A summary of the latest position regarding pledges was circulated. It was noted that a total of £38,950 has been pledged from some 58 residents within the 3 communities, leaving a shortfall of some £9,050 from our target of £48,000. It was also noted that households representing a further 34 residents have made as yet unquantified pledges.











Building Development:-

DVS updated the meeting on progress:-

  • As previously circulated to all residents, our Stage 2 BIG Application was successful and we have been awarded in full the development grant to fund to RIBA stage E.
  • A significantly greater level of detail is required for the Stage 3 Application and work on it is progressing well. Submission is required by mid July and we should know by the end of October whether and if so how much of a grant we will receive.
  • This timetable would allow for construction to begin in March 2013. All the professional teams have been briefed accordingly.
  • DS has had 2 meetings with BIG representatives and feels we are well placed at this stage relative to other competing bidders.
  • Alternative sources of funding are continuing to be explored, should the Big Lottery not grant funding or grant less than we have requested.






 It was noted that :-

  • “My Brilliant Divorce” – 24th March:-
    • Tickets are still available at £7.50 each.
    • Committee members were encouraged to drum up support for this event.
  • Quiz Night – 5th May
    • A ticket price of £10 to include a fish and chip supper was agreed.
    • The supplier needs us to commit to 50 suppers.
    • The event needs to be advertised through the usual channels.
  • Village Ventures:-
    • We have been offered a performance “Holmes & Watson the Final Tour” in July at a reduced cost of £400 – normally £600.
    • In order to break even we would need to sell 40 tickets at £10 each. It was agreed that this was unlikely to be achievable in July given that there was already a busy programme for the summer – Village Fete, Queens Jubilee etc. DS was asked to see if the offer might be available in September.
  • Other Events
    • Queens Jubilee was the subject of a separate meeting to be held immediately after the Parish Council meeting on 20th March. It was noted that JK had already begun to approach N&SDC for support and funding.
    • The hall has been booked as a polling station for the election to the new office of Police Commissioner.
    • Talks – TT will give consideration to a talk on the role and election of the new Police Commissioner, following the elections themselves.


A brief discussion was held about how best to publicise events both now and, hopefully in the future, following the completion of the new hall. It was agreed that the Village Website could play a role and that JK should investigate the feasibility and ways of monitoring traffic on the site.




















DS advised the meeting that Mr & Mrs Atkinson had informed him of plans to rebuild their shed adjacent to the Village Hall boundary, to accommodate their camper van. DS would continue to liaise with them but did not anticipate any issues.

DS received confirmation that all Village Hall Management Committee members, with the exception of Mark Hopcroft, were happy to put themselves forward for re-election as was required for the Parish Council meeting to be held on 20th March.



Next Meeting:-

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 2nd May 2012 at 7:30pm in the Village Hall.BG 20/3/12



Posted 27/3/2012

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