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  Turton Memorial Hall Management Committee



Minutes of Meeting
Village Hall Maplebeck
3rd May 2012

Present:    Derek Sayer; Julie Grundy; Richard Kinnear; Jane Kinnear; Bob Gardner.
Apologies: Sue Carson; Brendan Carson.





Election of officers to Village Hall Management Committee (“VHC”) :-
The VHC elected at the Maplebeck Parish Meeting held on 20th March, was confirmed as:-

  • Brendon Carson; Sue Carson; Tom Chamberlain; Bob Gardner; Julie Grundy; Jane Kinnear; Richard Kinnear; Derek Sayer; Tony Turton.
  • Derek Sayer was confirmed as Chair and Bob Gardner as Treasurer.


The Committee thanked Jane Kinnear for her service and acknowledged the contribution over many years as Treasurer.

Sub Committees:-
It was also noted that Richard Kinnear had decided to resign from the Funding Sub Committee and that he had been replaced on that committee by Bob Gardner.

The Chair also informed the VHC that Bob had joined the Building Sub Committee, as this would help to ensure that the detailed costing of the new build, which were currently being developed, would be linked directly to control of the budget, spending and funding applications.



Minutes of & Matters Arising from Meeting on 13th March 2012:-

Minutes – The minutes as circulated were approved.
Matters Arising - dealt with on the agenda for this meeting.



Treasurer’s Reports:-

Village Hall Accounts - A report was circulated showing the movements on the Current Account, Savings Account and Project Account from the 1st January to 2nd May. Income and expenditure on all accounts were in line with expectations. Appropriate balances are being maintained on all accounts.

It was noted that a rental payment would shortly be due to Mr & Mrs Atkinson in respect of the septic tank. DS to provide BG with details.

Project Account and Pledges - It was noted that work on Stage 3 submission to the Big Lottery was progressing well. The level of detail required now meant that professional fees e.g. architects, structural engineers, quantity surveyors, etc would begin to reach levels where further funding would be required. While the Big Lottery has already committed to a development grant which would go some way to meeting these costs, it was agreed that in due course approaches would be made to some of those in the community who had pledged support for the project.













Building Development:-

DS updated the meeting on progress:-

  • Work on the Stage 3 Application continues to progress well. Liaison with our contacts at the Big Lottery is proving to be very constructive and helpful. Although final submission is not required until mid July it has been agreed that early drafts of sections of the application should be submitted as soon as possible to allow feedback before the final submission.
  • When the Stage 3 application is complete it will be circulated to all members of the VHC for comment. A VHC meeting will be organised to formally review and approve the application before formal submission to the Big Lottery.
  • Further progress has been made with the Diocese regarding the lease. It seems likely that a suitable and appropriate lease will be concluded in line with the submission timetable.
  • Plan B funding is being progressed with a view both to building a contingency should our Stage 3 application not succeed, but also to funding highly desirable additions to the core design e.g. Photo-voltaic.









 It was noted that :-

  • Quiz Night, 5th May
    • Some 60 tickets had been sold by Brendan and all of arrangements were in place, subject to setting out tables and chairs.
    • It was agreed that DS and BG would meet on Friday afternoon to do same.
  • Queens Jubilee, 3rd June - was the subject of a separate meeting held immediately before this meeting and that separate minutes would be circulated.
  • Village Fete, 21st July - it was noted that, as in previous years, Eve Knight-Jones would hold a specific meeting to organise.
  • Schedule for 2013 – The current new build project implies that there will be no village hall available to host events from March to December 2013 inclusive. It was agreed that alternative premises should be sought to host events e.g. the film club, Harvest Thanksgiving and Christmas suppers.














There was no A.O.B.



Next Meeting:-

The next meeting will be held on Monday 9th July 2012 at 7:00pm in the Village Hall.



BG 14/5/12

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