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  Turton Memorial Hall Management Committee

Minutes of Meeting 12th November 2012

Present:    Derek Sayer; Sue Carson; Brendan Carson; Julie Grundy; Tony Turton; Jane Kinnear; Bob Gardner.
Apologies: Richard Kinnear; Tom Chamberlain




Minutes of the Meeting on 28th August 2012:-

The minutes were approved as circulated.



Matters Arising:-

The following were noted:-

  • Trustees - As yet no definite candidates had been identified and the intention remains to approach younger members of the community and representatives from Winkburn and or Kersall.
  • Commemorative Jubilee mugs had been distributed.
  • The date of the talk on “India – The First War of Independence” had been changed to 11th December.  It was confirmed that the revised date had been incorporated in all publicity materials

It was agreed that all other matters arising were dealt with on the agenda for this meeting.



Treasurer’s Reports:-

Village Hall Accounts – BG circulated a report showing the movements on the Current Account, Savings Account and Project Account from the 1st January to 9th November 2012. It was noted that:-

  • There had been very few movements on the accounts since they were last reviewed at the August meeting. The principal movements are:-
    • Current account - receipts from the Harvest Supper, Film Club subs and two films, The Guard and A Separation, totalling £392.00 and payments totalling £118.25 being £99.80 to Filmbank re licence and £18.65 to E-On for the qrt to end Sept.
    • Project Account - there have been no receipts paid into the Project Account since end August and only one payment of £2,799.00 re legal fees to Rothera Dowson.
  • JK confirmed that the village hall rent for 2012 had not been paid twice. It was agreed that the annual rent should be paid in advance in January of each year, with the next payment due in Jan 2013.
  • JK had provided details of the South African charity, “Othandwendi”. Their website, through which donations could be made, was reviewed by BG but appeared dormant, with no activity in over a year.  BG had spoken to Eve Knight-Jones concerning the remittance of funds to the charity. A proposal to deal with it next summer was approved by the meeting.
  • BG had followed up with CAF Bank (i.e. Charities Aid Foundation Bank). Rates on interest bearing deposit accounts were little better than those on offer at HSBC and were conditional on opening a separate current account with an initial payment of £1,000. It was agreed, given that the funds would be required in March 2013, that there was little financial benefit to be had from moving funds and that the running of 5 separate accounts in two different banks for the Village Hall was not merited.







Building Development:-

DS recapped on the public meeting held in the Village Hall on 15th October.

  • Suzy Hunt from our architects presented a 3D computer model of the proposed development and talked through colour schemes.
  • The awards of grants from both the BIG Lottery and Scottish Power were announced. It was noted that both were conditional on the balance of funds required to complete the new build being raised.
  • A number of questions were raised and dealt with.

DS circulated:-

  • a schedule setting out total costs, cash raised and spent to date, the grants and the quantified pledges from the community illustrating that a further £32,700 was needed to fund the total cost.
  • Draft letters for circulation to the community asking for quantified pledges to be met and where applicable un-quantified pledges to be crystallised, were approved by the meeting
    • Copies of the letters to be printed and signed by DS
    • Letters to be distributed to the community by BG/BC if possible before end November.

DS further informed the meeting that:-

  • Work was progressing on
    • structuring and compiling the information re: beneficiaries of the new build as required by BIG
    • the tendering methodology adopted for the project.
  • Mr R Bell had donated materials including a quantity of new brick, fencing and Maplebeck stone all of which would be usable in the build. It was agreed that DS would write thanking him on behalf of the Committee.







 It was noted that :-

  • Film Club  
    • DS confirmed that equipment had been secured
    • A shortened programme to end in February
  • Village Ventures – “Oh Whistle” 22nd November.
    • Ticket bookings to date have been slower than expected. Need to encourage more people to attend.
    • Tee / coffee to be provided.
  • Christmas Party 16th December
    • To follow on from the church service, which starts at 6:00pm.
    • Finger food to be provided including seasonal treats e.g. mince pies, cake etc. JK to organise.
    • Mulled wine will be served.
    • Hall to be decorated.
    • Christmas tree to be organised.
  • Quiz Night 23rd February –
    • BC confirmed that both the sound system and the Fish & Chip Supper had been booked.
    • TT agreed to act as Quizmaster.
    • It was noted that a number of ticket bookings had already been made.













  • Village Fete - Although some way off it was agreed that confirmation should be sought a.s.a.p. with David Knight-Jones of a date, and once known, booking of the Morris men.
  • Film Nights – consideration to be given to an alternative venue for the film club while the village hall is being re-built in the period from October 2013.
  • There is only one bottle of gas remaining. It was agreed that arrangements to deliver one new bottle and collect the old ones would be made via the Handy Centre.







Next Meeting:-

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 8th January 2013 at 7:30pm in the Village Hall.


BG 13/11/12

posted 15/11/2012

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