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  Turton Memorial Hall Management Committee

Minutes of Meeting on 8th January 2013

Present: Derek Sayer; Jenny Bladon; Sue Carson; Brendan Carson; Alan Blaydon; Julie Grundy; Jane Kinnear; Tom Chamberlain; Bob Gardner.
Apologies: Richard Kinnear; Tony Turton.




The Thurgarland Family:-

In view of the tragic events which occurred on 28th December, the Village Hall Committee extends its condolences and sympathy to all the Thurgarland family.



Co-option of new members of the Committee:-

The VHC agreed with the proposal, as circulated by DVS on 4th January, to co-opt Jenny and Allen Bladon onto the committee, who confirmed their willingness to stand for election in March at the Parish Meeting.



Minutes of the Meeting on 12th November 2012:-

The minutes were approved as circulated.



Matters Arising:-

It was:-

  • Noted that the appointment of two trustees needed to be ratified at the next annual Parish Meeting in March. It remained an objective to find a representative from both Winkburn and Kersall, however, there were no definite candidates as yet.
  • Agreed that all other matters arising were dealt with on the agenda for this meeting.


Treasurer’s Reports:-

Village Hall Accounts – BG circulated a report summarising the movements on the Current Account, Savings Account and Project Account for the year ended 31st December 2012. It was noted that:-

  • Balance on the bank accounts at 31st December were
    • Current £810
    • Deposit £2,053
    • Project £33,729
  • Since the November meeting the principal movements were:-
    • Current account - receipts from the film Chinatown and the post Carol Service Raffle of £132 in total, and £175 in rent from the Police Commissioners poling day; payments totalling £552 made, being £99.60 to Filmbank re Chinatown, £167.50 in respect of “Oh Whistle” and £285 for village hall insurance for 2013.
    • Project Account – pledged donations collected and banked of c.£4,500 plus a number of small cash gifts.
  • A draft of the statutory accounts had been prepared showing that during the year a deficit of £527 had been generated from running the village hall activities through the year. The deficit was attributed to the staging of the Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations, which all agreed had been very worthwhile expenditure.

Pledges - BG also updated the meeting on the progress made to date in collecting community pledges. In summary:-

  • Collections were progressing well and were much in line with expectations;
  • Almost all donors had completed Gift Aid forms;
  • It was estimated that if quantified pledges not yet collected, together with unquantified pledges not yet followed up on, were contribute a further £2,000, then the shortfall against the total cost of build would be c. £9,000.


Building Development:-

DVS updated the meeting as follows regarding recent funding developments:-

  • WREN had confirmed their willingness to fund the new build up to £25,150;
  • An initial approach for funding has been made to the National Grid, which has a presence locally. The approach has been acknowledged and passed to the relevant department. We await their formal response.

It was unanimously agreed that the authorised signatories for WREN, including the WREN contract, would be the Chairman, Derek Sayer, and the Treasurer, Bob Gardner.

DVS reminded the Committee that all of the external, non community funding from BIG, Scottish Power and WREN, was contingent on us raising all of the balance of money required to complete the project.

DVS further informed the meeting that work was progressing satisfactorily on other aspect of the project and specifically on:-

  • Detailing and complying with all the external funders requirements;
  • Drafting the contract for the main contractor; and
  • Working through the details of the building plans.

BG talked the meeting through a proposed process for “Procurement & Expenditure Authorisation and Approval”. The principal objectives were to:-

  • Ensure transparency;
  • Provide assurances to all stakeholders – the VHC, the community and external funders – that
    • the funds they had provided were being spent in accordance with approved plans and proposals; and
    • cost was balanced with quality and timeliness.

The VHC agreed to the proposals to:-

  • To devolve day to day authority to DVS and BG to approve selection of tenders, placing of orders, invoice approval and payment, with
    • Oversight from TT
    • Regular monthly reporting to the VHC of tenders reviewed, orders placed, invoices approved and cash paid.
    • A monthly VHC meeting to formally review the report and minute findings. The minute to be
      • Posted on the village web site;
      • Forwarded to principal funders



 It was noted that :-

  • Film Club  - the last films of the current season, Coriolanus,  would be screened on 22nd January, and Midnight in Paris, on 19th February.
  • Quiz Night 2nd March –
    • BC updated the meeting on the latest plan
      • informed the meeting of the change of date to 2nd March
      • confirmed that both the sound system and the Fish & Chip Supper had been booked.
      • TT agreed to act as Quizmaster.
      • Entry at £10 per head.
    • It was agreed that publicity should be arranged even though a pre-release sell out was almost guaranteed
      • It would provide an opportunity to promote the new build
      • DVS to organise press publicity and e-mail
      • TC to design and JK to print posters and tickets.
  • March to December –
    • It was noted that Mrs J Strawson had offered to provide alternative premises for the Film Club programme, which would normally begin again in September. DVS to write accepting and thanking her for the kind offer.
    • In light of the new build programme it was agreed not to stage a community party in 2013.
    • “Charlie’s Aunt” have offer to perform free of charge as a fund raiser for the new build. It was agreed that finding premises to hold the event would be very difficult. It was agreed that DVS should write inviting them to perform an opening event for the new hall.
  • Garden Fete
    • Details would be subject to a separate meeting
    • RK / JK to approach D KJ about fixing a date e.g. 22nd June, which is when Morris men have been put on stand-by.
























  • VHC roles – it was  
    • noted that DVS’ workload would increase considerably during the build programme;
    • agreed that BG would stand down at the Parish meeting in March as Secretary, to allow more time for control and reporting on the new build; and
    • agreed that promoting and publicising the new hall, the events and facilities would require considerable time in the run up to and after the opening of the new hall.
    • agreed to seek both a Secretary and a Publicity & Promotions Champion to be appointed at the next AGM and that the VHC should seek out suitable persons accordingly.
  • Website
    • domain name – JK confirmed that the domain name had been secured for the next 3 years.
    • JK undertook to prepare an activity report for the next meeting.














Next Meeting:-

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 5th March 2013 at 7:30pm in the Village Hall. BG 13/1/13


Posted 14th January 2013

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