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Turton Memorial Hall Management Committee

Minutes of Meeting
held in The Beehive Maplebeck
3rd June 2013

Present:   Derek Sayer; Jenny Bladon; Alan Bladon; Julie Grundy; Jane Kinnear; Richard Kinnear; Tony Turton; Bob Gardner. Sue Carson; Brendon Carson





Minutes of the Meeting on 5th March 2013:-

The minutes were approved as circulated.




  • DVS application to Garfield Weston went in on the 26th March with a decision expected by the end of July.
  • Bruce Laugton has agreed to approach the council regarding a donation to help meet the short fall for the build project but since the recent election he felt that it would now be more difficult to secure extra funding.
  • Thankful villages- It was confirmed that Claudine would be opening for the visit and the British legion would be approached by BC. JK wanted to know if the Thankful village plaque needed to be given to an official, could we approach Lily Johnson as one of the oldest members of the community and having lived in the village the longest. JK to approach Lily. Newark Advertiser to be notified along with the BramleyApple.








Building Work:-
  • Ownership of the septic tank had been transferred to the Atkinsons and it had been confirmed that there was no debt nor payments in the future required.
  • JK asked about the amenity supply to the village hall during the rebuild DVS confirmed all would remain in tact including water during the build.
  • DVS explained that work had stopped on the rebuild due to bats, witnessed  coming from the roof space of the village hall. Natural England were now involved with assessing the site for bat habitation with the first survey to be carried out 4/6/2013.   A further survey would need to be done after one week. DVS explained that if no bats were seen then it was hoped that the licensing system could be by-passed and a delay in the building work of 6-8 weeks could be expected. DVS  also stated that The Big Lottery had been informed and were understanding of the situation. The extra cost for the whole process is likely to be £5,000.
  • A meeting had been arranged with Mark Combellack to discuss cancellation charges likely to be incurred as a result of the delay.
  • Richard Harvey had also been made aware and was still happy to provide storage for the duration of the project.
  • It was noted that Tony Strawson remained unhappy about the removal of the Hawthorne hedge, this will be discussed further DVS.
  • DVS, an application for funding had been submitted to trust House charitable Foundation for £9,900 with a decision expected by the end of July. Eastwood’s would be checked.
  • DVS, asked for ideas for extra funding
  •  BC, asked about  the possibility of borrowing moneyDVS stated that we had agreed that we would not borrow money.

                   DVS suggested that we would need an extra £20,000



















Plan to Develop usage of the Hall

  • DVS explained that we need to think about  the activities identified within the financial plan for the funding application. We should now be thinking of events, attendees and income generation. Each year should see an increase in activity. JB suggested that perhaps the launch party might be another opportunity to ask users what they would like and develop an action plan based on the results. Monthly cultural program to be developed.  BG stressed the need to increase numbers acknowledging that getting people to come back was always a challenge.
  • DVS said this was a good opportunity for people to use their skills/hobbies, AB was encouraged to use his sales training skills in running the homeworkers discussion group.
  • JK offered her craft skills if people were interested. BC was to take care of marketing and the organisation of some events.
  • Young people are to be encouraged to use the facilities. DVS suggested engaging with younger people to explore ways of using social media to reach out to  younger people ,JG to talk to AG/HG with any ideas they might have. BG suggested approaching the Minster school. DVS said that training courses are available in the use of social media, which can be very  powerful tools.                                                                   
  • BC suggested that we should look at involving outside organisations, local producers eg Maxeys, JG to approach Katherine Maxey.
  • SC suggested running coffee mornings.
  • DVS stated that there was £4000 available fromthe Big Lottery for marketing the new facilities.
  • JK asked if there was something to acknowledge the lottery funding, DVS said that plaques had already been received from the Big and Wren

















Village Hall Accounts

  • Current Account £641.00
  • Deposit Account£553.41
  • Project Account£40.048.22

Principle Movements:

  • Professional fees £1,.082.50
  •  Third party funding Wren £2,840.50




  • A.O.B.
  •  None.



Next Meeting:- Date of next meeting 12th August 2013 at 7.00pm in the Beehive.




  Posted 3/07/2013  


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