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Turton Memorial Hall Management Committee.

Minutes of Meeting
held in Turton Memorial Hall Maplebeck
5th March 2013

Present:    Derek Sayer; Jenny Bladon; Alan Bladon; Sue Carson; Brendan Carson; Julie Grundy; Jane Kinnear; Richard Kinnear; Tony Turton; Bob Gardner.





Minutes of the Meeting on 8th January 2013:-

The minutes were approved as circulated.



Matters Arising:-
It was:-

  • Noted that that the date of the annual Village Fete, provisionally identified as 22nd June, had yet to be confirmed.
  • Agreed that all other matters arising were dealt with on the agenda for this meeting.





Treasurer’s Reports:-

Village Hall Accounts – BG circulated a report summarising the movements on the Current Account, Savings Account and Project Account for the year ended 28th February 2013. It was noted that:-

  • Balance on the bank accounts at 28th February were
    • Current £2,891
    • Deposit £553
    • Project £37,980
  • Since the January meeting the principal movements were:-
    • Current account - receipts from the film “Midnight in Paris” £38 and from HMRC, Gift Aid recovered relating to Project donations of £2,347.  Payments had been made from the current account in respect of the rent for the year 2013, to renew the PRS/PPL licence and for water and energy.
    • Deposit Account - £1,500 had been transferred to the Project.
    • Project Account – Net receipts of £4,348 since 1st January were made up of pledges and donations received and the transfer from the deposit account.
  • The Committee agreed that the Gift Aid recovered should be transferred to the Project Account a.s.a.p.
  • A concert was held in the village hall in 2011. It was agreed at the time to remit a share of the proceeds to a South African charity, nominated by a village resident. Several attempts to do so over the last 18 months have been unsuccessful. The resident suggested that no further attempts should be made but that the sum should be shared equally between the Village Hall and the Church. The suggestion was approved.

Pledges :-
BG informed the meeting that all but c.£500 of the Pledges originally made remained to be collected and banked. The sums remaining would be collected in due course.





















Building Development:-

DVS updated the meeting as follows regarding recent funding developments:-

  • Veolia had decided not to provide any funding. As is normal for them, Veolia gave no explanation for the decision.
  • The National Grid’s response was also negative, as they do not have a programme to fund village halls.
  • Documentation is being prepared to submit a request for funding to the Garfield Weston Foundation. Should we be successful funding would be available in July / August.

DVS also informed the meeting that progress was being made towards meeting the deadlines and various submissions for BIG to enable them to begin to release their funds. In particular the follow were being progressed with some urgency:-

  • Final architects plans;
  • A rigorous examination of all the elements of the build;
  • Detailed final costings based on appropriate tenders for major elements of the build;
  • Finalising the contract for the main contractor.

The committee granted DVS and BG authority to sign the main contract with HJ Combellack & Sons.

DVS highlighted that the cost of the foundations were higher than originally included in the budget due to the soil / ground conditions which had been revealed when test holes were dug around the site. While savings against budget on other elements of the build were being achieved as a result of the competitive tendering and cost engineering exercises, there is likely to be a cost overrun against the original budget of .c £10,000 -15,000.

The Committee agreed that the original aims of quality, environmental and energy efficiency should not be compromised. DVS asked that further sources of funds should be explored by all.



















 It was noted that :-

  • Film Club  - the final film of the season, Midnight in Paris, was screened on 19th February and that a surplus of £350 had been generated for the season as a whole. The next season would start in the Autumn and screenings would be held at Breck’s Farm.


  • Quiz Night 2nd March –
    • A successful and enjoyable evening raised a net surplus of £150.
    • A number of attendees had
      • commented on very favourably on the quality of the fish supper and
      • requested that in the new hall we consider doing 2 or 3 quizzes each year.
  • Annual Parish Meeting scheduled for 19th March – to be held in the Village Hall.













Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO):-

AB presented a summary of the implications of the creation of      CIOs. It was agreed that:-

  • It was uncertain whether a change of status of our charity to a CIO would bring any worthwhile benefit and could result in additional administrative burden;
  • Given the legislations to enable the formation of a CIO was not yet passed we should revisit after the legislation is in place and after NAVACH had received training on the implications.



Thankful Villages:-

JK informed the meeting that she had been notified by members of an association of Thankful Villages, that a motorcycle tour of all the villages was being organised in 2013. The association plans to visit Maplebeck on 1st August, 2013 at around 12:00 to 2:00pm.
It was agreed to:-

  • Publicise the visit in the community;
  • Discuss the possible opening of the Beehive with Claudine
  • Invite one or two representatives of local servicemen’s associations to meet the visitors









  • It was agreed that the village hall plaque will be preserved when the hall is demolished and that a suitable place to mount both the clock and the plaque will be found in the new hall.
  • Village Ventures – Although we will not be mounting any VV events in 2013, it was agreed that AB and DVS would attend the presentation event to be held in North Muskham village hall on 24th March.
  • Website
    • JK presented an activity report which showed a trend of increasing activity and interest in the site.
  • Trustees –
    • DVS informed the meeting he had obtained and read a legible copy of the trust deeds to the village hall, which incorporate the constitution of the VH and its Management Committee. His conclusion regarding trustees was that all members elected to the village hall committee are de facto elected trustees.
    • All current members of the village hall committee acknowledge that they were also trustees and that they were willing to stand for election at the next Annual Parish Meeting.














Next Meeting:-

The next meeting will be held on Monday 8th April 2013 at 7:30pm.

It was agreed that Claudine be approached to see if she would allow VHC meetings to be held in the Beehive until the new hall is completed.

BG 7/3/13





Posted 11/03/13

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