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Maplebeck Village Hall Management Committee (“VHC”)


Minutes of Meeting
Village Hall Maplebeck
7th October 2013

Present:    Derek Sayer ;Julie Grundy; Sue Carson; Brendan Carson; Bob Gardner; Tom Chamberlain. Jane Kinnear, Richard Kinnear.
Tony Turton, Jenny Bladon, Alan Bladon.





Minutes of the Meeting on 12th Aug 2013:-

The minutes were approved as circulated.



Matters Arising:-

  • DS had a successful meeting with  TS regarding retention of the hedge surrounding the village hall.
  • Application to the Peoples Lottery was timed out but we will be able to reapply in 12 months.






Building Development:-

  • 2 bats where captured and released at the start of the building works. A sparrows nest was then found which has delayed the building project by a further two weeks, meaning a 16 week delay however the finish date remains the same but allows only a 6 week contingency.
  • Root barrier in place, soil removed area levelled.
  • Building now lowered by 3 courses which makes the ramp easier to accommodate.
  • Original design of the building was not square to keep in line with the plot, now Square resulting in better use of space . Simplified construction of the floor slab has made the build more cost effective.
  • Construction complete up to floor level.
  • 10 days ahead of schedule.
  • Ken Saville, laid out the facia stone in courses and thinks there will be enough for the build.
  • DS has applied to Screw-fix for funding of £9000.
  • BG enquired if anyone had raised any feedback around the build project, no-one had received any feedback.













Treasurer’s Reports:-

Village Hall Accounts – BG circulated a report summarising the movements on the Current Account, Savings Account and Project Account.

  • Balances on the bank accounts at 07October 2013 were
    • Current £1,209.09
    • Deposit £553.61
    • Project £34,440.39
  • Since the August meeting the principal movements were:-
    • Current account & deposit accounts– no activity
    • Project Account – 2,173.60 lower as a result of professional fees:-
    • Baker Consultants £1,541,10
    • N&SDC£42.50
    • Turton Building Control £590.00.













  • Events: films to start 11th November with Up. BG kindly offered their barn for use this season.
  • Christmas carol concert 15/12/13 with food and drink afterwards in the Church.DS to ask TH if she would organise.( It has been confirmed that TH is happy to organise similar arrangements to the Harvest supper).
  • 2 Christmas Trees to be purchased by JK one to be put on village green with a second inside the church. The existing tree lights would need a 240v supply. Possibly from Peter’s garage. BC to investigate.
  • Thankful Village plaque to be mounted on the Church wall, funding will be made available. (subject to appropriate approvals).
  • JK presented a report of hits on the village website.
  • DS would forward  a monthly report for website detailing building development to include photographs.
  • JK suggested that the telephone box in the village could house a defibrillator machine as was the case in Bathley, she would look into this, JG, SC also said they would be named on the first responder list.
  • JK presented the committee with a check for £150 as a result of the sale of a donated watch.













 Next Meeting:-

The next meeting will be held on 13/01/14 at 7.30pm.



Posted 25th November 2013

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