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Turton Memorial Hall Management Committee (“VHC”)

Minutes of Meeting
Beehive Public House
5th August 2014

Present:    Derek Sayer (DS); Allen Bladon (AB); Bob Gardner (BG); Sue Carson (SC); Brendan Carson (BC); Tom Chamberlain (TC). Jenny Bladon (JB) (minutes)
Tony Turton; Julie Grundy




Minutes of the Meeting on 17 June:-
Action by AB/DS item 6 – deleted
This amendment made, the minutes were approved.



Matters arising:-

  • Hall letting agreement sent to AB for comment. DS/AB to review
  • AB had reviewed ACRE documents, gave feedback to the meeting; DS and AB to ensure fit for purpose.
  • There is a need to ensure a “corporate” style for all documents produced e.g. posters/tickets/ notices/letterheads, - typeface, layout colour etc. BC suggested involving village children. Discussions to be held with Tim Horrocks
  • The committee unanimously agreed to adopt “The Village Hall in Maplebeck” as the name by which the new hall will be known.





Treasurers report:-

Village Hall Accounts – BG circulated a comprehensive report summarising the movements on the Current Account, Savings Account and Project Account as at 30 July 2014. It was noted that:-

  • Balance on the bank accounts at 30 July were
    • Current £1,041.12
    • Deposit £553.91
    • Project £11,316.39
  • Since the June meeting the principal movements were:-
    • Current account – receipts of £1,127.10, proceeds from the fete, and 50% of this sum paid to the PCC
    • Deposit account- interest received £0.20
    • Project Account
    •  Receipts £25,810.00

£12,310 from BIG; £3,500 from the Foyle Foundation
Donations from the community £10,000.00

    • Payments £13,927.08

All remaining payments were to the main contractor and mostly related to materials and labour for construction of external ramp

BG highlighted the need for confidentiality if discussing details of the financial transactions. He explained that the latest report contains details of loans made by members of the committee to ensure the project had not gone overdrawn and asked us to respect their anonymity



Building Development:-

    • BIG lottery visited on Friday to view the building – very pleased with progress. They were also complimentary about the way we submitted claims, they were able to pay us promptly as long as we submitted requests in the appropriate way. DS stated that there was a lot more paperwork to be completed before final payment would be received. BIG will return at practical completion.
    •  Top up funding not available from this source but it may be possible to get e.g. dishwasher from Big Lottery funds. DS to investigate.
    • Sliding/folding doors due for delivery and fitting on 12 August. Hope to have date for remainder of windows shortly.
    • End of September now looks to be the most realistic date for opening, but this is still dependent on the delivery of windows; other works such as installation of WCs is progressing satisfactorily.
    • It was agreed to have a tree (probably mountain ash) in a pot to site on the patio. This will give us flexibility, simplify the patio layout and satisfy planning agreements.
    • Although we had found all but £1,000 of the previously declared overspend, a further review meeting with Mark had highlighted the need for a further £12,000 - £14,000 to finish the project. This equates to fittings such as induction loop; audio/visual equipment, PA system; blinds/curtains; portable stage and chairs/tables. DS continues to negotiate costs but asked the committee to think about raising money.
    • DS applying for funding from postcode lottery but this is the only app outstanding and there is no guarantee we will get anything.
    • BC volunteered to contact local businesses, although this is likely to result in small donations it was felt every little helps. DS to assist BC with these applications when time permits.
    • It was agreed that it was likely to be easier to fund the hall fit out once it was completed; people are more likely to donate once they can see what their money is being used for.
    • BC queried the height of the ramp wall, it was stated that this was the minimum height required for the handrail and a balustrade to be fitted






Plan of Action:- (hall usage)

  • DS asked those who have responsibility for specific events to plan for the hall opening in November
  • It was agreed that the launch event would be a key event to promote the hall
  • A collective calendar is to be made available to view on the website
  • It was agreed there was a need to appoint a “booking clerk” as soon as possible. BC volunteered to undertake this role. SC said she was happy to assist.
  • DS/AB to review the letting agreement as a priority





  • DS confirmed he had sent a letter to the Knight-Jones’ to thank them for hosting the garden fete.
  • DS confirmed that the breakdown of the income from the village fete was now on the website.
  • AB agreed to countersign loan documents referred to in the treasurer’s report as a Trustee of the Hall.



Next Meeting:-
The next meeting will be held at the Beehive pub on
1 September at 7:30pm.




J Bladen. 8th August 2014


Posted 10/08/2014

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