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Maplebeck Village Hall Management Committee (“VHC”)


Minutes of Meeting
Beehive Inn Maplebeck
13th January 2014

Present:    Derek Sayer; Alan Bladon; Sue Carson; Brendan Carson; Jane Kinnear; Bob Gardner.
Apologies:.    Tony Turton; Jenny Bladon; Julie Grundy; Richard Kinnear





Minutes of the Meeting on 7th October 2013:-

The minutes were approved as circulated.



Matters Arising:-
It was:-

  • Noted that the Christmas trees were a success.
  • Agreed that all other matters arising were dealt with on the agenda for this meeting.




Treasurer’s Reports:-

Village Hall Accounts – BG circulated a report detailing the movements on the Current Account, Savings Account and Project Account for the year ended 31st December 2013. It was noted that:-

  • Balance on the bank accounts at 31st December 2013 were
    • Current £881.01
    • Deposit £553.71
    • Project £30,477.42
  • For the year to 31st December, 2013 the principal movements were:-
    • Current account – receipts quiz night £150 and village fete £1,254.  Payments had been made from the current account in respect of the rent for the year 2013, to renew the PRS/PPL licence and for water and energy, insurance and 50% of the fete income to the PCC
    • Deposit Account - £1,500 had been transferred to the Project.
    • Project Account – Receipts of £81,060 from Big Lottery, £7,500 from Garfield Weston Foundation, community donations £6,645. Payments to the main contractor were £85,202 and for professional fees £14,440.
  • BG would prepare the 2013 annual accounts and arrange for their independent examination.
  • It was noted that the project shortfall remained at around £15,000. The outstanding application from Screwfix at £9,500 should be determined by end January 2014. An application to the Foyle Foundation would be made on 14th January and determination would take about 4 months.
  • Project cash flow was satisfactory but would deteriorate soon. A further appeal to residents was planned for March/April. Other ideas were sought.


















Building Development Payment Audit:-

Tony Turton had met with BG and DVS in December 2013 and had carried out a thorough audit of the payment process. He had confirmed that this was robust and transparent and had a circulated an e mail to the VHC to this effect on 13th January 2014. The audit would be repeated once more before completion and again after completion.







Building Development Progress:-

DS reported progress since the last meeting in October 2013 as follows:

“During October, November and Early December 2013 building continued on site at a cracking pace and ahead of programme.
The insulated and reinforced concrete floor slab was laid. The hole for the cesspool was excavated, the tank positioned and the surrounding concrete poured. The electrical and water services were re-positioned and re-connected. All the spoil was removed from site. During excavation it proved possible to lower the building with the advantage of minimising the access ramp gradient.
Work commenced on the superstructure with the external brick walls, insulation and internal wall blockwork reaching roof plate height. The external Maplebeck stone-work on the hall gable end was completed, other than final treatment to reduce the weathering. The internal blockwork was mostly completed.
All the necessary lintels / steelwork was fabricated and positioned. The plant room roof has been constructed.
In December the principal glulam roof members were all ready at the manufacturer, but unfortunately delays in the essential roof tendons and compression struts (all made in Sheffield), meant that work on site cannot recommence until the latter part of January 2014. It is noticeable in the last 2-3 months that the availability of building supplies and deliveries have become more extended and expensive. "
A copy of this report would be posted on the website with some new photos.
















Hall Use Action Plan:-

DS suggested that there were two sets of actions that needed to be agreed and implemented:-

  • The first set were required to achieve the “Projected Attendance & Income” as circulated for 2014 (which represents the first full 12 months of activity in the new hall) and contained within the business plan 2014-2016;
  • The second set, circulated as Appendix 8, refer to the various commitments given to the funders, such as targeting the under represented user groups (the young, families with younger children, employment seekers and business start-ups, home-workers, the elderly and infirmed.), establishing a community forum, implementing a number of revised policies etc.
  • Responsibilities needed to be allocated to individual volunteers. The following were agreed: Plays and Films DS; Music, Quizzes, Dances BC & SC; Fitness BG; Home-workers Club & Business Mentoring AB; Adult Education (Crafts) JK. Each would prepare a simple plan to achieve the projected attendance and income. Other such responsibilities would be considered.
  • The overall aim of generating a more inclusive, cohesive and mutually supportive community, using the new hall as the catalyst was emphasised.
  • The door-to-door survey results would be re-circulated.















A O B:-

  • The dates 18th March or 1st April 2014 would be suggested to Patrick as suitable for the annual Parish Meeting. It would be necessary to hold the meeting in the Church.
  • RK had notified DS of his intention to resign from the VHC at the Parish Meeting. Two nominations would be sought which ideally improved the balance in respect of age, gender and residency.
  • SC raised the necessity to maintain the new hall in a good clean condition. SC would take responsibility for ensuring this was achieved, with a group of volunteers. The need for a window-cleaning contract would be considered.









Next Meeting:-
The next meeting would take place immediately after the annual Parish Meeting to elect the VHC officers and to deal with any urgent business.







DS 14.1.14

Posted 24th January 2014

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