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Village Hall in Maplebeck, Management Committee (“VHC”)

Minutes of Meeting
Village Hall Maplebeck
11th Nov 2014

Present:    Derek Sayer; Jenny Bladon; Allen Bladon; Julie Grundy; Jane Kinnear; Bob Gardner; Sue & Brendan Carson, .





Minutes of the Meeting on Oct 14th

The minutes were approved as circulated.



Matters arising:-

  • Premises licence- AB to note key legislation changes. Now looks like we no longer require one. JK to provide old copies of licence to AB. Will still require PPS and PRS.
  • It was noted that Norwell hall charge was £12/hr.
  • An application for £9,500 towards equipment had been made to “Awards for All” on 4th November 2014. A decision was expected by end January 2015.
  • Notts CC funding application to be submitted by DS when signature obtained from Bruce Laughton. A decision was expected by the end April 2015.
  • Sponsorship letter- DS to recirculate. Letter head green chosen for time being and the web site address would be added. Work was continuing with TH and his team in respect of the overall identity. Letters would be delivered to all households.
  • BC has approached several local companies for sponsorship:-

Waitrose- supporting (Token box in store for the whole of November)
Boots- awaiting a response
Morrisons- approached
Dixon-Carphone – awaiting a response
Maxeys- JG to approach
Asda- BC to approach
Aldi- BC to approach
Ice Cream Parlour- BC to approach

  • Fire Certificate- BC was appointed as the “competent person” and would work with BG to satisfy the requirements of the “Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. DS supplied the NAVACH information sheet.
  • Cutlery- JK happy for people to use as before.
  • Clock- JK to provide photo so decision can be made regarding its future.
  • TC to talk to Kirklington school re children’s involvement hall in the hall opening event.






























Treasurers report:-

Village Hall Accounts – BG circulated a report summarising the movements on the Current Account, Savings Account and Project Account as at 10th Nov 2014. It was noted that:-

  • Balance on the bank accounts at 10th Nov were
    • Current £1,041.12
    • Deposit £0.00
    • Project £24,192.28
  • Since the October meeting the principal movements were:-
    • Current account – receipts (gift aid) £914.13, one payment £30.31 to E.on.
    • Project Account – receipts, donations £156.00.

Internal Audit
AB and BG to report at the next meeting.

Building Development:-

    • DS/BG had regular progress meeting with MC on 11th November – main issue at present is drying out. The building has been exposed for many months and there would seem to be no way of knowing how long the drying process would take. This is delaying the internal finishing works, which could be damaged by damp conditions.
    • Paviors to be delivered on the 12th November.
    • Balustrading now finalised and is just about in budget. Building control happy.
    • End date now likely to be after the end of the year.
    • JK offered a second humidifier to help with drying out.
    • A six month detailed programme of hall activities needs preparation, using the business plan details. BG volunteered.
    • JK suggested indoor curling and is prepared to pay for equipment and take back a small fee from proceeds.
    • JK/BC reported on the social media seminar they had attended, and its potential use in promoting the hall. The VHC concluded that, given that we know who and where our primary target users are, social media would not be very useful. This could be reviewed in the light of our success in attracting younger residents.

























  • BC- All Parish meetings would be free of charge.
  • SC- A Christmas tree would be sourced.
  • AB- Diary, JK currently investigating ways of using a collective diary for hall activities.
  • DS- annual insurance due end Dec. It was agreed to stick with Allied Westminster (Aviva) the current provider.
  • DS- The proposed plain white Crockery from Wilkinsons was agreed as suitable. JG kindly offered to fund.







Next Meeting:-
9th December in the Beehive at 7:30pm


Posted 8th December 2014

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