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Village Hall in Maplebeck, Management Committee (“VHC”)

  Minutes of Meeting
at Fairfield, Maplebeck
14th October 2014

Present:    Derek Sayer (DS); Allen Bladon (AB); Bob Gardner (BG); Sue Carson (SC); Brendan Carson (BC); Tom Chamberlain (TC). Jenny Bladon (JB) (minutes)
Jane Kinnear; Julie Grundy





Minutes of the Meeting on 1st September:-
Item 6 (AOB) – BG requested that this read “the annual accounts had been independently reviewed” as we do not have (or need) an auditor.
This amendment made, the minutes were approved.



Matters arising:-

  • Revised Letting agreement circulated by AB; but now needed to checkout overall Premises Licence requirement. In any event a commercial licence is required to screen films
  • BC gave details of charges made by other local village halls for hiring their facilities.  It was agreed to charge £15 per hour (£10 per hour for local villagers) to hire the hall. For larger functions such as parties there is to be a charge of £20 to cover cleaning – although hirers are to be encouraged to leave the hall in a tidy condition. A further £30 refundable deposit is to be charged to cover damage/breakages.

Flexibility would be used to encourage new activities.
These charges to be reviewed on an annual basis.

  • No charges to be made at present for use of equipment when hiring hall, but this is to be reviewed once new items have been purchased.
  • Our application for funding to Peoples Postcode Trust has been turned down
  • DS is still pursuing alternative BIG funding but it is proving difficult to obtain details of correct contact
  • BG reported that an application had been made to the original window installers’ administrator in an attempt to claim back some of the £1000 deposit paid.  BG was quite optimistic that we would receive 40/50% back sometime next year.




Treasurers report:-

Village Hall Accounts

Balance on the bank accounts at 10 October were

    • Current £1,041.12
    • Deposit -  nil
    • Project £24,192.28
  • Since the September meeting the principal movements were:-
    • Current account – transfer of gift aid receipts (£562.68) to project account
    • Deposit account- as this was generating very little interest the balance had been transferred to the project account
    • Project Account
    •  Receipts

£7,720 from BIG; £562.68 from Gift Aid; £554.01 from deposit account

    • Payments

                      £17,924.20 to main contractor; £336.60 to bat consultants (This was the final payment in respect of bats, and all the obligations in respect of the European Protected Species Licence have now been fulfilled)

The residual monies cannot be claimed from BIG until practical completion of the hall. The final claim from WREN can be made in November. Because of delays, price increases etc. we have a forecast funding shortfall of £15 -20,000. Some expenditure on equipment can be delayed; but additional funding must be sought.

    • Bruce Laughton has agreed to support an application to an NCC fund available in April 2015
  • DS circulated a list of items for sponsorship with the idea that we ask people for the money to purchase specific items, which may encourage them to help make up the shortfall. This list (without the final total column) is to be included with the letter we are sending out to all villagers. AB volunteered to receive all such donations. BC to contact local companies to find out what their procedures are for making donations. Drafts would be circulated
  • The committee were encouraged to use all personal contacts to try and obtain donations to offset the shortfall

























Building Development:-

    • Although all windows have now been installed, cills and surrounds need to be fitted before building will be watertight. Contractor coming on 22 October to finally seal. Once building has been sealed it can be dried out, floors laid etc.
    • DS/BG regularly review with Mark Combellack (MC) the agreed definitive list of work for completion.
    • Final claim to be submitted to WREN by 20 November.
    • 5 light fittings still to be fitted,
    • Because of delays costs have increased significantly from the tenders obtained at the beginning of the project. In addition, work is more plentiful for contractors who are now less keen to undertake the work. Re-tendering is underway for items such as paviors, kitchen benching, balustrading and handrails. MC & DS continue to try to find ways to cut costs.
    • A query was raised about fire certification. Local Fire Authority no longer issue certificates. Building Control will approve the building in respect of physical compliance. The committee (a responsible body) will need to carry out a risk assessment and prepare evacuation plans etc.













Plan of Action:- Hhall usage)

  • There is a meeting with Tim Horrocks on 18 October to discuss corporate identity for the hall. DS has invited local villagers with artistic talents to attend; invitees have been requested to prepare design concepts. DS to resend his email on this subject to TC
  • DS will prepare a draft film programme. It was noted that the Community rural cinema scheme had been revived and was based in Elston village







  • Jane Kinnear (JK) has offered to give a presentation on the use of social media in promoting hall usage, to the next meeting
  • Cutlery – BC to ask JK who owns the cutlery she is currently storing.
  • WI clock –Jane would be asked to take a photo of it and circulate to the committee via email; we can then have an informed discussion about it at the next meeting.
  • It was agreed to lend the tombola drum to Kneesall WI for their craft fair.
  • It is planned to include a demonstration of some kind by local schoolchildren as part of the opening day celebrations. TC to talk to head of Kirklington school to see whether they would be prepared to help with this. It would be good to include our local children.
  • DS encouraged everyone to keep in touch with other members of the committee via email to share actions / ideas rather than waiting for the next committee meeting












Next Meeting:-
The next meeting will be held at Fairfield on
11th November at 7:30pm.








Posted 18th October 2014

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