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The Village Hall in Maplebeck, Management Committee (“VHC”)

Minutes of Meeting
Beehive Public House
1st September 2014

Present:    Derek Sayer (DS) Chair; Allen Bladon (AB); Bob Gardner (BG); Sue Carson (SC); Brendan Carson (BC); Jenny Bladon (JB); Julie Grundy (JG); Jane Kinnear (JK)
Tom Chamberlain (TC).





Minutes of the Meeting on 5th August 2014:-

The minutes of the meeting were approved.



Matters arising:-

  • Draft letting agreement circulated by AB. Will have standard terms and conditions included on website. The agreement should also include the hirer’s email address and it should be made clear that a paper copy of the terms and conditions would be made available on request.
  • AB had reviewed the ACRE document and was happy that we are meeting all requirements with current documentation. See circulated document.
  • There was a discussion around other local Village Hall charge rates and these would be sought. Should we be charging a different rate for non-villagers?
  • Equipment available when hiring the Village Hall will include cutlery and crockery; but not other items such as tablecloths etc. DS will look at NAVACH to ascertain what is hired and at what cost.
  • Village Hall documents, PPL/PRS should be displayed in the Village Hall. Food Hygiene certification will be required when the Village Hall is up and running.
  • Space for internal notice boards was available in the lobby.
  • Application to People’s Postcode Trust submitted and decision to be given by 10/10/14.
  • DS to talk to BIG prior to applying for any alternative BIG funding and is awaiting details of the correct contact.


















Treasurers report:-

Village Hall Accounts

  • Balance on the bank accounts at 1st September were
    • Current £1,603.80
    • Deposit £553.91
    • Project £33,616.39
  • Since the Aug meeting the principal movements were:-
    • Current account – receipts-gift aid £562.68
    • Deposit account- interest received- no change.
    • Project Account
    •  Receipts £10.000.00 Scottish power BIG 12,300.00
    • Payments; none.










Building Development:-

  • Sliding doors are now in place and some of the floor screeding has been laid.
  • Ramp and courtyard to be finished and windows still need fitting. There has been a delay in the supply due to the original supplier folding. Once the windows are installed the internal finishing works can properly proceed.
  • We will try to claim back the original deposit of £1000 from the window installer’s administrator.
  • Build should now be finished by October.
  • Bat boxes are to be installed.
  • The N&SDC environmental officer had visited site for a discussion around the fitting out of the kitchen area. Her preference for onsite food preparation (as opposed to in volunteers’ kitchens) was noted.










Plan of Action:- (hall usage)

  • AB circulated a plan in respect of the Homeworker’s group.
  • JB- produced a list of possible topics for talks and suggested a nominal fee per talk to cover costs (£2 was suggested).
  • DS/AB/RG are in ongoing discussions with TH regarding opening event for the opening of the Village Hall and ongoing promotion. See circulated documents.
  • It was agreed that the formal launch would take place on a Saturday afternoon and evening in January 2015. A £5 charge was agreed for the evening dance tickets, to ensure commitment.
  • Individual invitations would be sent to all residents. An up to date census was therefore required.
  • The BIG revenue £4000 would be used as seed corn for new activities and 2 launch day prizes.
  • All agreed that we don’t want a celebrity to open the Hall. BC to be MC.
  • JK was happy to run a class prior to the new year. Possibly a day long course.
  • Suggested that we have demonstrations at the launch, eg.Yoga, small group of children(singing or dancing). Music to be provided by Barry. Ideas were requested.
  • Tea and cake will be served and soft drinks for children.
  • The first six months’ activity schedule should be available on the day in order to try and get people signed up. e.g. A new Film program will be prepared.


  • Local produce to be showcased by Maxey’s Farm Shop.
  • “Post-it” board suggested, what do people want.
  • A list of invitees had been prepared including the press, BBC, MP.
  • TC had illustrated some designs for the external notice board.

























  • BG confirmed that the annual accounts had been audited.
  • DS confirmed that the annual Charity Commission return had been made.
  • Clock from old village Hall. JK asked where it might be placed in the new Hall. It was suggested that it may go in the Hall but we might want to consider donating it to the WI.





Next Meeting:-
The next meeting will be held at the Beehive pub on
14th October at 7:30pm.








Posted 6th October 2014

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