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Village Hall in Maplebeck,
Management Committee (“VHC”)

Minutes of Meeting
Beehive Public House
16 Feb 2015

Present: Derek Sayer; (DS) Allen Bladon; (AB) Bob Gardner; (BG) Brendon Carson; (BC) Sue Carson (SC); Tom Chamberlain (TC) Jenny Bladon (JB) (minutes)
Apologies:   Jane Kinnear; Tony Turton





Minutes of the Meeting on 14 Jan 2015:-

The minutes were approved as circulated.
Derek expressed thanks on behalf of the committee to Julie for taking the minutes of the meetings for the past two years



Matters Arising:-

  • AB confirmed that the application for a premises licence had now been received. A notice will be put up asking everyone to be quiet when they leave the hall late at night.
  • TC has had no response from Kirklington School, will keep trying
  • 12 villagers attended the relocated Village Ventures event at Coddington on 29 January –much appreciated by their organisers
  • The cheque from Waitrose is expected shortly
  • BG will ensure that the accounts are independently reviewed in March
  • It was noted that Tony Turton had resigned from the VHC on 15 February 2015.and DS expressed his thanks to Tony for his many years of loyal service to the committee.
  • BG to contact Sarah, who lives at Winkburn, as it was agreed to be appropriate to have a representative from that village on the committee. If she is unable/unwilling to join the vacancy will be opened up to the other villages.











Treasurers report:-

Village Hall Accounts – BG had circulated a report summarising the movements on the Current Account,Savings Account and Project Account from 01 Jan 2015 to 12 Feb 2015, details of receipts and details of expenditure. It was noted that:-

  • Balance on the bank accounts at 12 Feb 2015 were
    • Current £322.44
    • Deposit £0.03
    • Project £11,695.88
  • During the past month the principal movements were:-
    • Current account –Expenditure £403.37. This included payment of £191.16 for electricity – higher than normal because of the dehumidifier, which had to be on in the hall for several weeks.
    • Project Account – receipts £9,500 from BIG Awards for All (this has been awarded for specific items such as curtains, screen, blinds etc.); payments £8,713.77 to Combellack for building work

There are several large payments to be made before the end of the project e.g. Balustrading at a cost of approximately £9K plus fitting and paying for the kitchen. A further £25K has been borrowed from residents, which should enable all payments to be made when due. However part of these loans need to be paid back at the end of April, which could make May a challenging month for cash flow. It is hoped that we will have news of the two outstanding grant applications by then.
Rent for the hall payable to PCC is due soon;
Fee to performing rights society due shortly, but they have agreed to delay payment until the hall opens
















Building Development:-

  • The main hall floor has been skimmed again, all appears well this time
  • IPS in the toilets are all fitted
  • Most internal woodwork has been completed, doors hung, skirting boards, loft hatches etc.
  • Work on kitchen boarding starts this week
  • Some lights to be fitted
  • Heating now working after initial minor problems
  • The second part of the balustrading and gate will be trial fitted on 17th February. Thereafter it will all go for powder coating.






   Hall Promotion

  • A meeting of the sub-committee took place on 14 Feb. Design work is now completed. DS circulated examples of artwork for letterheads compliment slips etc. and publicity for the grand opening. Date and details are required before work can be completed. Poster for opening event required.
  • DS reported that the energy performance assessment, which would need to be displayed in the hall, placed us at the very highest end of the energy efficiency scale.
  • We need to display plaques on the wall identifying our funders. DS circulated a draft for a collective funders board, which would match the black on brushed aluminium, used by the Big Lottery and WREN. This was agreed.


























First six months activity programme:

  • Village Ventures can offer a 10/15 minute video for use at the opening event. Next season’s preview will take place in Rolleston in March DS and BC to attend. It was agreed we should join with the cluster of local village promoters for collective promotion and in agreeing who is going to bid for what
  • DS suggested a subcommittee ideally consisting of parents with younger children be set up to organise events specifically for children.
  • TC to keep trying to make progress with school
  • BG to talk to yoga teacher about possible involvement at the opening
  • DS had drafted press releases to publicise the hall opening. It was agreed to send these plus photos to the press after the event but to notify TV and radio before the event so they could attend if they wanted.
  • All residents to have a personal invitation. Date still to be arranged but will be a Saturday afternoon and evening.
  • It was agreed to start keeping an archive of events. JB agreed to do this and to draw up a list of suggested items which might be appropriate to keep, for consideration at next meeting
  • Committee members to wear badge or some other form of identification at the opening. DS to produce crib sheet with the sort of facts and figures we might get asked so we all give the same answer.
  • Hand-outs to be produced showing costs of hiring the hall plus programme of events for the first six months
  • Yoga – BG
  • Film programme – DS
  • Village Venture – BC
  • Talks – JB
  • Quiz and dance BC
  • Details to BC as soon as arranged to enter onto calendar.
  • BC was continuing to take soundings re New Year’s Eve party and would investigate arrangements to secure DJ etc.
  • Other ideas discussed were Zumba, coffee mornings: children’s film programme and using children’s subcommittee for further children’s entertainment.


















  • DS recommended continuing membership of NAVACH at £50 p.a. as they have provided lots of useful information. – The committee agreed.
  • The hall will be used as polling station on 7 May for a fee of £175
  • There are several square metres of paviors left over. DS had identified a buyer for this surplus, at the price we had paid. The committee agreed this sale should go ahead. DS to keep a small stock in reserve in case replacements were required in future.
  • Superfast broadband – AB to investigate with JHCS Newark whether this would be possible for the hall or villages.
  • TC has an upright piano in good condition and two large mirrors which he offered to donate to the hall. We do not have the wall space for the mirrors so this offer was declined. A decision on the piano was deferred until we can check on space issues and likely usage.










Next Meeting:- Date of next meeting 17 Mar 2015
7.15pm site visit to village hall
7:30pm (approx.) The Beehive

JB 19/02/2015


Posted 19 February 2015

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