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Village Hall in Maplebeck, Management Committee (“VHC”)

Minutes of Meeting
Village Hall Maplebeck
14th January 2015

Present:   Derek Sayer; Allen Bladon; Julie Grundy; Bob Gardner; Brendon Carson; Tom Chamberlain
Apologies:   Jenny Bladon; Jane Kinnear; Sue Carson





Minutes of the Meeting on 9th Dec 2014:-

The minutes were approved as circulated.



Matters Arising:-

  • AB confirmed that an application for a premises licence had been submitted and a decision from the District council officer should made soon. The officer had requested that the normal end time should be 11.00pm, as before, due to the proximity of surrounding residential premises. Polling days were a recognised exception and special extensions could be requested for New Year’s Eve etc.
  • The “Awards for all” application for funding had been successful and a cash amount of £9,500 had been received.
  • A decision in respect of the Notts. County Council application was not expected until end April at the earliest.
  • Roger and Sue Bell have donated 8 PVC sheets for the village hall kitchen along with a used stainless steel fridge, which was very much appreciated.
  • TC to contact Kirklington School, DS to remind him.
  • Details of suitable tables for the new hall were considered. No funds were currently available for furniture and the better tables would need an additional £1,000. It was agreed that the existing tables would have to be used for now.
  • Meeting with TH in respect of the new hall promotions had been rescheduled for 24/01/15.















  • BC and JK had looked at the google calendar and JK is happy to take charge of the calendar and regularly update the website from emails.
  • Village Ventures. DS had spoken to the organisers who have agreed to move the production booked for the 29th January to Coddington, with no cost to us. It was agreed to sell as many tickets as possible for the production.
  • The Waitrose cheque for £188 would be collected soon.






Treasurers report:-

Village Hall Accounts – BG had circulated a report summarising the movements on the Current Account, Savings Account and Project Account from 1st Jan 2014 to 31st Dec. 2014, details of receipts and details of expenditure. It was noted that:-

  • Balance on the bank accounts at 31st Dec. were
    • Current £725.81
    • Deposit £0.03
    • Project £10,909.65
  • Since the Jan01/01/14.  the principal movements were:-
    • Current account – receipts £2,603.91, transfers to project account £1,476.81, Expenditure 1,282.30.
    • Project Account – receipts £168,776.82, payments £188,344.59.

BG aimed to get the independent review of last year’s accounts completed by the end of March.

Cash flow would be difficult in February as certain funding would be received only after practical Completion.













Building Development:-

  • The external works were now mainly finished. The steps, balustrading and some landscaping needed to be completed.
  • The drying out process was progressing and MC was taking advice from the flooring company regarding fitting and humidity levels.
  • Brickwork would be cleaned on the outside in the next few days.
  • Boarding for the toilets and kitchen and the internal doors were now on site. Internal finishing would recommence shortly.
  • Front guttering would be sorted out soon.
  • The final construction activity schedule was circulated.
  • DS had submitted an application to the Bernard Sunley Charitable Foundation at the end of December. The form required the current shortfall to be identified. A decision was expected at the end of March.










  • TC expressed his disappointment at the choice of logo, colour and style for the new promotional materials. He had circulated some suggestions, which were noted. A lot of discussion had taken place before the design had been approved and work was progressing to finalise the various documents. DS suggested that it was really too late to change the direction now.
  • BG suggested that a procedure should be in place to manage the situation when an elected member of the committee failed to attend several meetings. It was agreed that The Chairman should approach any such person to ascertain their willingness to continue.







Next Meeting:- Date of next meeting 16th Feb 2015
7:30pm  At The Beehive.


Posted 21/01/15

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