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  The Village Hall in Maplebeck. Management Committee (“VHC”)

Minutes of Meeting
The Village Hall in Maplebeck
13 October 2015

Present:   Derek Sayer (DS) (chair); Allen Bladon; (AB); Jane Kinnear; (JK); Jenny Bladon; (JB) (minutes) ); Julie Grundy (JG)  Brendan Carson; (BC) Sue Carson (SC); Bob Gardner; (BG);

Apologies:   No apologies were received






Minutes of the Meeting on 25 August 2015:-

The minutes were approved with one minor amendment  - Item 7 (rules and regs) “unanimously” deleted from agreement to the Dissolution clause





Matters Arising:-

  • Monthly soup and sandwich club to be called the “Monday Club” Flyer produced and displayed at opening event
  • U3A had been investigated by DS who now has information required to start new course if it should be required.






Treasurers report:-

Village Hall Accounts – BG had circulated a report summarising the movements on the Current Account, Savings Account and Project Account from 24 August 2015 to 8 October 2015, details of receipts and details of expenditure. It was noted that:-

  • Balance on the bank accounts at 8 October 2015 were
    • Current £1,029.70
    • Deposit £0.03
    • Project £2,755

BG produced a further document for the meeting, detailing receipts still to be banked and costs incurred but not yet paid this showed revised balances as:

    • Current £1,222.30
    • Deposit £0.03
    • Project £2,842.40

The majority of costs incurred were related to the opening event whilst most receipts were from hire of the hall and recent events.
It was further noted that a hot water boiler and hot cupboard would need to be purchased otherwise money would have to be returned to the Awards for All charity
A rates demand had been received at business rate. BG had written to appeal this decision.
BG confirmed our registration with Eon from 18 August. It is anticipated that income from solar panels should cover the running costs of the hall. BG likely to have more facts and figures in January
DS confirmed that the RHI application had been made and a small income was expected from the biomass boiler.


















Faults Actions

Schedule produced by DS and presented to the meeting accepted – no additions necessary at this stage





Lessons learnt from recent major events

It was agreed that it had been too ambitious to hold a ceilidh on the evening of the opening day as there had been such a disappointingly low turnout.
The ovens borrowed for the quiz night had been a great success. It may be possible to buy one for approx. £400 and this was considered to be a possibility for the future






Monitoring attendance

All information collected so far passed to BG to collate




Residents database

Julie’s son had offered to compile this information as part of his Dof E award. It was agreed to add telephone numbers and email addresses to the list of information, plus DOB for children. It was agreed to ask people whether they were disabled or not rather than assuming they were just because they wore hearing aids



Promotional plan for upcoming events.

DS read out the  list of organisations he contacts with details of forthcoming events These were The Bramley, Newark Advertiser and 5 local Parish Magazines.

Programme of events

15th Talk on RNLI
3rd Talk on medical detection dogs
14th  - Dracula (Village Ventures)
17th Film Club A most wanted man
1st Talk Introduction to Classical Music
13th Carol service
7th Film Club – Long Walk to Freedom
19th Talk on bats
9th Film Club Two Days One Night
19th Childrens show (Village Ventures)
11th Musical evening (Village Ventures)

BC queried the need for an extension licence for the New Year’s Eve party. AB to investigate

Committee members were encouraged to continue the process of implementing the other planned activities



















Review Outcomes/Actions

DS reported that the first report was due at end of calendar year.
Our first target was to triple usage of the hall from 500 to 1500 people in the first year. Figures so far show that we have recorded 936 visits in five months
Other targets:

Other villages - Kersall attendance OK but Winkburn still needs encouraging.
Children – it was proposed to hold a film show specifically for children. It was agreed to purchase a public video screening licence for £117 which will enable us to show films free of charge and to hold film shows
Elderly – there has been no real take up for any specific events aimed at elderly villagers, however it is likely that many who attend the usual events are over 64. BG to produce attendance data for the next meeting
Home workers – Need to invite specific people to a meeting perhaps broaden the remit to include mentors for fledgling businesses. DS & BC would suggest a list of invitees for AB.







Group Photo

Deferred to another time. The suggestion was made that individual photos of the committee could be put on a display board in the hall so that visitors will recognise them




JB reported that the talks have been advertised as starting at 7pm not 7.30pm. Also there were some items on the website dating from 2012 which could give the impression that the website was not updated.
DS requested we all review the site and bring suggestions/findings to the next meeting. In the meantime JK will change the times of the talks
SC requested clarification of the duties of the “responsible person” who is in charge each time the hall is used. There had been instances where rubbish bins had not been emptied. It was agreed that the kitchen bin should be emptied after each use but that bins in the toilets could be emptied once a week
An additional key would be obtained for the sliding / folding doors. This would be kept in the hall cupboard for use when a key bundle was not on site.  









Next Meeting:-

Wednesday 2 December 7.30pm in the Village Hall


Posted 17/10/2015

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