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Village Hall in Maplebeck
Management Committee (“VHC”)
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Minutes of Meeting
25 August 2015

Present:   Allen Bladon; (AB) (chair); Bob Gardner; (BG); Julie Grundy (JG)  Brendon Carson; (BC) Sue Carson (SC); Jane Kinnear; (JK); Jenny Bladon; (JB) (minutes)

Apologies:Derek Sayer (DS); Ami Thompson (AT);






Minutes of the Meeting on 31 July 2015:-

The minutes were approved as circulated




Matters Arising:-

  • SC has contacted Sue Hopcroft re progress with organization of children’s programme of events; she is finding it difficult to get children involved.
  • Monthly soup and sandwich club to be called the “Monday Club” AB to produce flyer to be sent to AT and BC for distribution in all three villages so that all villagers can be made aware of this and invited to come along. - To be produced shortly
  • DS had purchased a box of cutlery for consideration by committee. – All agreed it was suitable, DS to purchase further boxes
  • BC still to contact Tom Chamberlain concerning correspondence about U3A
  • Hedge at the side of the hall in process of being cut.









Treasurers report:-

Village Hall Accounts – BG had circulated a report summarising the movements on the Current Account, Savings Account and Project Account from 22 July 2015 to 23 August 2015, details of receipts and details of expenditure. It was noted that:-

  • Balance on the bank accounts at 23 August 2015 were
    • Current £838.70
    • Deposit £0.03
    • Project £4,678.09
  • During the past month the principal movements were:-
    • Current account –Income of £120 for hire of hall for Yoga and sale of surplus stone: Expenditure of £111.60  for PRS &PPL licences
    • Project Account Receipts £425.18 from administrators of Laser Cladding. This amount being 42% of payment made to the firm who then went bankrupt. Payments: £7,635.60 for crockery, payment to architects and loan repayment; £3,891.08 for curtains and blinds;

This leaves outstanding commitments of £3,000 for audio visual equipment and £100 for cutlery.
We are currently unable to purchase staging from existing funds, the meeting proposed hiring staging when it was required as an alternative solution. AB to investigate this option.
















Faults Actions

It was agreed that any faults identified should be reported immediately to DS. The committee agreed that if DS was unavailable BC should be contacted then AB as second reserve. BC/AB to be responsible for updating faults spreadsheet if they were called upon.





Grand Opening Actions

Publicity and other documents still not received from printers. Hopefully they will be received in the next day or two. The intention is then for AB/JB to visit all homes in Kersall; AT to do the same in Winkburn DS/BG/BC to cover Maplebeck. To inform villagers about the hall  opening and arrangements; JK to produce a flyer which can be left with villagers detailing forthcoming events;
AB has produced sheet which can be used to capture essential data for use in planning future events.
Food – BC planning to buy finger food from M&S – there will be special food suitable for children available.
Hall set up to be discussed at next meeting.









Rules and Regs

  • There was a debate about the names given to the management policy documents we have produced. The Charity Commission refers to a Governing Document; it was felt it might be appropriate to rename our rules and regulations document as the governing document. DS has a trust document and to ensure we are not at cross purposes JK to talk to DS to discuss.
  • The committee agreed (one absention) to the Dissolution clause put before the meeting by DS






Programme of events

12th     Grand Opening
20th     Harvest Festival
25th     Macmillan Cancer Support coffee morning
29th     Film Club – Grand Budapest Hotel
3rd Quiz night
15th Talk on RNLI
3rd Talk on medical detection dogs
14th - Dracula (Village Ventures)
17th Film Club – A most wanted man
1stTalk – Introduction to Classical Music
13thCarol service
7th Film Club – Long Walk to Freedom
19thTalk on bats
9thFilm Club – Two Days One Night
19th Children’s show (Village Ventures)
11th Musical evening (Village Ventures)

Committee members were encouraged to continue the process of implementing the other planned activities






Charity Name Change

The committee had previously agreed to refer to the hall as the Village Hall in Maplebeck, however bank and charity details still use the old name – Turton Memorial Hall. This is now causing confusion with donors etc. BG had looked at charity commission website to see what actions needed to be taken to change all references to the new name. The Governing Document for the hall needs to reviewed and all changes made at the same time. Suggestions where changes need to be made e.g. bank a/cs premises licence to BG before the next meeting.
The committee then formally unanimously agreed to change the name by which the hall is known to the Village Hall in Maplebeck.
It was noted that the list of trustees is out of date with DS being shown only as a contact.











  • A problem was identified with having coat hooks in the cupboards at the back of the hall currently used for storing tables and chairs. As they are not accessible it was suggested they be moved to the entrance hall replacing one or both of the notice boards which could be re-sited elsewhere.
  • It was agreed to look into the purchase of a mobile (collapsible) coat rack for use at larger functions when funds permit.
  • Booking form update – JK to talk to AB
  • Emergency procedure document BC to send to JK
  • AB to review T&C for licencing agreements. The building is covered for music performances but individual hirers also need a licence if they are playing music.
  • JK asked for confirmation of the costs of hiring the hall for the website. It was confirmed that the cost of hiring the hall was £10 per hour for villagers, £15 per hour for “outsiders”  with commercial users – price on application









Next Meeting:-

To specifically discuss the grand opening event

7.30pm – 2 September in the Village Hall (to be confirmed)






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