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Village Hall in Maplebeck
Management Committee (“VHC”)

Minutes of Meeting
The Village Hall in Maplebeck
23 June 2015

Present:   Allen Bladon; (AB) (chair); Bob Gardner; (BG) Brendon Carson; (BC) Sue Carson (SC); Jane Kinnear; (JK); Julie Grundy(JG); Jenny Bladon; (JB) (minutes)

Apologies:   Derek Sayer (DS);



Welcome/induction – Amy Thompson
AT was not present at the meeting



Minutes of the Meeting on 26 May 2015:-

The minutes were approved as circulated with  minor amendment  to item 14 (AOB) BC and not JK agreed to try and recover suggestions box from storage



Matters Arising:-

  • The suggestions box has now been recovered – we now need a plan to deal with any suggestions received.  Only signed suggestions to be considered, all signed suggestions to be discussed at the next committee meeting to be held after receipt, the suggestion considered and a reply given to the initiator of the suggestion.
  • 40 green chairs and 10 blue chairs had been received making a total of 80 now available in the hall.  The table which had been ordered at the same time was inspected but considered not to be fit for purpose. The committee to investigate more suitable options and report back
  • Fire Safety documentation – everyone had now read and signed this
  • It was reported that Sue Hopcraft is actively pursuing organization of childrens programme of events
  • AB, AT and BC to report back on likely demand for monthly soup and sandwich lunch from three villages.
  • It was agreed WI clock to be positioned above cleaners cupboard in corridor.
  • JG, AB and JK had volunteered to undergo food hygiene training on line. However it was not clear which of the several courses available was the most appropriate. AB to investigate further and email JK and JG
  • Record of users – It is a requirement of the Big lottery that we keep a note of numbers, gender, disability, and age groups of people using the hall. BG has produced a spreadsheet used by the yoga class, it was agreed this could be used for Pilates too – for other events the organizer should complete this or a similar proforma and send it to JB who is keeping a database of the info gathered. This requirement needs to be communicated to hirers of the hall.
  • As the temperature of the fridge needs to be recorded for each event it was suggested that the booking form be amended to include a question asking whether food storage was a requirement of the event. JG had devised a form she will email it to all for information
















 Building – snagging list
Almost complete:

  • Funders board and notice boards to be fitted when finished (gift from Linneys)
  • Blinds and curtains being made
  • FIT (PV income) application completed, awaiting letter from Diocese as landlord.
  • Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) heat metering fitted(£300) application in hand awaiting emissions data for boiler and Diocese letter.







Treasurers report:-

Village Hall Accounts – BG had circulated a report summarising the movements on the Current Account, Savings Account and Project Account from 25 May 2015 to 21 June 2015, details of receipts and details of expenditure. It was noted that:-

  • Balance on the bank accounts at 21 June 2015 were
    • Current £256.74
    • Deposit £0.03
    • Project £4,433.87
  • During the past month the principal movements were:-
    • Current account –Income of £175 for hire of hall for General Election
    • Project Account payments £8,654.47  to Combellack for finishing works; £2,002.80 payment for chairs and one table. Income of £14,158 from fundraising events, community donation, charity foundation and final payment from BIG lottery.

BG reported that BIG lottery had considered us a model project and were very happy with what has been achieved.







Cash/Balance of Funding
BG reported that we currently have £1,000 left for start up funding purposes.
It is hoped to receive a grant of £15,000 from Notts CC. by the end of the month. However there is still approx. £2,000 to be paid for work on the hall and the architects have to be paid as a matter of priority; The remaining balance of funds to be used to purchase audio/visual equipment; curtains, blinds and installation of an induction loop.
Currently there is no money left to buy the staging. We also need to repay £15,000 of loans made by residents.







Finalise  Grand Opening Programme

After much debate it was agreed to hold a separate meeting to discuss this issue. AB to arrange (this meeting was subsequently held on 26 June)




Programme of events

27th    Village Fete
15th      Kneesall WI committee meeting
12th     Grand Opening
27th     Harvest festival
3rd       Quiz night
15th     Talk on RNLI
3rd       Talk on medical detection dogs
14th  - Dracula (Village Ventures)
1st        Talk – Introduction to Classical Music
13th     Carol service
19th   Childrens show (Village Ventures)
11th   Musical evening (Village Ventures)

Committee members were encouraged to continue the process of implementing the other planned activities




 Review of Rules and Regulations

Deferred to next meeting

As this was the second time this item has been deferred JB requested it be placed higher up on the agenda of the next meeting to ensure it can be discussed.






Village Fete actions

Stalls to be set up from 9am on Sat 27th

A letter to be sent to Mr D Knight-Jones to confirm that the village hall insurance will cover the Fete.






  • JK recommended that the fee charged for using the hall for election purposes should be raised to £200. The committee agreed this recommendation
  • SC raised concerns about lack of storage space for kitchen items. It was suggested the loft area could be used.
  • BG stated there was a supply of Maplebeck stone currently being stored in Richard Harvey’s yard which was to be offered for sale to anyone who wanted it on a first come first served basis.





Practical demo of hall systems

It was agreed to defer this to the next meeting at which DS was present as he had the in depth knowledge of all the systems to be demonstrated.



Next Meeting:- To be arranged

(Subsequently arranged for 7.30pm 31 July in the village hall)




J Bladon
Posted 28 June 2105

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