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Village Hall in Maplebeck Management Committee (“VHC”)

Minutes of Meeting
The Village Hall Maplebeck
26 May 2015

Present:   Derek Sayer (DS); Allen Bladon; (AB); Bob Gardner; (BG) Brendon Carson; (BC) Sue Carson (SC); Jane Kinnear; (JK); Julie Grundy(JG); Jenny Bladon; (JB) (minutes)

Apologies:   Amy Thompson (AT)






Election of Officers/ Induction of new member
DS announced that AT from Winkburn had been elected onto the committee. The current members of the committee were happy to serve for a further twelve months in their current roles and had been re-elected at the annual parish meting.
SC to be in charge of all matters relating to the cleanliness of the hall, with assistance from others as and when required. It was noted that there had been several offers of help from villagers who were happy to pitch in, but who did not wish to serve on the committee.
DS to send welcome email to AT








Minutes of the Meeting on 20 April 2015:-

The minutes were approved as circulated



Matters Arising:-

  • Donations had been received from various sources, but we still need approx. £15K to complete the equipment purchase. DS suggested chairs and blinds should be the next priority purchases. The committee agreed this expenditure.
  • DS will also purchase a table from the chair suppliers so we can ascertain its effectiveness before committing to a bulk purchase.
  • Faster Broadband – DS has written to 39 households asking whether they wished to consider using the JHCS wireless broadband service up to 10Mbps A minimum of 20 names needed to make this cost effective, at present it seems unlikely this number will be achieved. Meanwhile Chris Pass was investigating whether any funding was available for the BT fibre option.
  • Fire Safety procedures – BC has produced a guide which the committee need to read and sign. This to happen before the next meeting.  BC will give a practical demonstration of these procedures at the next meeting. DS to put this on the agenda
  • The issue of the piano has been resolved by Tom taking it with him to his new house. The committee remains grateful for his offer.
  • It was agreed that BC would purchase a bouquet of flowers for Claudine as a thank you for letting us use her premises for meetings, whilst the hall was being built.
  • BC reported that he had spoken to Claudine about co-ordinating events so there was no conflict over scheduling.  Claudine has stated that she does not have the facility to provide a mobile bar.
  • BG stated he will no longer be attempting to contact Sarah in Winkburn following the co-option of AT onto the committee
















 Building Project

Formal snagging list passed around for information. It was planned that most items would be completed by 30th May.
The Linneys had kindly offered to donate the funders’ and notice boards.

There was a discussion about the need to record numbers and demographics of people using hall. This needs to be quite prescriptive as we have to supply detailed reports to BIG lottery on a regular basis. Their requirements would be studied and an event form would be proposed.
JB volunteered to set up a database and maintain it.

The Big Lottery practical completion visit passed with flying colours. Inspector very impressed.

There is a comprehensive operational and maintenance manual compiled by DS. A summary manual for every day use will be prepared and be kept in the hall.
DS circulated an operational and maintenance schedule, which will be laminated and kept in this file.
Any cleaning issues contact SC
Any maintenance issues contact DS

JK asked for the thanks of the Committee to be recorded for all the hard work DS and BG had put into this project to date.

Energy Performance Certificate completed – Rating A. This needs to be displayed. JK to laminate


















Environmental Health Inspection Report

Food hygiene inspection report has been received – awarded 5 stars. Inspector recommended purchase of an oven, microwave or toaster before buying a dishwasher. Need to obtain an anti -bacterial spray; and a “hand wash only” sign
A minimum of two people now need food hygiene training “level 2 award in food safety for caterers”. A refresher is required every 3 years. Training can be done on line. JG, AB and JK volunteered.
The donated fridge is excellent. The temperature should be recorded for each event.








Treasurers report:-

Village Hall Accounts – BG had circulated a report summarising the movements on the Current Account, Savings Account and Project Account from 14 April 2015 to 25 May 2015, details of receipts and details of expenditure. It was noted that:-

  • Balance on the bank accounts at 25 May 2015 were
    • Current £81.74
    • Deposit £0.03
    • Project £933.14
  • During the past month the principal movements were:-
    • Current account –Expenditure £233.43 - payment of electricity bill, higher than normal because this covers the period when the hall was being dried out.
    • Project Account payments £7,063.55 to M Combellack for finishing works.
  • £3,000 had just been received from The Bernard Sunley Foundation. The remaining £10,450 was expected shortly from Big. It was unclear when cash would be received from N.C.C. Suppliers are being co-operative and understanding.
  • There is a requirement to have four named committee members as signatories for the bank account. Tom Chamberlain was one but as he has now left the village we need a replacement. AB volunteered. BG to organise

















Annual Charity Commission Submission

Completed and sent



Grand opening plans

It was agreed the grand opening day would be on Saturday 5 September.
BC to book Charlie’s Ant Ceilidh band





Events Programme

We have been successful in booking Village Ventures for three events:-
14/11/15  - Dracula – 7.30 start, admission price of £10 per adult (no concessions) agreed
19/2/16 – Children’s show – 6pm start, admission price £5 per head (adult or child) agreed
11/3/16 – Musical evening with 6 piece band, 7.30 start, admission £10 per head.
Other events lined up include:

June 5th  Weekly Yoga classes begin
13th BBQ at Beesthorpe Hall Farm
15th Aerobics/Pilates free taster class (7pm start)
27th Village fete
July   15th Kneesall WI committee meeting
September 5th Grand Opening
Harvest Festival Supper
October 3rd Quiz night
December 13th Carol service

Committee members were encouraged to start the process of implementing the other planned activities.














Family and children’s use ideas

SC has spoken to Sue Hopcroft about ideas for children’s events. Sue Hopcroft and colleagues to organise, but it was agreed we would offer support as necessary eg helpers at youth club, speakers at similar events etc.
A suggestion was made that the hall be used for monthly lunches to include less mobile villagers. Possibly soup and sandwiches could be served. It should be available to all residents. One person from each village to find out what the demand is and report back to the next meeting.  AB to cover Kersall; BC to cover Maplebeck and DS to contact AT to cover Winkburn.







Boundary treatment

Fence in question has been reduced in height from the original proposal to 2m. The District Councillor had been requested to investigate. Hazel seedlings for the required hedge would be available for planting in the Autumn.






Review of Rules and Regulations

Deferred to next meeting




  • JK had brought WI clock which she has been storing it was agreed to identify a possible site at the next meeting
  • JK has put a hall booking form on the website she asked that we all complete it to test it works
  • JK and AB have rewritten the terms and conditions for hiring the hall. JK had sent this revised document out before the meeting for comment. The following actions were identified
  • 2.4 DS to confirm legal capacity of hall
  • 4.1 - 4.3 AB to provide new wording
  • 2.8 BG to revisit rules of charitable status and collections.
  • BG to provide meaning of acronym PRS etc. to JK via email
  • There are three sets of keys to be held by DS, BC and BG. If key holders are away for any length of time arrangements should be made for someone else to look after them
  • It was agreed to have a suggestions box in the hall. BC to look out one that had been used previously. It was agreed that all suggestions must be properly considered and responded to, provided they were not anonymous or frivolous.











Next Meeting:- Date of next meeting 23 June 2015
7:30pm - The village hall.


J Bladon
Posted 29 May 2105

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