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Minutes of Meeting
The Village Hall in Maplebeck
13th January 2016

Present: Derek Sayer ( DS) Chairman; Bob Gardner ( BG); Jane Kinnear (JK) Sue Carson (SC) Brendan Carson ( BC )( minutes)

Apologies:  Amy Thompson (AT); Julie Grundy (JG); Jenny Bladon (JB).

1.Minutes of Meeting on 2nd December 2015:-  Approved as circulated.


2. Matters Arising:-

It was agreed that additional members were required to serve on the committee with several possible candidates to be approached. To help Amy, a presence from Winkburn who had roots in that community would be ideal. Sarah Pitts was to be invited to join if agreeable. DS/BG/BC

Passport Photographs to be forwarded to JG for noticeboard display of committee members, by those who had not yet done so. All

An appreciation for the spreadsheet of data prepared by JG'S son Harry was expressed. This will be looked at to see if we have supplied all the information we need to cover committee requirements. DS

The drip tray referred to in Faults Actions has been purchased. 

No correspondence has been received in respect of the application to the Jones Community Trust for funding and, as they cannot be contacted, this was now considered as a rejection.

A Microwave has been gifted from Mr and Mrs Cashell and a note of thanks and appreciation to be forwarded to them. DS

A thank you for the organisation and delivery of the New Year’s Eve Party was expressed to SC and BC. The profit of £260 was an added bonus. The tree outside the hall was also paid from the proceeds £40, so the event realised £300. It was a success from everyone's perspective and Rachel Gibson has agreed to DJ again New Year's Eve 2016.

3. Treasurer's Report:- 

 Village Hall Accounts. BG had circulated a report summarising the movements on the various accounts up to 31 December 2015.

The balances were as follows:-

Current £1,055.42
Deposit £0.03
Project £778.33

Major expenditure from the Current Account was £531.08 to Allied Westminster for the 2016 Insurance. A three-year deal had been done to reduce the premium.

The project fund had been used to pay for the Hot-cupboard, Stage, Door Closure, Drip tray & filter and Wireless presenter at a Total of £4035.53.

It was agreed that the main focus for 2016 was to pay off the outstanding loan for £2500.00, with only essential purchases for the day to day running of the hall to be made. A reserve fund of £500 was agreed adequate for unknown contingencies. To that end BG offered to prepare a forecast for the year of projected income and expenditure to ensure accurate planning to achieve our aims and objectives. BG

BG would also pursue the change of the name of the charity from Turton Memorial Hall to The Village Hall in Maplebeck. BG

He also recommended moving the account from HSBC to Nat West as they had branches in Southwell and Newark. BG

JK would enquire if HSBC had any old deeds pertaining to Turton Memorial Hall for archiving.

4. Faults Actions.

A schedule was submitted by DS to the meeting and accepted.

The front door closure was a success, the wall cracks had all been repaired, and the paving slabs would be attended to in the better weather. The hoover handle required a repair. DS

5. Future Events       

Consideration, ideas and inspiration would be given to a Midsummer Party at a date to deconflict with village Fete.  BBQ, Live Entertainment etc. All

JK would ask David Knight -Jones if a date for the Fete could be agreed. JK

The suitability of the hall dimensions for indoor bowls and curling would be established. SC

Interest within the community for Darts evenings would be investigated. SC

It was agreed to hold a Quiz Night on Saturday 23rd April. BC

NOTE!  Pilates/Light Aerobics has moved to a new daytime slot of Mondays 1pm to 2.30pm commencing Monday 18th January. A general email will be put out to the community.DS

A Risk Benefits proposal was submitted by JK regarding the making of metal poppies involving the children fo the villages, to coincide with similar event in Belgium/France in early September. This is to be studied and considered for discussion at the next VHC meeting. The PCC was also to be approached to request if the finished product could be displayed in the churchyard.SC

Two private children's parties will take place on Sunday 17th and Saturday 30th January.BC/SC

6. Events Programme. A detailed schedule of 2016 forthcoming events and regular activities had been widely circulated by DS and would be updated as new items were added.DS

7.  Business Plan. As part of our commitment in the original proposal for the Hall, inclusion and mentoring were two of the aims. To that end further representations will be made to the community of Winkburn outlining their stake in this project and the potential benefits it could bring. BC/DS

An approach will also be made to the community in Hockerton encouraging them to engage with us in future ventures and make use of our facilities, as they have limited amenities. DS

A meeting of local home-workers will be arranged to discuss their challenges and to exchange best practice. DS/BG

8. AOB  There was no further business.


Posted 1/02/2016

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