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  Maplebeck Village Hall Management Committee (“VHC”)

Minutes of Meeting
The Village Hall Maplebeck
6 July 2016

Present:   Derek Sayer (DS) (chair); Brendan Carson; (BC) Bob Gardner; (BG); Des Cashell (DC); Sue Carson (SC); Julie Grundy (JG); Andy Colclough (AC); Jenny Bladon (JB) (minutes)


Apologies: No apologies – full attendance



Andy Colclough welcomed to his first meeting.



Minutes of the Meeting on 4 May 2016:-

The minutes were approved as circulated




Matters Arising:-

The flyer sent to all homes in Winkburn has received no response

Andy Hall the chair of Hockerton Parish meeting cancelled the meeting which had been arranged for 2 June. The onus is now on him to rearrange.

BG and DC to meet next week to discuss the homeworkers forum

At the last meeting DS had agreed to purchase a sponge bumper to protect the cupboard doors when curling was taking place. On reflection this was felt to be inappropriate and a rolled up blanket is to be used instead.

DS has ascertained that a standard TV licence is all that is necessary if the hall is used to show sports or other TV programmes

DS reported that an HDMI cable was now available for the audio visual equipment which seems to have solved the problems for presenters wishing to use their computers for presentations.

The purchase of a new noticeboard had been delayed because of a need to seal the north facing walls of the hall. These bricks were porous and the coping stones were not keeping the water away from the walls. It has proved impossible to find a solution to address this problem architecturally so Mark Combellack has agreed to seal the walls once they have dried out. He has offered to limit the cost to £1,000 for which the committee are extremely grateful.





Treasurers report:-

Village Hall Accounts – BG circulated a report summarising the movements on the Current Account to 5 July 2016. Currently we are in the process of changing bank accounts from HSBC to NatWest. The report therefore showed details of receipts and expenditure in both accounts
It was noted that:-


    • Receipts totalled £1473.85
    • Expenditure totalled £751.14


  • Receipts totalled £1775
  • Expenditure totalled £430

BG announced his intention to transfer £1,000 from the HSBC account to the NatWest account with all further business using this new account. Monies left in the HSBC account to be used for remaining miscellaneous payments relating to the project.

Project account

  • Balance £848.88

BG reiterated that this money must only be spent on items relating to the project
BG to send the forecast figures electronically to the committee.
DS reported that he had been working on the sale of a collection from an anonymous donor, which was expected to raise in excess of £1,000. Proceeds from this sale to be shared between St. Radegunds church and the village hall



















Faults Actions
Schedule produced by DS and presented to the meeting. Currently only three issues outstanding, apart from the work to be undertaken by Mark Combellack





Events Review
Wine tasting – DC has two potential dates for further wine tasting events in November/December. Although the last events were successful, more attendees would enable a profit to be made.
Thankful Villages – 54 people in total attended the event in June, and it was reviewed in local and national newspapers. A small surplus was achieved.
Fete – Despite the weather, this had been another enjoyable event with an income of £860.
Films – DS currently working on programme for coming twelve months. Children’s films still proving popular. DS reported that if we become a formal children’s film club we can have free access to thousands of children’s films. DS completing the necessary forms
Circus skills workshop – DS working on dates likely to be August/Sept (during school holidays)
Talks – JB announced she was finalizing dates with speakers for three talks to take place through the Autumn. BG reported that the talk on bats could take place in August/September; the speaker was still keen to attend.
Race Night – JB to try and book for mid-October, but help needed on catering side. Several people offered to help.
Genealogist – DS reported that the speaker will give a free talk if more than 12 people attend. Based on feedback from this event they will decide whether to run a course in the hall. Wi-Fi would then be required. DS had arranged for a connection from a nearby house.
DS has been working with Rachel Gardner on putting together an evening where old photographs of Maplebeck could be screened together with a series of BFI archive films showing rural scenes plus the unique Maplebeck video (from the Thankful Villages exercise).  Likely to take place later in the year.







7 (cont)

Programme of special events

13th – children’s BBQ.  village hall patio and village green.– BC and DC organising

13th presentation by genealogist

 24th – Village Ventures – Swan Canaries

18th – Village Ventures – Old Mother Hubbard (children’s show)

Committee members were encouraged to continue the process of implementing other planned activities.













  • DS reported that the annual report for BIG lottery had been sent, and he was awaiting their response.
  • A contract for the service and maintenance of the fire extinguishers had been awarded. Service had been carried out today and we are now legally compliant.
  • DS reported that the cesspit was 90% full; he will make arrangements for it to be emptied before the summer activities take place.
  • DS asked for volunteers to weed the paving on the hall patio during his absence in August. BC volunteered.
  • The mockup of the poster showing pictures of the committee was agreed. Allen Bladon to be asked to attend the start of the next meeting to take remaining photos.
  • Contact list has now been completed, there are still some gaps. JG to send to DS who will circulate to committee to fill in as many gaps as possible. It was agreed not to bother with capturing age details at present. No information had been received from Winkburn, it was agreed to proceed without their information.
  • DC asked whether a shares club who meet on Monday evenings and who are currently without a home could use the hall. It was agreed they could on a trial basis, with more formal arrangements being put in place if the trial was successful.
  • DS reported that he had fitted a bolt to the door in the hallway which enables the toilets to be accessed but not the hall itself when the need arises.












Next Meeting:-

Wednesday 7 September 2016 - 8pm in the village hall

Posted 19 August 2016



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