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Minutes of Meeting
The Village Hall in Maplebeck
9th March 2016

Present: Derek Sayer (DS) Chairman; Bob Gardner (BG) Treasurer, Jane Kinnear (JK); Julie Grundy (JG); Des Cashell (DC); Brendan Carson (BC).

Apologies:  Sue Carson (SC); Jenny Bladon (JB); Ami Thompson

Jane Kinnear has decided not to stand again for re- election to the committee after over 20 years dedicated service to the community. Jane was thanked for her efforts over the years and this will be expressed more formally at a later date.

Des Cashell was formally co-opted on to the committee.

1. Minutes of Meeting on 13th January 2016 :- Approved as circulated.


2. Matters Arising:-  

Further committee members are still required particularly from Winkburn and Kersall. Approach to be made to the Colcloughs.( Kersall) .  
Ami Thompson was to be contacted to see whether she wished to remain on the committee or if she preferred to be used as a volunteer for specific events due to her many other commitments.  
(Confirmed on 13.3.16 she would not seek re-election due to work commitments; but was keen to continue to help).

Bill Eastwood a long time reisident of Winkburn, had been approached but could not nominate a suitable candidate for the committee. He suggested a daytime social event directed at the Winkburn Residents to generate some interest and involvement might prove fruitful.
An approach to be made to Hockerton inviting them to use our faciities is with their Parish Clerk .


It was agreed that the larger photograph supplied by Jenny Bladon was appropriate and that Allen Bladon's offer to produce photographs of the other committee members gratefully accepted.

Progress on the Database still ongoing. JG

Natwest account transfer and change of Charity Name will take place when the Charity Commission approval is forthcoming.


Any deeds from HSBC have yet to be requested


A homeworkers forum to be devised.

The PCC were supportive of the Poppy project to commemmorate WW1 by JK but clearance for anything within the churchyard is time consuming and difficult. An appropriate area adjacent to the churchyard/thankful village plaque to be sought. All

Village Hall Accounts – BG had circulated a report summarising the movements on the Current Account, Savings Account and Project Account from 1 January 2016 to 29 February 2016, details of receipts and details of expenditure. It was noted that:-

  • Balance on the bank accounts at 29 February 2016 were
    • Current £1,230.20
    • Deposit £0.03
    • Project £778.33

The final outstanding loan of £2,500.has been gifted to the project which means we are completely debt free and have exceeded all targets required of us within our first year of opening.  

BG has circulated a comprehensive account of all activity in the calendar year 2015. This brings to close the project and the intention is now to supply a quarterly report on Village Hall financial activity and also statistics required by BIG. (Lottery).  A predicted forecast of potential earnings and expenses for the year ahead indicates an overall operating surplus of £1000. This sits well with the committee's stated intention to have £500 reserve for day to day running costs of the hall.  

BG is in the process of moving our account from HSBC to Natwest which will be driven by the date on which the Charity Commission approves our name change from Turton Hall Memorial to The Village Hall in Maplebeck. The paperwork is in the process of being signed by DS ,BG ,BC and DC.(signatories).
As a requirement from the bank the following resolution was considered and passed unanimously by the committee. 

It was resolved that a banking relationship will be maintained with National Westminster Bank plc (the bank)in accordance with this mandate and that :

  • The individuals identified as authorised signatories may,in accordance with the signing rules, sign cheques and give instructions for Standing Orders, Direct Debits, Electronic Payments, Banker's Drafts and other payments on the accounts even if it causes an account to be overdrawn or exceed any limit.
  • Any authorised signatory may give other instructions or requests for information to the Bank in relation to the accounts;
    opening accounts with the same signing rules and authorised signatories; closing accounts; or other banking services or products. 
  • .The Bank may accept instructions that do not have an original written authorised signature provided the Bank is satisfied 
    that the instruction is genuine and subject to any other agreement the Bank may require for those instructions.
  • The Organisation will provide to the Bank a copy of its constitution ( if it has one) and any amendment to the constitution,
    certified as correct by the Secretary.
  • This mandate will continue until the Organisation gives the bank a repacement mandate.

This resolution was passed by the Village Hall Committee on 9th March 2016. Notwithstanding the above, the Treasurer is the only Trustee to make Electronic Payments.


HMRC have been sent the property valuation form completed on 23 Feb 2016 We may be liable to pay the 20% discretionary non-domestic rates

The Police Commissioner Election on 5th May and the EU Referendum on 23rd June will be held in the Hall, each realising £175.00.  

4.  Faults Plan

DS has circulated a list of ongoing issues and in a meeting with Mark Combellack( MC) on 9th March 2016 MC agreed to attend to the damp patch on the wall of the accessible toilet, the crack in the main hall, reset the loose paving slabs outside and investigate more appopriate seals for the firedoors. The A003 alarm problem in the Biomass Boiler is still under investigation.


5. Events Review

The inaugral wine tasting event was considered a success with 17 attendeess although incurring a loss to the organiser DC. A future wine tasting is planned for 20th May with a slightly different format costing £12.50 for the initial wine tasting and then a charge for the wine drunk thereafter on an individual basis.( ie purchase of a bottle from Mr & Mrs Fine Wine). Food, although on a reduced scale from the first feast would be provided . The wines will be from the New World.

Films continuing under DS direction  including the  children's Sunday Matinee with one cancellation on 6th March as organisers stranded on a delayed train from Edinburgh.
Children's Parties, Yoga and Pilates continuing as normal.


6. Future Events.

10th March WREN Executive Meeting
11th March Rob Heron and his Teapad Orchestra   £422 + 50% profit
18th March Private Hire
14th April NAVACH AGM 6PM
23rd  April Quiz Night
24th April Private hire
5th May Polling station, Police Commisioners election
20th May Wine Tasting Evening
3rd   June Thankful  Villages  Music, Stories, History OPENING EVENT (£400.00 + 50% profit + food & accomodation)
11th  June Queens 90th Birthday BBQ   - To be confirmed**
23rd June Polling station. EU referendum
25th June Village Fete
Committee members were encouraged to continue the process of implementing other planned activities.

Members were reminded to submit a post event report to JK for inclusion on the Web site to highlight our activities.

7. Poppies

JK is continuing with her project to have some metal Poppies constructed with the help of the village children (and big children)on 4th Sep 2016 these to be displayed in perpetuity. This is part of the WW1 commemorations and will coincide with a major event in Ypres.








8.  AOB 
It was agreed that future meetings should endeavour  to be completed within one hour
Date of next meeting      :-   Wednesday 4th May 2016 @ 8.00 PM  

Posted 11/03/2016

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