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Maplebeck Village Hall Management Committee (“VHC”)

 Minutes of Meeting
The Village Hall Maplebeck
30 November 2016

Present:   Derek Sayer (DS) (chair); Brendan Carson; (BC); Julie Grundy (JG); Andy Colclough (AC); Bob Gardner; (BG); Jenny Bladon (JB) (minutes)


Apologies:Des Cashell (DC);




Minutes of the Meeting on 5 October 2016:-

The minutes were approved as circulated.




Matters Arising:-

Homeworkers’ forum. Meeting delayed

BG reported that he had still been unable to contact the speaker for the talk on bats - ongoing

Catherine Cashell has opened a Facebook page for the hall. A demonstration of it can take place at the next meeting -postponed to next meeting

The hall cleaning schedule as proposed by JB on 7.10.16 was approved and the rota updated as follows:

Jan – JB/AC
Feb – BC/DS
Mar – BG/JG

DS to obtain another set of hall keys so that all  cleaning teams have a set

DS asked whether there was a need for a telephone handset to be in the hall in case of emergencies. It was agreed this was a good idea and one is to be placed in the cupboard.

Free Wi-Fi was now available in the hall. DC had raised questions about the contract. These had been satisfactorily answered, see e mail 30.11.16. Chris Pass would be thanked for his generosity and a small plaque would be placed in the lobby.















Treasurers report:-

BG confirmed that all HSBC accounts were now closed.

BG will issue financial statement to the end of November in the next few days. He confirmed however that there had not been much activity in the accounts in the past few weeks.

BG presented a forecast of likely income and expenditure for 2017. This was discussed by the committee. BG to take comments made on board and to re-issue w/c 12 Dec.







Faults Actions

Schedule produced by DS and presented to the meeting.

  • Internal touch up decoration to be carried out 1 Dec.
  • A leak had occurred through the screen switch during the recent heavy downpour. DS to meet MC on 1 Dec to agree a way to fix this issue.





Events Review

DS reported a disappointing turn out for the village venture Swan Canaries, but it was very much appreciated by the 30 attendees. Will need to work harder to sell tickets for further events.

However “Maplebeck Reminiscences” talk and race night had both been successful. JB thanked all those who had helped with the race night.

DS suggested purchasing a noise level monitor so that event organisers can ensure noise levels are kept to acceptable levels. DS to investigate the cost of a recording meter.

AC to contact the band Kick and Rush to hire them for a Saturday in September
BC to speak to Charles Charlton to sound out feasibility of arranging a ceilidh later in the year









6 (cont.)

Programme of special events

1st – Film
3rd – Christmas tree decoration
6th – Talk - The Yemen
31st – New Year’s Eve Party


17th – Film

9th  - Talk – silversmithing
14th – Film
17th – Wine tasting
18th – Village Ventures – Old Mother Hubbard (children’s show) Recommended entrance charge was £6.50 – we have opted to charge only £5 and try and recoup the costs in other ways, raffle, charges for drinks etc.

11th - Live music event (min 25 people required) – Howden Jones Band
21st - Film

11th   - Film
20th – Talk - the air ambulance service
22nd – Quiz night

9th – Film
8th – Talk - Fun of farriery
20th – Film

18th – Film























  • DS reported a problem with the storage of the wood pellets. Water had seeped into some of the bags. JG has donated a large bunker now situated at the side of the building, this is watertight and there should be no further problem with water damage.
  • AC suggested a bag of salt be obtained to spread on the steps and patio when icy. BC said he had a supply in his garage for village use so it was not necessary to have a separate supply
  • Laminated photos of the committee handed to DS to put on the notice board
  • BC to purchase Christmas tree to stand outside the hall
  • DS to purchase kurling equipment in December.









Next Meeting
Wednesday 1 February 2017 – 8pm in the village hall


Posted 31st December 2016

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