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  Maplebeck Village Hall Management Committee (“VHC”)


Minutes of Meeting
The Village Hall Maplebeck
5th October 2016

Present:   Derek Sayer (DS) (chair); Brendan Carson; (BC); Des Cashell (DC); Andy Colclough (AC); Bob Gardner; (BG); Jenny Bladon (JB) (minutes)

1.      Apologies:   None





Sue Carson has tendered her resignation from the committee. DS to write a letter of thanks on behalf of the committee. A card and token of our appreciation to be sent.





Minutes of the Meeting on 7 September 2016:-

The minutes were approved as circulated with minor amendment to item 4 Treasurers report which should read …BG reiterated that the £778 now in the HSBC project account……





Matters Arising:-

Homeworkers’ forum. Meeting delayed – in hand

DS thanked the team who helped him cut the boundary hedge (AB; AC: BC)

BG reported that he had still been unable to contact the speaker for the talk on bats

Catherine Cashell has opened a Facebook page for the hall. A demonstration of it can take place at the next meeting (Wi-Fi connection permitting) alternatively DC will arrange a demo at his home.

The entry on the website concerning costs of hiring the hall is unclear. BC to arrange for these details to be removed. For clarification the meeting reiterated that costs of hiring the hall were £10 per hour for villagers residing in Maplebeck, Kersall and Winkburn, other hirers being charged £15 per hour. Full day hire for weddings is £250.

As requested at the last meeting BC presented details of further costs relating to the new defibrillator. There will be a one off charge of £45 to cover installation of VET system (10 phone lines) which was agreed would be met from existing hall funds. There will also be an annual service cost.  BC confirmed that he had an anonymous donor who has committed to fund the annual cost for a numbers of years. Details were to be finalised but it was agreed that the donation would be made to the New Village Hall in Maplebeck and the annual cost discharged from there.

DS presented a report on the technical skills visit to the hall by members of the Independent Cinema Office in London. Projector settings were enhanced and speakers realigned. Committee members who attended last nights’ film show reported a big improvement.











Treasurers report:-

Village Hall Accounts - BG circulated a report summarising the movements on the various account to 5 October 2016. It was reported that all monies in the HSBC project account have now been spent (on sealing the outer walls and bracket/aerial post for Wi-Fi connections) and the remaining money in the current account had been transferred to the NatWest current account. BG will now write to HSBC and formally close this account.

 It was noted that the current balance is:-

  • £,3830.36

Main receipts were the transfer of balance of funds (£929.33) from HSBC current a/c whilst outgoings included £144 for an electrician visit.

It was agreed to purchase Kurling equipment for use from the New Year. JB/AC to organise: DS to buy equipment














Faults Actions

Schedule produced by DS and presented to the meeting.

Currently the only outstanding item requiring attention is internal touch up decoration. As this is not urgent we are content to wait until MC is available to carry out the work.





Events Review

Wine tasting – DC reported that the recent event had gone well and had just about broken even. It is hoped to run a further event in the New Year
Films – Current year’s programme has been published and incorporated into the 2016-17 event programme
Talks – Genealogist – This talk took place on 13th Sept. but there was not enough ongoing interest to run a course

AC presented information about Kick and Rush a live band who we may wish to considering hiring. They have their own website and it was agreed to look at that before making a final decision about booking them

Other suggestions for events in the future included a conker competition and a bridge club. Further information to be provided to future meetings so a decision could be made on their viability












7 (cont.)

Programme of special events

4th – Film
16th – children’s film – DC to act as host (DS on holiday)
20th – Talk – Oprah Winfrey touched my elbow
22nd – Race Night and supper
29th – Children’s disco (Timing confirmed as 5pm – 7pm)

1st – Film
10th – Talk - Maplebeck rural reminiscences
24th – Village Ventures – Swan Canaries (brochures delayed;  25 expected shortly, 25 week before the show)
27th – children’s film

1st – Film
3rd – Christmas tree decoration
6th – Talk - The Yemen
31st – New Year’s Eve Party


17th – Film

9th  - Talk – Silversmithing
14th - Film
18th – Village Ventures – Old Mother Hubbard (children’s show) DS to read contract to ascertain price to charge for entrance; BC to write to Caunton, Kneesall, Wellow and Kirklington schools advertising the event

11th - Live music event (min 25 people required) – Howden Jones Band
21st - Film

11th   - Film
20th – Talk - the air ambulance service
22nd – Quiz night

9th – Film
8th – Talk - Fun of farriery
20th – Film

18th - Film




















  • Cleaning of the hall. Following the resignation of SC there now needs to be a rota:-

Oct – JB/AC
Nov – BC/DS
Dec – BG/?
It was agreed that each committee member take responsibility for cleaning the hall after each event they organise, and to give the hall a more thorough cleaning once a month. DS to produce list of jobs that need doing so that we can be consistent. This system to be reviewed after a few months.
It was noted that the floors need to be clean before pilates and yoga. BG agreed to clean the floor prior to yoga sessions (when available)

  • Additional committee members were required, names were suggested, contact to be made before next meeting. DS encouraged all members to ask fellow villagers if it was felt they would be interested.
  • Wi-Fi - DS reported that Chris Pass/Custard Group was prepared to provide superfast broadband/Wi-Fi connection free of charge to the hall. The committee was extremely grateful. BT were starting the installation on 6 October.
  • DS highlighted the need for glass water jugs. DS to purchase six



















Next Meeting:-
Wednesday 30 November 2016 - 8pm in the Village Hall




Posted 23rd October 2016

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