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  Maplebeck Village Hall Management Committee (“VHC”)

Minutes of Meeting
The Village Hall Maplebeck
7th September 2016

Present:   Derek Sayer (DS) (chair); Brendan Carson; (BC); Des Cashell (DC); Sue Carson (SC); Julie Grundy (JG); Andy Colclough (AC); Jenny Bladon (JB) (minutes)



 Apologies:   Bob Gardner; (BG);




Minutes of the Meeting on 6 July 2016:-

The minutes were approved as circulated





Matters Arising:-

BG and DC to meet next week to discuss the homeworkers’ forum. Meeting delayed – in hand

 DS reported that the annual report for BIG lottery which had been sent has been approved and in line with current practice such reports will be required annually for the next twenty years.

Cesspit emptied in July but because of increased hall usage will probably need to be emptied again in December.

Shares club have not yet used the hall, however it is anticipated they will do so before too long.

JG will circulate the final version of the contacts list and the committee was reminded to notify JG as soon as possible of any amendments to the list










Treasurers report:-

Village Hall Accounts – Before going on holiday BG circulated a report summarising the movements on the Current Account to 31 August 2016. It was reported that the new bank accounts are working fine.

It was noted that current balances are:-

HSBC £929
NatWest £3104

BG reiterated that the money now in the HSBC account must only be spent on items relating to the project, and he was hopeful this account would be able to be closed before the end of the financial year. The committee agreed that these monies should be spent on resealing the outer walls as previously discussed.

NatWest account

Significant income during the period included an  anonymous donation of £1,594 and receipts from the Thankful Villages event and the village fete

Outgoings include 50% of proceeds from the village fete to St Radegund’s PC:  £355 to the Thankful Villages event and renewal of the PRS music licence
The committee discussed the forecast figures provided by BG to try and obtain a clearer idea of income and expenditure for the remainder of the calendar year















Faults Actions

Schedule produced by DS and presented to the meeting.

DS asked for volunteers to help cut the boundary hedge. BC AC and DC volunteered along with Allen Bladon (AB). DS to arrange





Events Review

Metal poppies making event enjoyed by those who attended, but only 6 children signed up for the event.

Wine tasting – DC reported 17 people had so far signed up for the next event, 25 required to break even.

Films – DS currently working on programme for coming twelve months, needs min 20 people to sign  up for multiple purchase tickets, which enables them to make a choice from a list of films available,  otherwise folk will pay each time they attend and DS will choose the films. AC requested that subtitles not be shown. DS replied that many people preferred to see them. He will ask before each film showing for the audience’s preference.

Children’s films we are now members of a children’s film club and have free access to thousands of children’s films.

Circus skills workshop – This did not take place but we are to try and organize for next summer.

Talks –BG still trying to organize talk on bats.
Genealogist – This talk going ahead on 13th Sept. DS sorting out Wi-Fi

Race Night – JB to draw up action plan and circulate to committee and those who have volunteered to help.

Kurling to start in New Year, equipment costing approx. £300 will be purchased later.

AC to make enquiries about Kick and Rush a live band with a view to considering hiring them and to bring information to next meeting

Extension to licence required for New Year’s Eve party. BC to organise



















6 (cont)

Programme of special events

13th - presentation by genealogist
16th - wine tasting
25th Harvest Festival at church 6pm – hall to be used for catering purposes.

4th – Film
16th – children’s film – DC to act as host (DS on holiday)
20th – Talk
22nd – Race Night
29th – Children’s disco (Timing confirmed as 5pm – 7pm)

1st – Film
10th – Talk
20th – Children’s film
 24th – Village Ventures – Swan Canaries

1st – Film
6th – Talk
31st – New Year’s Eve Party

9th  - Talk
18th – Village Ventures – Old Mother Hubbard (children’s show)

11th - Live music event (min 25 people required)

20th – Talk

8th – Talk














  • DS had some items to sell and asked if anyone had experience of selling via e bay. The consensus was Amazon was more effective. DC offered to undertake this.
  • DS had been successful in applying for a bursary which means for £30 he can receive a digital projection technical skills course covering the hall’s audio visual equipment. It was agreed the expense was justified. DS to pass on what he learns to other committee members.
  • JB asked whether the time was now right to have our own website. The pros and cons of this were discussed. JB and DC to look at other village halls websites and report back to next meeting. Facebook was also suggested as an alternative means of communication for the hall. DC said his wife Catherine would be able to supply information on this. He will bring to next meeting.
  • It was acknowledged that the hall was very busy at the end of October and help would be required to clean up after the race night and before a private booking the following day.
  • A new defibrillator has been installed in the village phone box.  The upkeep will cost £126 per year for 4 years.  The committee agreed to underwrite this expense in principle. BC to bring facts and figures to next meeting for further discussion














Next Meeting:-

Wednesday 5th October  2016 - 8pm in the Village Hall



Posted 12th September 2016

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