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The Village Hall Management Committee (“VHC”)

Minutes of Meeting
The Village Hall in Maplebeck
19 June 2018

Present:   Derek Sayer (DS) (chair); Bob Gardner; (BG);  Jenny Bladon (JB) (minutes)






 Mark Wagstaff (MW); Sarah Wagstaff (SW); Andy Colclough (AC)



Minutes of meetings dated 14 May
Approved with one minor amendment - Item 4 Treasurers report - BG reported that  quarterly reports would be ready for presentation at the first meetings held after the end of June, September, December and March each year...




Matters Arising
A window cleaner had been hired .
BG had investigated board game theme events, but had not yet found anyone keen to run it..
After discussion with alternative therapy practitioners it was felt that the hall was too remote and impersonal for these services so it was agreed not to pursue this further.
DS reported that a copy of our Privacy Notice had been sent out as per new GDPR guidance.
VH Website - still awaiting update from PC.
Annual spring clean took place on 2 June.
JG and JB had volunteered to undertake food hygiene training. DS to speak to environmental officer to ascertain most appropriate company/standard required.
A list of duties previously undertaken by BC was drawn up - to be reallocated at next meeting.









Treasurers Report
To be presented at the next meeting



Building Actions
Protective covering had been attached to walls in toilets to protect them from being scuffed by pedal bins
Annual boiler service carried out by DS
Radiator paint to be obtained to touch up radiators where required.
All other actions carried out.






Recent Events Review
The village fete had been a big success with record numbers attending.
Several suggestions were made for possible improvements at future events.
DS has delivered letters of thanks to Eve and David Knight Jones and Tony and Christine Wilkinson






Future Events
Several events were suggested including a gardening club, Christmas and food fayres and wine tasting.  Other suggestions welcome. DS to investigate the possibility of a group visit to Winkburn Hall.
DS had been unable to locate a Country & Western band through his contacts, so the committee were asked to keep a look out for suitable bands we could use.
DS had contacted Rachel about acting as DJ at a New Years Eve party in the hall, but she has given this up. The committee were asked to think of alternatives for this event.
The result of our bid to Village Ventures is expected in the next few weeks. Once this has been confirmed other events can be planned around these dates.
DS had received details of a WW1 commemoration concert from Charles Charlton. This was considered a good idea and DS to ask for dates they are available.
It was agreed that the summer fun day for kids should go ahead MW to speak to Des Cashell re organisation.
A walkers group form Farnsfield has asked to use the hall as starting point for a future walk. This was agreed.













  1. (cont)

Agreed Programme of special events

10th - Book Club
11th - Kurling
31st - Film

4th - Book Club
12th - Kurling
25th - Film

10th - Kurling
23rd - Film

14th - Kurling
27th - Film



Objectives and targets for the next period
It was agreed to postpone this discussion until the next meeting.




Photos of new committee members - JB reported this was in hand.
DS reported that The Pass family were moving house but arrangements had been put in place to ensure the hall continued to receive Wi-Fi connection
BG reported that we now had a healthy bank balance and he would ask for suggestions on how best to prioritise the spending of this money.
DS to obtain estimate for the redecoration of the hall, although not required in the near future it would be useful to have a rough idea of what the  cost.would be.








Date of next meeting
Tuesday 7 August 2018 at 7.30pm in the village hall.


Posted 26 June 2018

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