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The Village Hall Management Committee (“VHC”)

Minutes of Meeting
The Village Hall in Maplebeck
07 August 2018

Present:   Derek Sayer (DS) (chair); Bob Gardner; (BG);  Julie Grundy, (JG): Sarah Wagstaff, (SW); Jenny Bladon (JB) (minutes)





 Mark Wagstaff (MW); Andy Colclough (AC)



Minutes of meetings dated 19 June
Approved as circulated




Matters Arising
VH Website -  PC has reported that development of the site is on schedule to go live in September. Special committee meeting arranged  to review progress and identify any last minute changes required.
 JB has now completed  food hygiene training, certificate passed to DS to display. JG to undertake same course in the next few weeks.
SW to check whether she has a certificate and to let JB know
Duties previously undertaken by BC  reallocated as follows.

  • Hall bookings/maintenance of  calendar on notice board in hall - JG
  • Grass/garden maintenance - DS
  • Pellets - DS/BG
  • Purchasing of new cleaning materials -SW
  • Party liaison - JG
  • Cleaning of boiler - DS/BG
  • Events promotion - All

JB reported photos for the notice board had now been taken of new committee members and would be sent to JG for laminating later this week.














Treasurers Report
BG presented accounts for the four months ending  31 July 2018.   

During this period there had been income from hire of the hall, the solar panels, regular classes. the village fete and jazz night.
Expenditure included payment to the PCC of half fete takings; parts for the boiler, video screening licence, music licence renewal and general maintenance costs.

It was agreed to set aside money for contingencies such as hall redecoration  but it was not expected that this would be needed for some years.
Other suggestions for equipment needed included work top hob; sound baffles; and a gazebo. DS to obtain prices and details from BC who had previously sourced the market for the latter..
We are still holding money for the upkeep of the defibrillator. DS to speak to BC about organising an inspection as the upkeep is a village responsibility..












Building Actions
DS presented a list of building actions to the meeting, all had been completed with the exception of touching up the  paint on the radiators and balustrading where required. The radiator painting would be carried out once the paint was matched up
BG highlighted that some minor re-pointing work was required on the outside patio area/ramp.




Recent Events Review
It was agreed that concerns over low pricing at the village fete should be raised with Eve Knight Jones at the fete planning meeting next year.





Future Events
Eddie Neale had contacted Winkburn Hall to arrange a group visit, awaiting a response.
The result of our bid to Village Ventures has been received; we have been allocated a play in November and a music event in March. Details have been added to the list of special events
The WW1 commemoration concert from Charles Charlton (CC) will go ahead on 20 October.
SW reported that it had been impossible to find an acceptable date for the kids summer fun day in August. She will investigate possible dates in September
SW to report back with thoughts on a Christmas party for kids.
Race night to be organised early in New Year - JB to organise.







  • (cont)

Agreed Programme of special events

12th - Kurling
25th - Film

10th - Kurling
20th - WW1 live music event
23rd - Film

14th - Kurling
15th - Village Venture play
27th - Film


Late Jan/Feb
Race night

30th - Village Venture Music evening



Objectives and targets for the next period
Project outcomes
It was agreed that outcomes 1 and 3 of the original business plan were still current and relevant . Outcome 2 was to be replaced with one focusing on young people. DS to draft an appropriate statement and circulate for comment.
Discussion of other parts of the Business plan to take place at the next meeting.







JB circulated committee members contact details to all those present. Please keep her informed of any changes.
JB reported being unable to access hall audio visual cabinet as she does not have a key. DS to get two additional keys cut to be added to currently incomplete sets held by JB and BG. Other sets now held by DS and JG.
During the recent world cup attempts had been made to watch matches on the hall’s big screen; as we do not have a TV licence this facility is not available and  also the broadband connection is not sufficiently fast.
The fire extinguishers had been checked and a
new certificate issued
DS asked for volunteers to help cut the hedge in September. JB to organise













Dates of next meetings
Website meeting - Wednesday 15 August 2018 7.30pm in the hall (to be confirmed)
Committee meeting proper - Monday 17 September 2018 at 7.30pm in the village hall.


Posted 9/08/18


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