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The Village Hall Management Committee (“VHC”)


Minutes of Meeting
The Village Hall in Maplebeck
19 February 2018
Present:   Derek Sayer (DS) (chair); Brendan Carson; (BC); Andy Colclough (AC); Bob Gardner; (BG); Jenny Bladon (JB) (minutes)

1.      Apologies:   Julie Grundy (JG); Des Cashell (DC) Pat Colclough (PC)





VH website
The draft specification drawn up by DS after receiving comments from the committee was discussed. Amendments made and a revised specification drawn up to be sent to PC (who was absent through illness)
 It is hoped to have the site up and running  by September; Payments for events were discussed and it was felt electronic payments would be beneficial for some events. BG to look at security implications etc..; It was agreed any user feedback should be given face to face or via facebook, the website would be inappropriate for this purpose.










Minutes of the Meeting on 11 December 2017-

The minutes were approved as circulated.




Matters Arising:-

No matters arising




Treasurers report:-

The balance of the current account as at 31 January 2018 is £5,546.09

BG recommended that accounts now be produced and presented quarterly rather than monthly (except in exceptional circumstances) This was agreed by the committee.
BG suggested that the cash reserve be increased from £500 to £2,000. This was agreed by the committee.
BG  reported that Robin Williams was again prepared to review the accounts and this is expected to be done at the end of March.
BG has agreed a new electricity tariff with eon - costs will be similar to 2017
The solar pv reading was submitted last week.









Building Actions
DS presented an update of actions required and completed. He reported that he had replaced two boiler turbilator support bars and asked for permission to purchase two more at about £60. This was agreed.
Once the weather improves it is intended to paint the outside step edges with black paint. All other actions completed.






Events Review and Plan

Regular activities continued to be:-

Yoga – Tuesday and Friday mornings
Clubbercise classes - Thursdays at 8.30pm
Walkers – Wednesdays, day
Book Club – Tuesday evenings - 20 Mar., 24 Apr. 5 Jun.
Kurling – 2nd Wednesday evening of each month

JB to accompany BC to Village Ventures presentation in March.
 AC was encouraged to produce publicity materials as soon as possible for the musical evening with the Swingbeans he was leading
It was agreed that there should be a discussion after each special event to review what went well and what could have been done better. .











7 (cont.)

Agreed Programme of special events


14th – Kurling
20th – Book club
24th – Quiz night and supper
27th – Film

11th – Kurling
19th – Film
24th – Book club
28th  - Music and supper – The Swingbeans

9th – Kurling
22nd - Film

5th – Book club
13th – Kurling
21st - Film

The date of the Garden fete to be announced as soon as it is finalised.
















Hall Usage Statistics
DS provided figures comparing usage of the hall each year since the official opening in 2015.
Comparisons for the calendar years 2016/2017 show a steady increase in the number of uses of the hall and people attending. The numbers of Maplebeck residents using the hall has dropped a little but numbers from Kersall and other areas has increased. The gender and age distribution are unchanged.



2017 Annual Report
DS presented this to the meeting and with one minor amendment it was agreed by the committee. DS will now present this at the annual Parish meeting in April.





Review of Targets/Actions
It was agreed to postpone this item until the next meeting due to the length of the agenda.




2017 Energy Consumption
DS presented a breakdown of annual energy consumption and costs for 2016 and 2017.
These indicated a positive picture..



These new data regs. would become effective in  May 2018; BG agreed  to read and digest and make a recommendation to the committee.




DC felt no longer able to play a full part in the committee due to other commitments. He is happy to stay on the committee until a replacement can be found and to continue to help out at specific/ad hoc events. DS to write and thank him on behalf of the committee.
Suggestions were made for possible replacement members - DS to write to people discussed to see if they might be interested.






Next Meeting
Monday 30 April  2018 – 8pm in the village hall
(to immediately follow annual Parish meeting to be held in the hall at 7.30pm)


Posted 3 March 2018

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