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Annual Report 2013/14

(Charity no. 502304 was originally set up in 1972 to manage the hall for the benefit of all the residents of Maplebeck, Winkburn and Kersall)


The usual wide variety of events had to be curtailed during 2013 due to the hall re-construction project.
In the early part of the year we finished the film screening season with a classic Woody Allen film. The new film season began in November and five films will be shown through to April 2014.

Our final hurrah in the old hall was another sell-out quiz night in March and it was the most appropriate way to say goodbye to the 100+ year old hall, with a full and happy attendance.

The Village Garden Fete in July was a huge success and raised the largest income in living memory.

A Thankful Villages welcome was arranged in August for the team that was visiting all 53 parishes (4 in Nottinghamshire) to suffer no military deaths in the First World War.

The demolition of the old hall started as planned in May 2103 but was immediately significantly delayed due the discovery of a rogue bat, despite having all the required surveys in the first place, and latterly a sparrows’ nest was also discovered. This resulted in work not properly starting until the end of August.
Disappointingly the good building months were missed; but progress was good until December when some critical roofing components were delayed. However, the roof is now on and attention in focused on the internal works. Mark Combellack’s team continue to work to the highest standard and are building a new sustainable hall, with low running and maintenance costs, of which we can all be proud.

Fund raising continues, with new sums granted from the Garfield Weston Foundation and the Foyle Foundation. So the current funding situation is:

Community Residents £44,325
Big Lottery £209,000
WREN £25,150
Scottish Power Green Energy Trust £15,000
Garfield Weston Foundation £7,500
Foyle Foundation £3,500
Total £304,475

Due to the delays and the rapidly increasing demand for all building materials, we have experienced some material price increases, so with the unplanned bat consultancy costs we need an additional £16,000 to complete the final fitting out.

If you are able to contribute to this it would be very much appreciated. Please get in touch with Brendan Carson (636185) or Bob Gardner (636726).


A summary of the Charity accounts, as prepared for the Charity Commission and as presented to the Maplebeck annual Parish Meeting on 1st April 2014, is attached.
At 31st December 2013 the Project Account bank balance was £30,477. These funds will be used solely for the completion of the new hall.


The village website, which was launched in February 2011, continues to be kept up to date by Jane Kinnear with all the construction news and forthcoming events, and has had an amazing 20,000 visits in the last 12 months.

We are indebted to Claudine Bratton for accommodating the regular hall management committee meetings in the Beehive and to the PCC for the use of the Church for public meetings and the Harvest and Christmas parties.
Richard Kinnear has decided to leave the hall committee and we are very grateful to him for his many years as Chairman and Vice-Chairman and for all his guidance and energy.

My personal thanks for the support and hard work of all the members of the management committee and sub-committees. We always welcome new members, particularly younger ones, so do come and join in...please!

Derek Sayer .. March 2014

Posted 03/04/2014

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