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Book Club...

Last year 5 female authors 4 males, 4 modern novels 4non fiction/autobios, 1 poetry. 2016

Runners and Joggers

We meet up at the village bus stop at 7pm on Wednesday evenings, and the ethos is to enjoy (rather than punish!) ourselves while improving our fitness levels at the same time. We start all together and walk up the hill towards Winkburn as a warm up, and then we split off into smaller groups (walking, walk/jogging and jogging/running) for the rest of our session. Although we don't have anything organised yet, we are planning for some of our group to enter a local 5k run at some point in the future, but there's no pressure for anyone to do that (it's just a "carrot" for those of us who need a fixed goal to work towards!). It would be nice to have as many participants as possible so that in the event of some members being on holiday/ill/otherwise engaged, we still have a decent sized group of people available to venture out every week. 
We would warmly welcome any newcomers of any age/ability.


Posted 26/09/2015

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