in rural Nottinghamshire

Walking group

Once upon a time - a man took his dog, George, for a long weekly walk, he gathered friends along the way who also recognised that George was the leader of this small pack. Although George is no longer with us the friends still walk, sometimes with Bella and Holly.

Each Wednesday this group of intrepid foot 'soldiers' go forth into the unknown - well... they sally-forth across rural Nottinghamshire, never knowing what dangers they may encounter. A rogue sheep or bovine on the rampage - nothing deters them except torrential rain!

The destination is nearly always an hostelry for food and mead. Should you feel brave enough to follow in their wake, please do not hesitate to contact us by email and by Tuesday evening the co-ordinator will email you to give destinations and starting times..

No this is not disorganised as you may think, just GOOD FUN nothing is to be taken too seriously.

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