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Maplebeck Parish Meeting...Minutes

AGM minutes Tuesday April 1st 2014@ 7:00pm

Apologies were accepted from Mrs S Michael (N&SDC). 

Mr Patrick Andrew opened the meeting and announced he was standing down as Chair of the Maplebeck Parish Meeting.

Mr Richard Kinnear took the floor to oversee the election of a new Chair.

Mr Robert Gardner proposed and Mrs Jane Kinnear seconded, that Mr Brendan Carson be considered for the post. There were no other candidates and Mr Brendan Carson was duly elected by those present as Chair of  Maplebeck Parish Meeting  2014/15.

In the absence of any previous Minutes, Agenda or Order of Business the meeting was conducted as following:


Handover of current correspondence
2 Concerns and observations from the floor


Desirable projects in the village if funding became available.


Statement of Accounts from Village Hall Committee Treasurer.


Comments invited from the comprehensive report on the activities of the Village Hall Committee 2013/14 provided by the Mr Derek Sayer ( Chair ).


Election of Village Hall  Management Committee 2014/15.


Parish Notices and Close.

1. Current issues
Planning Application 14/00442/Ful . Erection of another Wind Turbine , Ollerton Road, Caunton. A copy of this will be available in the church for comment. A reply is required by 14th April ( An extension until 1st May has been requested). 

Newark and Sherwood Council have produced a Supplementary Planning Document ( SPD) , available on line and in hard copy in the local libraries for those interested in their approach to the planning applications for Wind Turbine construction in the area.

The final recommendations for boundary changes to take effect for the 2015 local elections will be forwarded to Parliament for approval. The changes to reflect electoral equality and identity will place Maplebeck in the ward of Sutton on Trent. This is a single member ward and our current  representative will most likely contest the new ward in 2015.

2. Observations/ Concerns:

Maplebeck Village sign (near workshops) damaged
Potholes and drainage on road past Ricketts cottages
Viewpoint surface requires repair/attention.......Mrs Andrea Sayer

Actions:   The Chairman will contact the appropriate departments to have the sign repaired, report the potholes, have road assessed for drainage and  request the viewpoint be brought up to the standard the council paid for in the first instance

The Ivy/hedge at end of footpath bordering the orchard is causing a visual obstruction to pedestrians and drivers.
Will the verge  in front of King Post Cottage be returned to grass?  ...... Jane Kinnear

Actions: The Chairman will contact owners of Ivy/Hedge and request it be cut back.
The verge in front of King Post Cottage is to be laid to grass on plastic inlay/s and bed and should be fully recovered.

3. Possible projects that could be considered in the next year if funding and local support is forthcoming :

Painting of the telephone kiosk and installation of a defibrillator therein.
Construction of a path from bus shelter to church gate and re positioning bus stop sign.

4. The Village Hall Treasurer produced his annual report. There were no significant observations. Acceptance was proposed by Mr Patrick Andrew, seconded by Mr Allen Bladon and agreed by all.

5. There were no comments on the report by the Village Hall Chairman regarding the activities of his committee 2013/14.  

6. The following were proposed and elected to serve on the Village Hall Committee for the year 2014/15:   Mr Derek Sayer, Mr Robert Gardner, Mrs Julie Grundy, Mrs Jane Kinnear, Mr Brendan Carson, Mrs Suzanne Carson, Mr Allen Bladon, Mrs Jenny Bladon, Mr Tony Turton and Mr Tom Chamberlain.

7. Parish Notices:-
 A sincere vote of thanks was forwarded to Mr Patrick Andrew for his 12 years service as chair of Maplebeck Parish Meeting and to Mr Richard Kinnear, standing down after 12 years as Chairman and vice Chairman of Maplebeck Village Hall Committee.

Richard Kinnear has taken on the role as Footpaths Officer and all observations/concerns about the Public Footpaths in the Maplebeck and Winkburn areas should be directed to him.

The Sudbury Trust (Maplebeck) Charity..Trustees.
Mrs Eve Knight-Jones (Chair) Cannon E Neale. There being a vacancy Mrs Jane Knnear was elected Trustee at Parish Meeting June 2013, and will act as Treasurer.

Date for Village Fete: Saturday 28th June 2014.

The Thankful Village Plaque donated to the village last year will be mounted on the wall adjacent to the post box.  The plaque will be officially  dedicated on Sunday 3rd August at 11.00am.

2015 Annual Parish Meeting it is proposed:
To highlight activities and general life around the village clubs and outlets eg, The Book Club, Walking Group, The Beehive etc will be invited to outline their activities.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 7.30pm

Mr Brendan Carson
Chairman of the Parish Meeting

Posted 03/04/2014

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