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Maplebeck Parish Meeting...

AGM Minutes Tuesday 19th May 2015 @ 7:30pm

Held in The Village Hall in Maplebeck.
19th MAY 2015

Apologies: Mr R Gardner (Treasurer, Village Hall Committee).

1. Mr Brendan Carson (Chairman 2014/15) opened the meeting, thanking Councillors Laughton and Michael for their attendance. Councillor Laughton was also thanked for his support of the Village Hall Committee in their successful bid to the Council for funds towards the “magnificent village hall in which this meeting was taking place”. An outstanding bid was well received and resulted in £15,000(fifteen thousand) being allocated to The Village Hall in Maplebeck.

2. Mr Brendan Carson handed the Chair to Mrs Sylvia Michael to oversee the election of Chairman Maplebeck Parish Meeting for the year 2015/6. There being no other candidates and Mr Brendan Carson agreeing to stand for another year he was duly elected with the agreement of those present.

3. The Chairman began with an appreciation of the turnout of  20 villagers at the meeting. A summarisation of the Minutes from 2014 was given (Annex A.) and accepted as a true record.

4 The Chairman's report for 2014/15 highlighted the 3 main topics that dominated the year.

a. Proposed Wind Turbine at Breck's Farm. This planning application was refused and the reasons for refusal read out by the chairman, a copy of which is available on Council's website under Application 13/01363/FUL.
b. A sustained campaign of posters against a local family resulted in criminal damage to the bus shelter. This wasted a lot of people's time, including the police and now seems to have ended. It was noted that the perpetrator was witnessed recently repeating the exercise by a villager and the fact that he could now be identified will hopefully put an end to it.
c. Riparian Ownership was outlined to emphasise and remind landowners that they are responsible for the upkeep and management of dykes, trees etc that border their property. On the subject of trees Highways will clear the roads of any fallen trees and then take retrospective action if the responsibility lies with a third party.

Other issues were noted:
The Annual Statement of Nil Accounts Displayed in the bus shelter and lodged with Grant Thornton Accountants Planning issues. Concerns have been raised that approved planning applications are not being adhered to across the board and when brought to the council's attention no action is taken. This has been passed to Councillor Michael to pursue further and Councillor Laughton's comments regarding planning enforcement will result in improvements and fairness to the system.
Ward Change. Maplebeck now sits in the Sutton on Trent ward for which Sylvia Michael was recently elected.
The Village Green. Although owned by the village this has been adopted by the council any subsequent plans would need their approval.
The Telephone Kiosk. Despite previous assumptions the village does not as yet own it. An application to purchase it for 1 pound is being processed.
Bilsthorpe Gasification Plant Proposal This has gone to the Secretary of State for consideration.

WW1 Commemoration Funding. A small amount of funding is available from the Council to commemorate any aspect of WW1 over the next 3 years. Please forward any ideas please.

Highways have supplied a map of the boundaries in Maplebeck if anyone requires clarification.
If you are worried about overhanging branches endangering power lines telephone Western Power .
Water leaks can be reported to Severn Trent on emergency number 08007834444.
There were no more Grit Bins available for Maplebeck and residents were reminded that these are for the road not private drives. 5 bags a year are provided for the entire village as an emergency supply and these can be obtained on a first come basis from the chairman.

5. Planning Application 15/00795/LDC for the use of outbuildings attached to Clay Barn as an independent dwelling ( C3 Use) had been received. This will be displayed in the bus shelter until a Planning Meeting on 26th May at 1900 hrs and comments invited.

6.The Village Hall Committee was proposed by Richard Kinnear and seconded by Rachel Gardner for the year 2015/16 and accepted by those in attendance. Those elected are as follows:Derek Sayer, Allen & Jenny Bladon (Kersall), Bob Gardner, Julie Grundy, Jane Kinnear, Amy Thompson ( Winkburn) Brendan & Sue Carson.

7. The Village Hall. Chairman's Report and Treasurer's report were both delivered by Mr Derek Sayer and copies supplied. The only comment was from Dr E Knight-Jones who queried the professional
fees expenditure. Mr Sayer explained that these were for such matters as the licence to remove bats, Architects fees and some legal costs.

Dogs roaming and fouling areas around the village endangering the wellbeing of the children in the village. It was also noted that a police investigation into a dog biting a resident, was still ongoing. Residents with dogs (and dog walkers) were requested to be responsible .

Falling Trees Onto the Road is a matter for Highways who will clear them and take any action required after the event against the person who owns the tree.

Planning Issues are a source of resentment as they do not appear to be applied evenly or fairly. Planning Enforcement also comes into question as no action appears to be taken over complaints even if upheld and investigations seem to take an inordinately long time. Councillor Laughton did comment that Planning Enforcement was being looked at and Councillor Michael agreed to investigate our concerns further.


10. Note of thanks to Mr Tom Chamberlain and Mr Tony Turton for their service to the Village Hall Committee. Mr Chamberlain was wished well on his move to Newark and will be welcomed back as a guest for the official Village Hall opening.


12. AOB. Mr Derek Sayer expressed his grave concern over the planned Hall boundary fence, which although did not require planning permission up to 2m high, would destroy the view to the green and negate the key planning design concept of pulling together the only two public spaces in the centre of our picturesque village. Despite several requests to minimise the planned height , Mr Keith Atkinson had responded that it would be between 2 and 2.8m. There was general agreement that it would be highly undesirable . Mrs Jo Atkinson said no decision had been taken yet and in any event no one could tell them what to do. It was agreed that Councillor Michael would arbitrate with the Atkinsons to resolve this issue.

13. The meeting was closed with the next annual meeting scheduled
for March/April 2016
TEL 01636636185

Annex A
A planning application for a wind turbine on Ollerton Road, Caunton, which has subsequently been accepted and is under construction.
B. The boundary changes to incorporate Maplebeck into the ward of Sutton on Trent were accepted and Sylvia Michael voted in as District Councillor for this ward in the recent elections.
C. Concern raised reference the damaged Maplebeck village sign, potholes and drainage near Ricketts Cottages, The Viewpoint surface , The hedge bordering the orchard were all attended to. As can be seen, the verge in front of King Post Cottage has been returned to grass.
D. The telephone kiosk refurbishment and possible defibrillator is on hold as we do not own it as yet despite previous correspondence to the contrary. Consensus and suitability of a path to church gate has not been established but at least the bus stop sign has been repositioned. Although we own the Green as a village it has been adopted by the council and planning for any path would be through them.
E. Footpaths Officer Mr Richard Kinnear.
F. Trustees of Sudbury Trust Canon Eddie Neale, Dr Eve Knight-Jones and Mrs Jane Kinnear ( Treasurer).
G. The Thankful Village Plaque was dedicated and mounted on the wall near the
church gate .
H. The Book Club, The Walking Group were to be invited to outline their activities.

Annex B
Derek Sayer advised the meeting that the Village Hall Committee had been investigating what improvement to broadband speeds might be available with the village. The vice chair, Allen Bladon, had established that, although the Caunton exchange was being upgraded to fibre based high speed broadband, the service would only be available to those close to the exchange itself, mainly Caunton residents. The cost of bringing enhanced cable to Maplebeck would be very high. Some residents in newer properties and some, where BT had replaced cables, were typically achieving about 5/6 Mbps download speeds.

Wireless technology might be available from a Newark based company JHCS Ltd. Both the Mr & Mrs Coles and Allen had been investigating this option, which is totally dependent on a clear line of sight, although the number of aerials/repeater sites was not unreasonably limited. One user in Kersall was receiving a robust 10 Mbps and Kneesall has funded a community mast via JHCS. Mr & Mrs Cole had been informed that with about 20 users in Maplebeck the large initial set up costs could be avoided.
None of the quoted speeds (max 10Mbps) are approaching superfast speeds ( up to 300Mbps).
On 13th May Derek sent an email to about 40 potential users with the basic JHCS facts and prices. So far 6 have said no and 5 may be interested. Chris Pass, who has business experience in broadband, explained that the wireless technology was indeed sound. He offered to do some more investigation, since he believed there ought to be some investment funding available.


26th May @ 7:00pm, Village Fete planning meeting
5th June, Yoga classes start in the Village Hall
13th June, Fund raising BBQ at Beesthorpe Hall Farm
15th June @ 7:00pm Aerobics/Pilates introductory demonstration/class...Free
27th June@2:30pm, Village Fete
5th or 12th September (TBC) The Village Hall in Maplebeck Grand Opening Event... through the afternoon into the evening.
20th September, Harvest Thanks Giving Supper in The Village Hall after the church service.
3rd October 7:30pm, Quiz night with fish and chip supper.
14th November @ 7:30pm Dracula. Village Venture Production
13th December Carol Service (TBC)


19th February @6 pm, Shoe Kangeroo and Big Bad Boot children's production by Village Ventures for ages 4+,
11th March, @ 7:30pm, Rob Heron & The Tea Pad Orchestra, Village Venture Production

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