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May 8th 2017


  1.  Mr Brendan Carson (Chairman 2016-2017) opened the meeting, welcomed County Councillor Bruce Laughton and District Councillor Sylvia Michael,  thanking them and  the 19 residents present for their attendance and support.

2. Mr Brendan Carson handed the Chair to Councillor Michael to oversee the election of the Chairman of Maplebeck Parish Meeting
for the year 2017 - 2018. There being no other candidates , 
Mr Brendan Carson was proposed by Mr R Garner, seconded by
Mr D Sayer and duly elected with the agreement of those present.

3. The acceptance of the  Minutes of the AGM from 15th March 2016
as a true reflection of that meeting were proposed by Mrs J
Kinnear and seconded by Mr D Sayer and agreed by those present.
Matters arising from that meeting are dealt with in the Chairman’s
Report and Planning Matters.
4. The Chairman's Report covering 5 areas, Dog fouling, Telephone Kiosk refurbishment / Defibrillator, Village Green Path, Concerns over stench from Beck and preparation for winter gritting
(i) Two red dog refuse bins have been positioned,one on the villagegreen and the other on the entrance to the village with a contract set up with NSDC to empty them fortnightly. These have been provided thanks to Councillor Laughton but a contract for next year will incur a cost of approx £120.00. These have gone some way to tackle the problem but there are still occurrences.  Please clean up after your dog!!
(ii) The Telephone Kiosk has been refurbished and a defibrillator positioned. Thank you to Mrs J Kinnear for sourcing and acquiring, Mr R Bell for his efforts in raising the funds required ,with the help of a generous anonymous donation. and with Mrs S Bell for the majority  of the refurbishment. Thank you also to the Sudbury Trust who financed the installation and we have received a donation to cover the upkeep and replacement contract for the next four years. To ensure everyone is au fait with the equipment and basic first aid a course will be held in the hall on Thursday 22nd June at 7pm with priority to those who missed out last time.
(iii) Mr R Bell’s money raising effort resulted in a surplus which should cover the cost of reclaiming and relaying the old cinder path from the bus shelter to the church gate. Mr Harrison gave an update over the viability of the Church and a PCC meeting will be held on Tuesday 20th June at 7pm to discuss the future. The residents present were unanimous in their support for the path with the likelihood that the church will continue functioning in some format.
(iv) The recent mild winters have led to little requirement for gritting but rather than being complacent use should be made of the small stockpile of grit to purchase a long sought after blue grit bin for Church Lane.
(v) The report of the stench from the Beck on Church Lane were investigated by Severn Trent ( not really within their remit) and three separate visits from an NSDC Environmental Health Officer. He had no concerns other than to advise good hygiene if working or playing in the Beck as E coli is ever present.

5. PARISH STATEMENT OF ACCOUNTS. A statement of Nil returns has been submitted to Accountants G Thorne. The Parish policy of not setting a precept and therefore controlling no public funding continues.

6. PLANNING. The applications for the wind turbine at Breck's Farm and the proposed build at Clay Barn were turned down on Appeal. The extensions at Ricketts Cottages and Walnut Cottage approved and the building underway. An application for a build on land at Low Farm is being processed at this time with a decision expected in June.

7. ELECTION OF VILLAGE HALL COMMITTEE.It was proposed by Dr E Knight-Jones and seconded by Mrs R Gardner that the 7 current committee members be re elected en bloc. This was accepted by those present and the committee for 2017/18 are:- D.Sayer, J Bladon, R Gardner, J Grundy, A Colclough, D Cashell and B Carson.

8. VILLAGE HALL TREASURER’S REPORT. Mr R Gardner produced a detailed financial report which will be available to view on the village website or on request. The report shows a healthy balance  in excess of £4000 , well positioned to meet all our future commitments and operate within a stated norm of carrying a £500.00 contingency. Although the fund is now below the threshold of requiring an external audit the village hall committee decided that it would continue the practice,further enhancing the current sound fiscal management and transparency.

9. COUNTY COUNCILLOR UPDATE. Due to County Council elections having just taken place Councillor Laughton was unable to provide the new council’s approach until it is made public. He did however express concern over the state of highways/footpaths and hoped to be able to address some of the issues. He also praised the village for the effort in producing the Village Hall facility which he holds up as an example and our success has provided the impetus for other villages to follow suit. He had to take his leave to attend another Parish Meeting but agreed to fund the grit bin we required for Church Lane. He was thanked on departure for his  continuing support.

10. VILLAGE HALL CHAIRMAN'S REPORT. Mr D Sayer’s report highlighted that all the aims, obligations and commitments for the year had been met. The usage on 156 occasions with 1987 user visits exceeded the target of 1500. The activities attended included music, quizzes, talks, films, wine tasting, BBQS,village and private parties, plays, a race night, children’s shows, films, dances and parties,Yoga,Pilates and Meetings various. The village hall was completed in 2015 with no outstanding loans
and as stated in the Treasurer’s report is in a sound position moving forward. He thanked those on the committee for their hard work and others from the community who had worked on various events. Mr Sayer also issued an open invite to volunteer and serve on the committee to share the workload.
Dr E Knight-Jones expressed appreciation for the availability of the wide range of events provided for the village and beyond to enjoy.

11. DISTRICT COUNCILLOR'S REPORT. Councillor Michael updated us on the wider work of the NSDC  with a report that 335 new council homes were to be built over the next 5 years . There was support for the rural housing scheme to allow purchases of houses at 40% - 60% and the rest as rent. An Officer has been appointed to identify and return empty properties back into use. A development on Bow bridge Road consisting of 60 units, 40 Extra Care Apartments has been secured with £1.5million from Department of Health Care and Support. Finally train services in Newark have increased with an increased sunday service.
The Chairman thanked Councillor Michael for her report and invaluable support.


22nd May 7.15pm.. Village Fete preparations
22nd June 7.00pm.. Adult/Child Life Support Course
01st July 2.30pm.. Village Fete
23rd Sep 7.30pm.. Kick and Rush (Band)
24th Sep 6.00pm.. Harvest Thanksgiving Service/Supper
17th Dec 6.00pm.. Carol Service
20th Jan 7.30pm.. Burns Supper/Ceilidh

All events in The Village Hall in Maplebeck except the Carol Service and Harvest Thanksgiving Service (Supper in the Hall) which will take place in St Radegunds.

13.  There being no further business the meeting was closed with the next annual meeting scheduled for April/May 2018

Brendan Carson
Chair Maplebeck Parish Meeting

Posted 12 May 2017

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