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  1. Mr Brendan Carson ( Chairman 2017 -2018 ) opened the meeting at 7.30PM welcoming Councillor Bruce Laughton  and 16 residents, thanking them for their attendance and support
  2.  Mr Brendan Carson handed the Chair to Councillor Laughton to oversee the election of the Chairman for Maplebeck Parish Meeting for the year 2018 - 2019. There being no other candidates, Mr Brendan Carson was proposed by Mr Patrick Andrew, seconded by Mrs Sue Bell and duly elected with the agreement of those present.
  3. The acceptance of the  Minutes from the AGM on May 8th 2017 as a true reflection of that meeting was proposed by Mr D Sayer, seconded by Mr R Gardner and agreed by those present. Matters arising are dealt with in the Chairman’s Report.
  4. The Chairman’s Report    noted the recovery of the path to the churchyard was welcome and timely considering the extremely wet spell of weather. Thank you to all who made it happen and to Roger Bell whose fund raising added this to the success of his part in obtaining a defibrillator ,refurbishing the telephone kiosk  and paying for the dog bins to be emptied in 2017/18. The rubbish bin at the side of the bus shelter would be constantly overflowing if it were not for the efforts of Christina House who empties it on a regular basis. The Chairman has obtained an official bin and hope to have it placed prominently on the other side of the bus shelter and ensure it is serviced with the regular refuse collections. A blue grit bin, financed by Councillor Laughton, has been placed on the green for the benefit of all.
    Note. The £120.00 annual fee to empty the dog bins will be due again in March 2019.
  5. Current Village Issues, Concerns and Proposals. :-
    a. A government consultation into the Travelling Community is taking place. Please contact your local MP at or respond via link
    b. Consideration to the erecting of a telephone mast on St Radegunds Church.
    c. Waiting final confirmation that the upgrade to village broadband has been fully implemented.;
    d. An invitation to everyone in the village to the British Legion Parade in Southwell on 3rd June at 18.30 hrs in recognition of our status as a Thankful Village.
    e. The future of St Radegunds Church is of concern and will be addressed by Canon Eddie Neale in the coming months.
    f.  There have been instances of parking across and opposite driveways. Please park with consideration to access required.
    g.  The ongoing sewage leakage problem on Church Lane is being addressed by Mr M Wagstaff and with assistance offered by Councillor Laughton to cover the highways issues this should be resolved in the coming months.;
    h.  DOGS :- It would not be an AGM without the mention of dogs. Please stop your dog from fouling, running loose and barking incessantly.
    i. The potholes on entering Maplebeck and on Church Lane have been attended to.
    j. Excess water from fields is not Highways responsibility. Councillor Laughton covered the policy on pothole repairs again.
  6. PARISH STATEMENT OF ACCOUNTS. In line with previous years a statement of nil accounts was submitted and the policy of not setting a precept continued. On that point there is expenditure in the village and it should not be left to a few to donate and or raise money to cover such eventualities.
  7. PLANNING APPLICATIONS. The planning application for a four bedroom house to be built on land off Church Lane submitted by Mr and Mrs Oconnell( Low Farm) has been accepted.
  8. ELECTION OF VILLAGE HALL COMMITTEE Nominees :-Mr D Sayer,Mr R Gardner,Mrs J Bladon,Mrs J Grundy,Mr A Colclough, Mr Wagstaff, Mrs S Wagstaff. Mr B Carson(until 31 May 2018). It was proposed by Mrs R Gardner , seconded by Mrs S Bell that those nominated be elected for the year 2018/19 and accepted by all present. Thank you to Mr D Cashel for his support in previous years and a welcome to Mr and Mrs Wagstaff.
  9. VILLAGE HALL TREASURERS REPORT Mr R Gardner submitted a comprehensive financial report (available on website or on request) showing a healthy year end balance of £5688.00. This was a result of sound fiscal management whilst delivering on all plans and commitments. The continued  practice of having an external audit conducted,although not required, was considered desirable for full transparency.  A committee decision was taken to increase the minimum reserve from £500 to £2000.
  10. VILLAGE HALL CHAIRMAN’S REPORT    Mr D Sayers report indicated that aims, obligations and commitments for the year had been met. The hall was used on 163 occasions with 2,140 user visits representing an increase of 7.7%. The range of activities held throughout the year included music,quizzes,talks,films,BBQS, plays,children’s shows,fun days, village and private parties. Regular well being class such as Yoga, Clubbercise and Kurling plus a variety of meetings also take place in the hall. New ideas and new committee members welcomed and encouraged. Free Wi-Fi has been added to the facilities through the generosity of Chris and Angela Pass of Custard Technical Services Ltd.A surplus was generated from the activities,having accounted for all running costs. ( Treasurer’s Report). The potential use of cash in excess of the reserve is regularly reviewed. The Charity is operated entirely by volunteers ( ie  The committee who are also the Trustees), who,as well as organising all events are also responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of the building ,garden and surrounding area. They strive to provide a venue of  benefit and relevance to the community. There are no employees.
  11. COUNTY COUNCILLOR’S UPDATE Councillor  Laughton was present throughout the meeting providing updates on finance for potholes and hopefully incorporating new techniques to improve the repairs. Flooding unto roads from fields was responsibility of the landowners.He indicated that funds may be available to renew the    Maplebeck village signs. During the discussion on speeding in the village he offered to provide signage for “Twentys Plenty” to be displayed in village if Highways deemed this appropriate. He also offered assistance with refurbishment of black and white point signs. He also offered his assistance in liaising with Highways to speed up the solution to the sewage problem on Church Lane. Finally he also offered some help in recovering the view in the Maplebeck Viewpoint.
  12. DISTRICT COUNCILLOR’S REPORT.  Councillor Michael arrived as arranged  at 8.30 PM having had attended a previous Parish Meeting in Ossington. She commented on the District Councils move to the new premises in Newark and elaborated on their new business plan to form a company  capable of delivering social and welfare housing. Gladstone House in Newark was the first product of this providing wardened permanent accomodation for those entitled and temporary accommodation for those  eg recovering from a hospital stay.  Another project was planned for Ollerton. Mr D Sayer commented that this was miniscule when the need was so great.
  1. 16 June Village Fete2.30PM
  2. 07 Oct Harvest Festival6.00PM Supper in Village Hall.
  3. 16 Dec Carol Service6.00PM +Refreshments in Church.

Points raised throughout meeting reflected in previous minutes.

14. There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.40PM with the next AGM scheduled for April/May 2019

Brendan Carson
Chair Maplebeck Parish Meeting

Posted 11th June 2018

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