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Maplebeck Parish AGM
Monday 8 April 2019 at 7:30pm at the Village Hall

TEL:- 01636636185

1. Opening

The Parish Council Chairman, Mr Brendan Carson opened the meeting with welcome and thanks to all who were in attendance.
19 Maplebeck villagers, and Councillors - S Michael & B Laughton
Apologies from D & A Sayer. M & S Hopcroft, D & C Cashell, A & J Bladon.
Cannon Eddie Neale expressed the gratitude of the village to BC for his work as PC Chairman in the past year; there was a consensus of endorsement in the room.

2.  Election of Chairman

Mr Carson then handed over the Chair of the meeting to Councillor Sylvia Michael, who then asked Mr Carson if he would continue as Chairman of PC, he confirmed, and she asked if there were any other nominations for the post, there were none, Mr Carson was elected unanimously.

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting 18th April 2018

BC reported that the Minutes had been on the Village website for the past year and asked if they were accepted as a true record, the motion was proposed by Mr B Garden seconded by Mr D Knight-Jones and accepted by the meeting.

 4. Chairman’s report

Various subjects were reported upon including maintenance/use of grit bins, dog fouling waste bins, defibrillator, Safer Neighbourhood Group. Thanks was given, in her absence, to Christina House for her vigilance in ensuring that the rubbish bin on the bus shelter did not overflow. It had been proposed to N&SDC that a new bin be attached to the lamp post adjacent to the bus shelter but that was rejected . N&SDC have confirmed that the bus shelter bin will be emptied regularly.
With regard to the Footpath Officer: Mr R Kinnear had held the post for several years and felt it was time to pass the task to another. Mr Colin Matthews was approached and accepted the position, Mr Kinnear gratefully thanked him.

5. Current Village issues, concerns and proposals

There had been an issue with noise from a Village Hall event, reported by one neighbouring resident of the Hall. The Village Hall Committee had taken steps to reduce any risk of recurrence and as requested a sign at both exits, emphasising the responsibilities towards the hall neighbours of exiting  quietly.

BC asked that during any event in the village that the parking of cars responsibly  by those attending especially not blocking or parking opposite driveways. A short discussion ensued.

The Church authorities had been approach with regard to the installation of a phone mast to the tower.  It would appear that a communications installation company would need to be sourced to fulfil this.  Mr & Mrs Pass kindly agreed to look into this.

The fact that houses at the east of the village are not connected to the Fibre Optic internet connection was a bone of contention. Mr & Mrs Pass kindly agreed to look into this.

There had been an unfortunate canine incident/situation in the village in which the police had been involved.  BC appealed for a responsible attitude to dog control.

The situation with regard to effluent draining into the dumble on Church Lane, had been addressed. Thank you to Mr and Mrs Wagstaff for their cooperation Canon Neale reported that their issue was ongoing and in the process of being completed.

Mr Bruce Laughton (Notts County Councillor) arrived at 7:45pm.

The Future of St Radegund’s Church by Cannon Eddie Neale, had been circulated.

In it he confirmed that despite rumours, the Diocese of Southwell had no policy to close churches. Of course the Church needs maintenance, he would be grateful for any assistance from the villagers in this matter, to keep our Church in a good state of repair. He stated that he would continue to take Sunday and special services for the village. He also asked for a villager to act as second Church warden as there is only one at present.  He was saddened to acknowledge the passing of a past Church Warden, Trishia Fergusson. He welcomed four new members of the congregation.
BC Thanked EN for his report and service to the community.

BC announced that on Sunday 28th April, there was to be a service held on the village green, to mark the Wellington air crash in 1942, on the boundary of Maplebeck parish. A plaque to commemorate the New Zealand air crew who lost their lives serving the Western Powers, was to be blessed by Canon E Neale. All would be welcome.

6. Parish Statement of accounts

A statement of nil returns has been forwarded to the auditors and a copy displayed in bus shelter in accordance with the legal requirement. The Parish will continue its policy of not setting a precept and holding no accounts. Thank you to the private funding which continues to fund our village commitments and the pledges from villagers which will deliver that until 2022.To Councillor Laughton for his ongoing support and financing the plaques to commemorate the loss of the New Zealand crew from a Wellington Bomber that crashed locally during a training exercise for WW2.

7. Planning applications.

There were none as changes to the previous planning application by Mr & Mrs Oconnell for Church Lane development had been refused but the original approved version remains extant.

8. Village Hall Committee

BC named the present members of the Committee and asked if it was the wish of the meeting that they be re-elected on block. It was proposed by Mrs S Carson and seconded by Mrs J Kinnear and passed by the meeting. The committee elected:- Mr D Sayer,Mr R Gardner, Mrs J Grundy, Mrs J Bladon, Mr M Wagstaff, Mrs S Wagstaff, Mrs A Colclough.
BC wished Derek Sayer (Chairman of VHC) a full return to health and fitness, the meeting echoed his thoughts.  

9. District Councillors report

Mrs Sylvia Michael reported that the new building for N&SDC, Castle House, was a success as it brought all departments under one roof which improved efficiency time.
Community and safety policies were now under the new Police Commissioner and new Inspector of Police for Newark area.  Last year had seen a rise in crime of 10.5%. There is now a Burglary Team within the police service and a locally based Intelligence Officer has been appointed with regard to Drug supply and abuse issues.
N&SDC have the results of a Residence Survey.  A Residence Panel has been proposed which will be consulted every four years with regard to highlighting the concerns of Notts residence and the road conditions/congestion in their locale.
Another report was offered to NCC by residents with regard to Health care facilities/access. For our Ward 90% of those who responded were very satisfied.
The N&SD has received a grant from the Government of £2.1 million toward a new 40 bed extra care facility in Ollerton.
The N&SDC  is to set up an annual £200,000 ‘pot’ for which villages and parishes may bid for monies to improve the local environment.

BC thanked Councillor Michael for her attendance, the report and continuing support.

10. County Councillors Update

Mr Bruce Laughton addressed the meeting and confirmed that he is now President of the Conservative Association for Newark & Sherwood. BL confirmed that all road repairs were now back under the auspices of Notts CC. and that £1.7 m would be spent on pot hole repairs with new technology, high spec equipment/vehicles.
He thanked BC on behalf of the Parish, for his work and communication over the past year.
The NCC is to spend £8 million at the end of this year, on improvements to A614 with new and improved junctions along the stretch starting in Ollerton.

Q. Mrs E Knight-Jones asked about improvements to Newark Round about.
A. BL confirmed not until 2025.
Q. Mr R Bell commented that the International Climate Change organization has declared that the earth has 12 years left to change policies with regard to emissions/green-house gases.  What was NCC policy with regard to Climate Change Declaration? Would they declare a state of emergency?
A. BL stated there was a great deal of work with recycling by NCC.

There ensued a lively discussion with regard to cycle lanes; electric charging points for vehicles, carbon emissions etc.

BL confirmed that LED lighting to replace sodium bulbs on street lamps, was being rolled out across the County.

He defended the NCC in so much as the dilemma he and other Councillors have, that 70% of their budget goes on social care for vulnerable people, which he felt should be the Governments responsibility and that he is constantly having to cut costs to accommodate that funding.
BL stated that he was always available for discussions, but that we needed to lobby our MP to get action on the core question of an emergency climate change policy in government or NCC.

BC thanked BL for answering the concerns in the time provided.

11. Village Hall Treasurers Report

The report was given by Mr Bob Gardner.

As a result of the unfortunate problems with an event, reported in note No 5, the Committee had decided to allow residents only, of the three villages, for which the Village Hall is designated, to hold parties/social events.

BC thanked BG for his report.

12. Village Hall Chairman’s report

In his absence the report prepared by Derek Sayer, was circulated and is available via this link. Village Hall matters can be found on the

BG had been asked by Derek Sayer, Chairman of the Village Hall Committee, to give Derek’s thanks to all.  

BC asked BG to give his thanks to DS for his report..

13. Parish Notices BC:
Village Fete - 22nd June 14:30
Harvest Festival - 22nd September 18:00
Carol Service - 15th December18:00

The next AGM would be in April/May 2020

14. AOB

Mrs Kinnear reminded all those present of the service to commemorate the fallen New Zealand air crew and the blessing of the plaque on the village green, on April 28th. She also thanked the Strawson family for allowing us to put a small commemorative plaque at the Wellington bomber crash site, in their field.

Dr E Knight-Jones raised the issue of parking on the green for village events and how much better it was eg. when it was prevented at the recent funeral.

BC confirmed that parking would continue on the green if required and weather permitting as the effort, resources and cooperation required to provide bespoke parking for each event was not available.

BC  stated that the next annual meeting would be in April/May 2020 ,thanked everyone for their attendance and support.
 The meeting closed at 8.45PM.

Posted 25/04/2019

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