in rural Nottinghamshire  

Answer to correspondence resulting from the Annual Parish Meetig on April 7th 2011

Mr Patrick Andrew
Chairman Maplebeck Parish Meeting

Dear Mr Andrew

Re: A G M minutes 2011

Thank you for your e-mail as below and copy of the Maplebeck Parish Meeting Minutes.  I also received this from Mr Derek Sayer.

Matters arising:
b) Winkburn Road Dyke:
I have contacted Mr Matt Everett at NAIDB and copied my e-mail to you.  I shall write again regarding this on my return to the office after annual leave: however, should this matter require more urgent attention, please telephone as below and one of my colleagues will be pleased to forward information to the appropriate Network Inspector.

b) The Hollows
This has been logged onto the Highways Asset Management System (HAMS) as reference number 1503843 and forwarded to the Network Inspector for inspection.
b) Additional Grit Bins
We normally install grit bins provided at public expense at critical locations such as crossroads, tee junctions or other similar locations were vehicle overrun may prove problematical and at special schools where children receive medical treatment.  Grit Bins are only rarely installed at hilly locations.  With these points in mind, I should be pleased to receive specific locations for assessment, and I should suggest that consideration is required as to suitable locations with sufficient verge etc to accommodate any grit bins supplied.  I should also add therefore, that all requests for such grit bins are assessed against set criteria, and that at this time we are not making assessments and assessments are unlikely to resume until the end of summer.

f) Japanese Knot Weed
Church Lane has been logged for inspection on HAMS 1503842: however, I should
be pleased if a specific location/s could be provided.
I shall now be away from the office until Tuesday 3rd May.  I should suggest, therefore,  the most expeditious way to forward information regarding the above matters would be by forwarding this e-mail along with the additional information to and please cc to me.  Alternatively, I shall be pleased to progress the new informaiton on my return.

I hope this information is helpful.

Yours sincerely

Mike Keeling
Highways Liaison Officer
Highways North (Newark and Sherwood District)
Environment and Resources Department

direct telephone: 01623 520743

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